Intel Drone Idea

The intel drone (I imagine we could have a poll to discuss names) is a cute little piece of technology used by the Intel Officers to gather information in the AO. It is a tiny tracked vehicle with a few tools That I will discuss the functionality of.

Before going into that, I’d like to add something that would go along with them

  1. Drone Bay: Two white tubes extending from the ceiling that have a ramp leading into an open space near the bottom, which can fit the drones, either by putting them inside or driving them inside, which will slowly repair and recharge them.

  2. Drone Pad: A supply pad like the ones in req that can be used to launch the drone on a set of coordinates, or on a Intel Officer’s signal flare, useful for delivering it into the field.

As for the Drone(s) itself, there would be two of them, one blue and one green, only one can be active and controllable at a time, and if it is destroyed in the field it must be manually recovered and lifted with two hands, then brought back for repair and recharge, This would incenvize keeping one on the almayer for quick response deployment or replacement. Drones are destroyed easily via slashing, gunfire, explosions, or acid, and they are damaged by walking over acid puddles. Driving over weeds will get the drone stuck similar to spider webs in vanilla ss13, requiring a rng chance to escape, and every failed attempt will take a large chunk of battery charge.

Drones come with a small terrain tool, that can be used to clear away normal weeds (no hive weeds, resin nodes, or weed addons) and the terrain tool itself can be used to smash flipped tables and wooden barricades, but will do no damage to real barricades or living things. The Remote Interface Tool will allow drones to access certain electronic devices, like APCs and Comms towers, to see their status and possibly change their settings remotely. Jumpjets in the bottom of the craft allow it to traverse ledges up and down automatically, and it has a small camera that can be used to take and store photos. The drone will have a secondary deployment function outlined next.

Deploying the drone will force it to become stationary similarly to resting, while active the drone’s vision will extend to approximately 3 screens wide but will become more narrow, and can cycle a few vision modes. NVG to see in low light conditions, Thermal (will need to be added? tweaked from xenovision?) can see living things hidden under small objects and cover like curtains or resin holes, You have the choice of med/diagnostic/squad hud, and you can cycle to a special detector, a Sonar Detector.

The Sonar Detector while active will ping a large area around itself, and any living non IFF signatures (so mostly xenos, animals, and people without IDs on) will be displayed on the CIC’s Map Table. For balancing reasons this sonar detector would need to be a small distance away from the LZ, and will increase battery consumption while active. Any players hit by a sonar ping will have a unique chat message, and the sonar itself should be very loud to require thoughtful placement.

Drones could also optionally have a passive data detector mode that can be kept on in mobile mode, but I don’t think it would be wise to let them store any Intel so that IOs have to actually stick their neck out to go capitalize on whatever the drone finds.

Additionally, the drone could be fultonable when it is no longer needed, and a new shipside intel department role like drone operator or Chief IO could be added to manage it since Ios tend to be busy. More drones might be orderable in tier 2/3 intel, and it should probably have a tactical map icon of its own.

Please tell me what you think of this idea, and if possible a name for one or both, I’m thinking themed around famous scouts or famous robots, and should match the culture of the IOs


Have one be named Arnold and I’m 100% in on the idea

When I read your title I thought xenomorph drone.

IOs having a tool allowing them to not immediately die on isolated places in the map?!?! impossible!!!

Seriously though, I really like the idea personally… Plus it’d give some extra tools for IO

All though IO might have to plan when to deploy it and when to deploy units or deploy a drone and a unit if the drone can’t store papers or intel

or maybe the drone could have a microphone and/or radio to ask other nearby units to gather intel for them? It depends…

I want to build off of this. I think there should be 1 drone, and it is operated from the io desk. The drone takes up a 1x1 tile, and can move at a considerable speed.

Now heres the real change, add an item called an intel case, it can hold a considerable amount of intel items and is the same size as a medical kit. This case is apart of the io’s essential equipment (2 of them) and req also starts with 4. Maybe make it so they can be purchased at the io vendor for parts too.

These cases can be locked and unlocked by ios or command. They cannot be acid’d, and they are the only collectable item by the drone. The drone can store two cases, and can drop them at whim as well. They will also be dropped upon death of the drone.

This makes it so that the drone is not a suitable excuse for ios to not deploy and instead do intel from a drone. Instead, ios can collect intel, load cases, and deaddrop them in locations. The drone can then deploy, collect the cases from said locations, and deliver them directly to the operator who can presumely also sort and analyze said information before redeploying the drone.

This takes away the horrible crate babysitting. Having to slowly drag crates around everywhere for intel sucks, intel already has time consuming functions it dossnt need to torture the ground intel by making them slowly carry crates.

This lets the ground team fill cases, drop them, radio them in, and continue the mission. While whomever stays up isnt limited to sitting in a boring office waiting. They can contribute by delivering intel, or even performing recon.

Giving it the capability to speak as well is great as it lets the drone communicate better with ground forces.

It might also be nice to give it a data input function where an io can interact with it to upload information! Or take it a step further and let it scan disks in the field if theyre uploaded, albiet slower and the drone is rendered immobile during it.

A lot can be done with this to give intel some new flair


As a drone gamer XENO that is, im for it so I can racially metatarget you for infringing on our name that we clearly trademarked first.

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