Joaopslima - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - LoveShacker

Joaopslima - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - MsLoveShacker

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Joe C. Moore

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Enforcement Action Taken

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Before the first drop, MP Gary Schofield boarded the Alamo and announced the arrest of a marine, that reacted quickly and started to run away. In the pursuit, Schofield probably on harm intent started to stunbaton marines in the way, who started to shove and strip them. At that moment all I did was to watch the scene. The Alamo departed with Schofield still on it, he made some comments as all marines went on their way to the frontline. Around 30 minutes or so pass, I have to return to the Almayer for surgery and Schofield, waiting on the Alamo, arrests me. Then on the brig, I made an ahelp regarding it, MsLoveShacker asked no questions to me regarding what happened and on the end of the round, made the following ticket:

Note for Rule 2 - Rounstart a marine resisted arrest by running onto the DS. Helped him avoid escape by disarming the MP. by msloveshacker (SeniorMod) on 2024-01-28 17:15:31 (ID: 20605)


Asking for a log pull.

  • Causing riots on the dropship over an arrest before first drop will be considered round start shenanigans and staff members will intervene with OOC punishments. You shouldn’t lynch a MP and risk your career because they are arresting a marine who has entered the dropship. If you are wanted and enter the dropship to try and avoid arrest you will be held accountable if issues arise with MPs.

You participated in round start shenanigans on the DS by interfering with a lawful arrest. Do not do that.

Yes, I’m well aware of that rule, as I have seen you enforce it before. But all that I did was to watch and yell some exaggerated phrases like “Yeah! Now rip his insides!” when the riot was already happening. And comparing me to other marines who were actively shoving and stripping the MP of his gear and giving all of us the same Ctrl-C Ctrl-V note sounds unfair.


You have the right to not self-incriminate. Admitting you encouraged murder does not help your case here.

Schofield attempts his dropship arrest, Moore says what he says, and grabs the MP once according to logs. Schofield gets stuck on the dropship and it rotates. Since this report is focused on Moore and Schofield's interaction, I've omitted the dozens of other attack logs from other individuals against the MP.

[2024-01-28 16:21:08.691] SAY: Gary Schofield [1]: Off the DS (JOB: Military Police)
[2024-01-28 16:21:10.870] SAY: Gary Schofield [1]: Off the DS (JOB: Military Police)
[2024-01-28 16:21:24.709] SAY: Gary Schofield [1]: DTGP, trespass (JOB: Military Police)
[2024-01-28 16:21:26.180] SAY: Gary Schofield [1]: Off (JOB: Military Police)
[2024-01-28 16:21:54.448] SAY: Joe C. Moore [1]: Crazy. (JOB: Hospital Corpsman)
[2024-01-28 16:21:59.052] SAY: Joe C. Moore [1]: Crazy MP. (JOB: Hospital Corpsman)
[2024-01-28 16:22:17.846] SAY: Gary Schofield [1]: Fuck’s sake. (JOB: Military Police)
[2024-01-28 16:22:20.536] INTERACT: (Havelock Dimeling) tried to remove (Gary Schofield)'s M2 pattern MP armor (wear_suit).
[2024-01-28 16:22:22.003] SAY: Gary Schofield [1]: Oh yeah kill me (JOB: Military Police)
[2024-01-28 16:22:25.037] SAY: Gary Schofield [1]: Surely it’ll end well for you (JOB: Military Police)
[2024-01-28 16:22:26.518] INTERACT: (Havelock Dimeling) removed (Gary Schofield)'s M2 pattern MP armor (wear_suit) successfully.
[2024-01-28 16:22:26.901] SAY: Joe C. Moore [1]: Yeah gut him. (JOB: Hospital Corpsman)
[2024-01-28 16:22:32.587] SAY: Joe C. Moore [1]: Rip his insides. (JOB: Hospital Corpsman)
[2024-01-28 16:23:47.937] ATTACK: (Joe C. Moore) grabbed (Gary Schofield) in the Dropship Alamo (238,119,2).

Later Moore recieves surgery, and after Schofield arrests Moore. Moore ahelps, and it's picked up by Hermit.

[2024-01-28 16:44:35.825] SAY: Gary Schofield [1]: We’re going to the brig bud (JOB: Military Police)
[2024-01-28 16:44:40.532] SAY: Joe C. Moore [1]: Charges? (JOB: Hospital Corpsman)
[2024-01-28 16:44:44.561] SAY: Gary Schofield [1]: Assault (JOB: Military Police)
[2024-01-28 16:44:49.050] SAY: Joe C. Moore [1]: I assaulted none. (JOB: Hospital Corpsman)
[2024-01-28 16:44:50.376] EMOTE: Joe C. Moore : cries out in pain!
[2024-01-28 16:44:50.377] ATTACK: (Gary Schofield) stunned (Joe C. Moore) with the stunbaton in the Dropship Alamo (115,51,3).
ADMIN: Ticket #7: (Joe C. Moore): MP Shofield is arresting me for Assault because of the situation that happened on the Alamo, Could you help me? I didn’t lay a finger on them
[2024-01-28 16:55:57.194] ADMIN: Ticket #7: (Joe C. Moore): Can i know if the situation is being checked? It has been quite some time
[2024-01-28 16:56:31.052] ADMIN: PM: Hermotimos->(Joe C. Moore): It is, stand-by.

after some 20 minutes spent in the brig, Moore cryos and ghosts, then gets hit with the note.

[2024-01-28 17:08:45.137] SAY: Joe C. Moore [1]: AIDEL (JOB: Hospital Corpsman)
[2024-01-28 17:08:47.850] SAY: Joe C. Moore [1]: Hi (JOB: Hospital Corpsman)
[2024-01-28 17:08:49.612] EMOTE: Joe C. Moore : waves.
[2024-01-28 17:08:54.245] SAY: Joe C. Moore [1]: Im going to sleep now. (JOB: Hospital Corpsman)
[2024-01-28 17:09:01.829] ADMIN: (Joe C. Moore), Hospital Corpsman, has entered a hypersleep chamber at the �Medical Lower Medbay after playing for 00:36.
[2024-01-28 17:09:02.529] ADMIN: (Joe C. Moore) has ghosted.
[2024-01-28 17:09:02.529] GAME: (Joe C. Moore) has ghosted.
[2024-01-28 17:15:51.858] ADMIN MsLoveShacker has edited 's Admin notes: Note for Rule 2 - Rounstart a marine resisted arrest by running onto the DS. Helped him avoid escape by disarming the MP.
[2024-01-28 17:19:40.430] ADMIN: MsLoveShacker has started replying to 's admin help.
[2024-01-28 17:19:50.809] ADMIN: PM: MsLoveShacker->(Joe C. Moore): Do not do it again.

Added report:needverdict and removed report:pendinglogs

When I said “Rip his insides” the riot was still going on with the Alamo on the air, and the Grab log only happened about one minute later. At that time, the Alamo had landed, the riot stopped and the Alamo was mostly empty because the Marines went to the frontlines, I only grabbed him at that moment to switch places because he was on my way.


Firstly, I know I said that, but it was to play along with the whole situation. I wanted no harm to be done to the MP, and marines usually know their limits and understand that murdering an MP is going way too far.
Secondly, it didn’t matter what I said at that moment, I could have said “YEAH FUCKING MURDER THAT MP” or “NOOO GUYS STOP STRIPPING THE MP THAT’S MEAN” and it would not influence the Marines in any way, as I was just a single dude in a whole crowd (SECOND EDIT) that was already lynching the MP.


Hello Joaopslima and all,

Seeing as the staff member reported is no longer a staff member, this report is being closed.

Removed report:needverdict