Isaac's Idea: Lurker Strain 'Huntress'

Design Document: New Lurker Strain - Google Docs

Basically in short, new Lurker Strain focusing on trapping a single target in snares and doing considerable damage to them basing around said snare, while also contributing to frontline defence when necessary if used correctly.

(First post, first idea, things are bound to be changed! Please give constructive criticism I am open to everything)

(Oh! And I’m going to be creating this myself if the idea is supported, may need help with the sprite though, haha)

I like it. However, one thing I would change is instead of forcing the marines to cut themselves free, they are just rooted for 3 seconds, with large creatures, yautja, and synths being rooted for just 1 or 1.5 seconds.

The vertical slash would be interesting, as it would essentially be an empowered attack like what lurker already has, but instead just does more damage instead of slowing.