IndieGameFerry - Player Report: Ancient Runner BUT, Rule 4: No Griefing

IndieGameFerry - Player Report: Ancient Runner BUT, Rule 4: No Griefing

What’s your BYOND key?


Round ID:


Your character name:

XX runner

Accused BYOND key:

Wasn’t told

Accused character name:

Ancient Runner BUT

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 4: No Griefing

Description of the incident:

I pounced a survivor and was tackling them, BUT came up and also began tackling and when the survivor got up I was also tackled because of their leader status. The leader tackle stun allowed the survivor who got up to PB me and kill me, I believe this constitutes as griefing, and not an IC issue. It can’t be resolved IC, and was clearly grief via leader tackle. I made an ahelp when I died, but it was not taken for 40 minutes. I made a subsequent ahelp after waiting the 40 minutes with video evidence (as I had recorded what happened) and it was marked as an IC issue. I’d like some clarification on this since It ended my round very early when I would’ve lived in any other scenario.


Hello, I marked your ahelp as an IC issue as this is how directional slashing works as they were attempting to help you and you just got unlucky.

This was handled during the round, and shopping for another outcome via PR is not a great look.

Directional slashes don’t apply to clicks when the tile you click is right next to you, only when it is past that tile (it is then considered directional/ranged). He was sprite clicking the survivor yes but when the survivor got up I was still hit by a tackle meaning he either dir slash clicked the tile above me (which caused me to fall over) or he clicked my sprite causing me to get stunned and killed. This is still grief, and it ended my round.

To me it seemed like It wasn’t even looked at considering after 40 minutes it wasn’t marked as an IC issue, I would understand it to be unlucky if this was a heat of the moment trying to survive ordeal but it was grief regardless. I don’t know what you mean by “shopping” I intended to make a player report after the round because the ahelp I had made wasn’t taken for a long time.

Because it was a non-issue. You were informed that it was an IC issue, and now you’re trying to bring it to a PR after we’ve already passed judgement on it. Also if the clock on this post tracks… you posted this while this round was still going. Again: This was an IC issue. I am not going to action someone who was genuinely attempting to help you, and by bad luck missed a split second decision that ended in your death. You died pre-first drop. Just grab another burrowed larva and try again.

This was handled in game and ruled as IC. Feel free to make a staff report if you believe this is the wrong call. Just my two cents: shit happens. It’s not always griefing, sometimes it’s just an accident.