johannes2262 - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - silencer_pl

johannes2262 - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - silencer_pl

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Todd Douglas

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Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

During the round, the CE (I am sadly bad at remembering names) wanted to seal off the northern medbay door, I think, for blocking larvae fleeing from medbay (we had five bursts in a row this round). He claimed that the double doors cannot be deconstructed normally and because ordered to shoot it. After announcing over radio that marines should stay clear of that door, I proceed to shoot it down. During this, a marine walked in front of me and accidentally got hit. Later, the same marine tried to stop the sealing of the entrance together with the doctors and shot the girders down. The CE trying to construct the walls was hit multiple times, and after some time the situation escalated, ending in someone shooting dead both the CE and my fellow MT. The CE was then arrested for something with the murders staying free and silencer PMed me, claiming that I killed five people shooting down that door (they later told me, the five deads were from the shooting the marine started, however the note somewhat looks like “I accidentally hit one marine and the other people were so scared they got a heart attack” or something without even mentioning the shooting later. They also told me, shooting a door as MT was incredible low-RP and OOC and whatever, besides shooting down doors being common practise.


The note is: Warned for behavior below community standards - deconstructed part of the medbay wall with a gun, hitting at least one marine in the process which in turn resulted in multiple dead in medbay. Player was instructed to use more in character means for deconstruction next time.

Screenshots of the PMs:
Screenshot 2023-07-19 201933

Screenshot 2023-07-19 202012

Screenshot 2023-07-19 202117


First my note mentions that you hit a marine which resulted in multiple dead in medbay which is exactly what happened - the effects of your action in turn spurred a gunfight with multiple dead. Its you hitting a Marine multiple times that caused this, which is why you bear the responsibility for this per our rules.

To give my call some context:

You decided to deconstruct part of medbay with guns which in short order spun out to a gunfight which claimed multiple victims after you quite predictably hit someone during your “work”. I stand by my call that you would not, reasonably, deconstruct anything with gunfire on a spaceship and it breaches the basic believably of our setting into what could be considered ooc action (i/e you too lazy to do it the right way). Additionally, as the consequences of your action immediately shown, randomly shooting your gun carries with itself the consequence that if you hit someone and a gunfight starts, you will be held responsible in an ooc matter. However to me, the much more critical issue is that just blowing out doors or walls to “deconstruct” them is unacceptable from an IC perspective and that is why I noted you the way I did.

Not 100% sure if I’m allowed to post like as someone not involved this so feel free to delete this post, but I figured this might count as useful evidence. When you try to deconstruct a large door it just gives you a message “Large doors seem impossible to disassemble”. Here is a screenshot proving this.


The marine literally walked in front of me while I was shooting, if I accidentally FF someone on the frontline and they choose to buckshot me several minutes later, accidentally hitting other people as well, am I held accountable? About the “deconstructing”, how would you have deconstructed the door? Even MPs shoot open things (or have other people shoot open things) rather often, examples are: “CL either commited a capital crime and is hiding in his office or commited a minor crime and then commited a capital crime while resisting and is hiding in his office, so MPs shoot down walls” or “research growing illegal benos and XO is too busy” etc., and MT is literally not even expected to act RP, although RPing is of course always good.

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Gavin, the PVT who ended up killing 3-4 people walked infront of the door, after I clearly announced over radio that there was demolitions going on in North Medbay, the marine who was a PVT of who walked towards the door being shot at, while the MT was firing.

The PVT walked infront of the door while it was being shot at, the door was literally welded shut to prevent FF accidents, I stood nearby and warned others by pointing and my announcement over the radio, but he just walked right infront of it. Nobody was in sight, and when I say nobody I mean nobody but a doctor in medical storage at the corner of our vision behind us, the hallway was clear and I went in medbay to make sure nobody was behind the door. The Marine walked right infront of the door, mid burst (I presume since the shitty accuracy), stayed there, then proceeded to walk in through said destroyed door and ask the doc “my groin ok?” (something along the lines of it).

