ItsFrybo - Player Report: Hanna Von Rosenberg , Rule 10: Lethal Force

ItsFrybo - Player Report: Hanna Von Rosenberg , Rule 10: Lethal Force

What’s your BYOND key?


Round ID:


Your character name:

Tabitha ‘Tabloid’ Oberlin

Accused BYOND key:


Accused character name:

Hanna Von Rosenberg

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 10: Lethal Force

Description of the incident:

After entering the CIC to speak to Command, view the live map console, and ask a staff officer for a radio pack, the Major Hanna Von Rosenberg told my character not to touch the cat Jones set on top of the map console, and to “get out of my CIC, at once”. After a few moments of not moving, as I was viewing the live map, the Major wordlessly draws a telescopic baton and beats my character to the floor. Once incapacitated, they deliberately harmbaton my character with it, pick my character up on their back, and again, wordlessly throw me out of the CIC which my character - a civilian journalist - has clearance for.

After being assaulted, my character reenters the CIC to inform the Major they’ll be contacting the CMB, and picks up the cat Jones. The Major ignores my character entirely until they pick up the cat, at which point they threaten to execute my character on the spot if they touch Jones again - an incredibly ridiculous thing for a supposed high-ranking military officer to say. Given my character’s composure and prior assault, she says “Fuck you!” and begins to leave the CIC as once again instructed. Unfortunately, for the crime of holding the cat at the time of nearing the CIC’s door, the Major immediately draws a .50 handgun and lethally shoots my civilian character to death with the Execution action. Not only that, but they decide to remove me from the round entirely by ordering MPs dispose of my body in the morgue, rather than be revived or jailed for Minor Theft.

Given these circumstances and the situation as a whole, since I’m sincerely unhappy about this player’s conduct toward Lethal Force and poor escalation toward an authorized civilian character, I’m petitioning for their Command whitelist to be removed. I don’t think that lethal force toward a civilian for picking up a cat or being in the CIC where she’s authorized to be is acceptable, let alone round ending me by having MPs essentially hide my corpse in a morgue stretcher. Admins were unable to do anything at the time, but they were fully supportive of me making this report, and provided me with the resources to do so, so that this incident doesn’t go unpunished.

Thank you for your time.


Tabitha ‘Tabloid’ Oberlin asks, “Hello, officer! Once you aren’t busy, could I snag a radio pack?”
Maj Hanna Von Rosenberg says, “Leave the Jones and get out of my CIC, at once.”
Tabitha ‘Tabloid’ Oberlin asks, “Ehh…?”
Tabitha ‘Tabloid’ Oberlin squints.
Hanna Von Rosenberg points to Tabitha ‘Tabloid’ Oberlin
With a flick of the wrist, Hanna Von Rosenberg extends her the telescopic baton.
Hanna Von Rosenberg thwacks Tabitha ‘Tabloid’ Oberlin with the telescopic baton!
Tabitha ‘Tabloid’ Oberlin has been poked with the wooden cane by Hanna Von Rosenberg.
Tabitha ‘Tabloid’ Oberlin has been attacked in the chest with wooden cane by Hanna Von Rosenberg!
Your chest hurts.
Hanna Von Rosenberg knocks down Tabitha ‘Tabloid’ Oberlin with the telescopic baton!
Tabitha ‘Tabloid’ Oberlin babbles, “H--------------”
Using a smooth, practiced movement, Hanna Von Rosenberg collapses her the telescopic baton.
Hanna Von Rosenberg puts the telescopic baton into the secure leather satchel.
Hanna Von Rosenberg loads Tabitha ‘Tabloid’ Oberlin onto their back.
Tabitha ‘Tabloid’ Oberlin stammers, “C-Completely unacceptable.”
Hanna Von Rosenberg has thrown Tabitha ‘Tabloid’ Oberlin.
You feel exhausted.

Maj Hanna Von Rosenberg says, “Next time you touch the Jones.”
Maj Hanna Von Rosenberg says, “I will execute you.”
Tabitha ‘Tabloid’ Oberlin exclaims, “Fuck you!”
Maj Hanna Von Rosenberg says, “Leave the CIC.”
You are hit by the .50 high-impact pistol bullet in the chest!
The shrapnel sticks in the wound!
Tabitha ‘Tabloid’ Oberlin screams!
You scream in pain as the impact sends shrapnel into the wound!

