JediKing112 - Permanent Ban Appeal

JediKing112 - Permanent Ban Appeal

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Jason North

Type of Ban?

Permanent Ban

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Host - This is a community ban (given permission to appeal by host)

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Are you now or have you been banned on any servers? Which ones?


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Your appeal:

I want to start this appeal by stating that I’ve already had discussions with several members of the community, including frozentsbgg himself - who I have been accused of doxxing. frozents forgave me for what I did, and I now understand that in both of our words, it was not the information that was harmful to him, but the precedent that it created for other members of the community and the action in and of itself during a tumultuous time for management due to accusations that had already been drawn against frozents which I will not mention in this appeal - although it was my justification for investigating the forum in the first place, and the community being uppity regarding the r-word ban. To this all that I can say is that I am sorry.

Although I no longer have access to what I found when I was looking into frozents’ involvement on other sites, I do know that I found the country he was living in 11 years ago, listed on his account for that forum website, and I did compile this into the notepad I had. Although I had no intention of using this maliciously, I now understand the implications behind acquiring this, and what it might have encouraged others to do. The other very clear mistake that I made when I was looking into the forum was to have been in a public voice chat with other members of the community who may have desired to harm frozents. I understand the mistake that this was now by the actions of others who have gone further so as to harm frozents, and I am deeply sorry for this as well. I have no affiliation with anybody who was involved with this, and have not been in contact with any of them regarding what has occurred. I don’t know who or why they attempted to harm frozents in any way.

To those members of the community who I interacted with on the forums after the incident, I am sorry for the false and idiotic statements I made to try to cover things up until management could sort it out. Please understand that I was not trying to lie or con my way out of the grave I dug for myself, which I only made deeper by these stupid posts. I only meant to try to clarify what I did, and ended up looking like I was admitting to doing something that was wrong but not understand why it was wrong, as well as including objectively false information. Please, if any of you want to contact me, do so by messaging me on the forum.

I’m sorry for everything that I did and to the harm I have unintentionally caused, and I promise that I will never engage in any activities like this again.


I feel this should go to the only person who can handle this C-Ban.


Happy for this to be lifted.
Apology accepted.

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Added appeal:approved and removed appeal:waiting