increase xenomorph king time and role requirements like playing queen for 50 hours

i am banned from playing queen , my drone became a king , which not supposed to be…
also , i wasnt know what am i doing because kings have no explanation like Strain window , lack of chat reading it ended up deleting xenomorph king due to queen launching dropship

I believe I played xeno in that game, the one where you rested in front of cadelines? might be a different one though. some players recommended 100 hours of playtime, but I feel that’s a bit too much, 50 is pretty balanced IMO. but still, never be afraid to ask ingame what you’re meant to do. I have about 70 hours on xeno, and if not for my sisters aiding me in learning, I would still play like I had 10 :slight_smile:

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When I saw the king for the first time, it got taken by a dude who barely played Xeno, or the game in general. He didn’t even know he had abilities, nor that he could ask someone else to take it.

So if you are gonna have someone be the round-ender, you HAVE to have someone who is somewhat competent. Unless you wanna buff it beyond killability.

Edit: the fate of the aforementioned king was dying 1 minute after getting to the front.


Yea 50 hours is too little

The King does require someone with 50 hours of playtime. This is unless no one with that time limit wants to play the role, then it picks anyone else

Sadly, even someone with 50 hours of play time is not guaranteed to be proficient.
What if they took a break for 2 years and they only came back last week?

I’m not going to authorizing any increase to the cap past 50 hours. I would sooner just make the caste easier to play for newer players (as in raising the skill floor). Additionally, there’s nothing stopping a hive from growing another one - it just currently has a 15 minute cooldown and of course the typical requirement of 2 captured coms towers.

Basically selection occurs like this ending after the first player accepts:

  • For every living (non hugger/non lesser) xeno with at least 50 xeno hours, shuffle the list and ask one at a time until someone accepts.
  • If still no candidate, for every observer xeno candidate with at least 50 xeno hours, shuffle the list and ask one at a time until someone accepts.
  • If still no candidate, living again with less than 50 xeno hours.
  • If still no candidate, observer candidates with less than 50 xeno hours.
  • If still no candidate, freed mob.

In the case of a living xeno becoming King, their old mob is freed.

From what I have seen, some steps have been taken to somewhat spread the benefits of the King outwards. The King emits extremely powerful pheremones beyond what the Queen produces, and the Queen can buy Major boons that, so long as the Hive holds both pylons, they can afford to keep some of them online mostof the time.

Sadly, however, the fact is that a singular role of this extreme power is going to be a constant point-of-failure. You cannot expect every single Destroyer player to be competent, or even good, at the game. Especially for a role that is essentially the Xeno specialist in terms of how rare and hard it is to play as.

Perhaps a playable tutorial might help.

Personally, the only path forward, in my opinion, is to spread more benefits to the entire hive while the King is alive, so that there is less demand the King be a good player. It would also help the entire hive, thus more people, feel they are being benefited rather than the entire ordeal being 1 player’s power fantasy.

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queen is boring asf how about we dont do that :rofl:

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We should make a king whitelist, trust, yea

I would just change it to 50 hours in any combat caste. Like runner, defender, warrior, lurker, spitter, rav, crusher and prea. It isn’t hard to get to, but when you have 50 or so hours in a combat caste, its gonna take a next level of stupid to not know how to play the game as a xeno.

people equate destroyer with specs or nukes, specs which happen every round, and nukes which rely on at least an entire squad of players, honestly destroyer is closer to vehicle crewman, that being a somewhat rare, niche single or 2 player role that will not usually outright win the game, but can definitely be the decider of smaller battles, break through difficult sieges, and can be pivotal to the success of either side. Except we’re kinda fine with VCs being a little incompetent from time to time, nobody minds if a few RFN get run over.