Hanna Von Rosenberg aims the polished vintage Desert Eagle directly at your head!
Your movement jostles the shrapnel in your chest painfully.
Something inside your head hurts a lot.
You feel something rip in your head!
Something feels like it shattered in your chest!
Your face becomes an unrecognizible mangled mess!
Unknown (as Tabitha ‘Tabloid’ Oberlin) seizes up and falls limp, their eyes dead and lifeless…
Tabitha ‘Tabloid’ Oberlin has died to execution at the Secure Command Hallway from Hanna Von Rosenberg
Hanna Von Rosenberg kicks Jones
Maj Hanna Von Rosenberg (F) says, “MP to CIC.”
Maj Hanna Von Rosenberg (F) says, “Remove the body to morgue.”

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Hey there, I’m the CO in question.

Player, as a civilian, ran into CIC and took the Jones. I asked the civilan to leave the Jones and leave the CIC. They didn’t, I used the baton and removed them.

After I removed the CC out of the CIC, they came back and took the Jones again, this time, I said:
Maj Hanna Von Rosenberg says, “Next time you touch the Jones.”
Maj Hanna Von Rosenberg says, “I will execute you.”

Of course I wouldn’t BE someone just because they touched Jones, if I had the intention to do that I would have done it the first time. I thought the civilian would leave Jones and CIC after my BE warning, but the civilian’s response was,

Tabitha ‘Tabloid’ Oberlin exclaims, “Fuck you!”

And then they tried to kidnap the Jones.

As they opened the airlock and tried run out, I shot them and carried out the execution, then I announced it. If they had hit me and run away, I wouldn’t have cared much about it, I would have sent MPs after them. But Jones is almost sacred to every CO.

Edit: Oh, I just realised that player stated “Not only that, but they decide to remove me from the round entirely by ordering MPs dispose of my body in the morgue, rather than be revived.”

You can’t be revived after Battlefield Execution, it’s permanent.

Jokes about the cat being sacred aside, it’s a direct violation of Execution Privileges and Marine Law, let alone Rule 10: Lethal Force. Not only is a BE excessive use of force for what is essentially Minor Theft or Trespass, as you could have just as easily had Tabitha arrested (as you should have), it completely circumvents arrest procedure and is simply put, bad practice and not conducive to roleplay.

It’s borderline malicious, to round end someone with Battlefield Execution for a minor inconvenience or crime. I’m not convinced it was done in good faith, or that it’s a justifiable action even from a roleplay perspective, even if your character was hypothetically insane (which would violate Rule 2). If that’s how you’re trying to convey your character, there are better ways to do that than ruining other’s rounds over an issue MPs would have resolved through conversation or arrest, as is appropriate escalation and response.

If this is how staff are conducting themselves in a role of Command authority, I’m flabbergasted. You committed to BEing me knowing that it would be permanent. BEing and round removing a civilian reporter on a minor crime technicality, is a gross abuse of position. She didn’t touch Jones again since Hanna ordered her not to, Jones was just still in her hands. Hanna ordered Tabitha to “leave the CIC” and she did and was BE’d for doing so. She posed no threat to ship, Command or persons. She was unarmed besides an IFF SU-6 pistol, unable to harm USCM personnel. Furthermore, she is a civilian.

Realistically, do you believe that BEing and round ending Tabitha is a justifiable or good faith response to picking up and moving Jones, or that it’s conducive to roleplay? I’d appreciate if you would think critically on that. I see you have a history of disproportionate action and threats of BE as this character from previous reports. There’s a trend here, and one you may need to reevaluate, for the sake of the experience of other’s.


The council has reviewed this report and the evidence surrounding the situation and has determined that no procedure was breached here. CIC access is a privelege, not a right, and the CO wanted you out. Reentering to tell the CO that you’re contacting CMB is a bit of a risky idea when you could communicate that over the radio. However, picking up Jones appears to be the biggest point of contention here, and when you failed to drop the cat after the CO warned you, followed by your use of vulgarity, the CO is within their right to execute you. You do not want to mess with cat owners. It is my advice that whenever a CO gives you an order or a warning, you heed them.

This report is denied.

Added report:denied and removed report:pendinglogs