Jed's Hand guide to Nomenclature: Or how to not get yelled at as OT.

Who am I?

Well I am Jed ‘The Burglar’ Liora a Gold OT and I for one find the lack of proper labeling disturbing. Truly there is nothing more sketchy than a unlabeled M15 Grenade just tossed into the Alamo before the drop.

The Ungaloids have no clue what kind of nade it is, it could be a Maxcap or it maybe a Max fire, or just a plain old Frag. The Ungaloids are going to fear it for they know not what it is…but still a few naïve or just some deltard riflemen is going to pick it up and end up using it.

This most likely ending poorly, and in the end who is going to get yelled at you the OT.


Now how do you go about giving your ordnance names? Well first of all find your hand labeler, it will be next to your front desk next to your paper and pen.

Next if you are making Maxcaps name them as such also put the Priming time in the name.


Now if you have made non maxcaps you need to fine a suitable naming system that works for you. I for your reading pleasurer will give you mine.

JED’s explosive guide

R- rocket
H- hand thrown
GL- to be used in a grenade launcher
SIG- set off by remote signaling device
PM- is a proximity landmine
PM 1~5- is the range of the proximity mine
TM- is like the req landmine(also know as a tripwire mine)
FRAG- has fragmentation
INC- has incendiary
1~20 INC- power of incendiary
INC 1~5- size of incendiary
E-is a low explosive
HE- is a high explosive
100~ E/HE- power of explosion
1-9s- time to explosion

naming template
Delivery- highest property- Middle property- Lowest property- time
Grenade launched incendiary high explosive with 3 seconds timer

IF Potential detonation power is 100 or more is HE.

I have just a notepad than I keep this guile on that I copy past to a paper that I than put out on on front desk for the ungas to read I also make a copy and put in with the rockets and shells that I send down.

Now you don’t have to copy mine after all its is based off the info that the Demolition Scanner gives you. Frankly its mostly works well with lads that play OT also. But still it condenses all the Info a Ungaloid will need to make the most out of the Ordnance.

Really the key thing is denoting what the Ordnance does, if it has flames put in the name as well as its range, if it is got a lot of power to it mark it as High Explosive, if its a Maxcap name as such. But really the most imported of all is mark down the priming time for it.

Really as long as its named keeping with in the 4 points above it will work fine.
Please just don’t leave it unnamed or named some thing like silly billys special blend.



  1. Give names so you can dodge blame.

  2. Put the range of your incendiary in the name.

  3. Put the priming time in the name.

  4. Note the power of the Explosive some how.

  5. If Maxcap mark as such.

  6. Please don’t give it a joke name.

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how would you name the OT’s classic cheese grenades?

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lol Probably some thing along the lines of H-1Cheese-3s but most likely just cheese. but really I haven’t given much though for non standard nades, but the naming system I use can be reworked to fit stuff well enough. Like for a metal foam nade will be some thing along the lines of H-FOAM5-3s, because in the system I use Intensity/power goes first before a property than the range goes after.

all I need to do is add a few key words to my list.