Increasing Predator's blood trail

The concept:
Predators have an increased bleed amount that creates a lot more drops after they’ve been damaged


  • Movie Reference
  • Predators have something to worry about when going invisible after running from a fight
  • Marines and Xenos have a better chance of tracking and catching up to a Predator if they coward out of a 2v1
  • More cinematic


  • CM blood decals are kinda ugly in general
  • CM blood decals are already kinda spammy in general (but never enough to function as tracking)
  • May make Predators bail even earlier on fights

Make pred blood glow like the hive core especially when they’re in cloak. Make their blood visible when in cloak like the wounds. :)))


love it


Going to turn the Hunters into the Hunted with a squad of marines chasing down a blood trail that only leads them to be ambushed by a Predator.

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Imagine the SADAR, lots of riflemen, the delta squad leader and the CO chasing after blood trails complety forgetting benos exist.


Imagine a CO getting deWL’d for pred hunting.


Lurker would just ambush the sadar with a warrior, then Pred just HPC that group


I like preds and I’ll never get to be one most likely, but they are a great enemy and the highest prey for me as a survivor, I’ve only gotten one so far I think mistermoon/moonshanks something moon but they weren’t cowardly and made my survivor round fucking based, I’m just sad going bozo unaware that they slashed my pred lights off with an ability and i figured id been OHK’d by vamp but the armor went hard. Love the idea of CLF hostile dropping a Pred then high tech hunting marines.

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