This did not result in any gunfight from what I witnessed, as this resulted in a very accidental FF accident, which was caused by someone running into a very very clearly stated line of fire, towards a welded door with a radio announcement.

Now I thought this was just due to his inexperience in the game, so I just said “real”, lookde at him for a moment or two to make sure he wasnt in critical (in which case I would drag him to a doc or gauze him). I then moved over and began placing griders.

A doctor, while I was placing griders proceeds to somehow get their hands on a m41 pulse rifle with a UB, shoot the wall while im directly on the other side of it and hits me with several buckshot pellets. He does this around 2-4 times again, while im building griders.

I for less couldnt care about the doctor, the damage was somewhat negligable but I had to gauze myself and eat to counterract the bloodloss from this (which logs will show), if anything is an intentional or careless act it would certainly be the doctor, as this was the person who was constantly shoving us (I believe the other MT who was merely standing there not involved in the excat moment)

Im actually certain that we did absaloutely nothing to provoke a gunfight that was OOC, how else were we supposed to deconstruct it? My first thoughts was using a welderbomb (obviously extremely lrp), so I went to req and asked for a gun, came back and supervised the deconstruction of the door.

If anything is LRP, or was done unreasonably i’d believe it to be quite frankly the doctor, and Gavin. I was shot around 3-4 times, of which we all completely ignored as we felt it would be rash to start shooting people (understandably so), but what else happens?

The gunfight wasnt even started between todd, it wasnt even started between gavin or myself.

It was started when I believe an SG (or a marine?) ran up, started shooting up the wall without saying ANYTHING (and I quite literally mean anything), presumably by what I see here “gavin” who we we shot at due to alleged carelessness, LRP, OOC means or whatever they spat at you to cover up their belligerent stupidity literally started shooting people directly.

He started shooting my MT, I ran up and shot at him once, he then fucked off and we started continuing to build the walls, then a smartgunner runs up, wordlessly and without any interaction (yes, 0, I mean 0 interaction not even a wave, point, hello, or “what the fuck is this!?”) sprays his smartgun all around and sort of does “drivebys” by the wall for some odd reason. I run up to him, start shoving him, he stops and like I kid you not at least 3-5 seconds later after we both stopped (believe he even apologized after this) Gavin, the marine who we allegedly provoked to start the gunfight starts shooting people, indiscriminately. He shot the smartgunner (imrpoper escalation, we were shoving and stopped shoving, so conflict was resolved) shooting him like 6-7 times straight up killing him on the spot. I just back up and im surprised that he shot him, I mean its ridiculous. At this point, from what I recall he starts shooting someone that tries to disarm him and myself in the procsess too I believe, he then shot my MT to which I shot him once. He was either gunned down, or something made him stop and we dragged the bodies away and I made an Ahelp trying to understand why he had done this.

Shortly after I almost died to an oxycodone overdose (done by the doctor who was shooting me with the UB earlier I believe), I was at 26u overdose so the timetable would match at a 3 use dump when I was building the griders.

The only two ways to deconstruct a large door is either blowing it up or shooting it. There is nothing else I can think of, other than ramming it with a vehicle so this was very much an IC solution considering we thought about it together and inquired upon it which resulted in myself grabbing a weapon from req to do it. Even during this incident I was maintaining RP, telling Todd to stow the weapon correctly, and letting everyone know that this was authorized,

We asked the captain for authorization, again clearly IC, notified the doctors, clearly ic and trying to avoid confusion, we responded to lethal attacks and being attacked with almost no reaction (with the exception of an MT shoving a doctor who went around and shoved all of us).

In response? What happened to us?

  • 30u oxycodone overdose
  • Get shot at by mk1
  • Get shot at by a Masterkey
  • Get spam shoved

What did we do to ‘contribute to the gunfight?’

  • 1 shot fired, by myself after my MT got shot at

I mean, the whole bloody time we were building bloody griders. Building griders and wall literally never provokes a armed response, especially with authorization and notifying all individuals who were affected.

There is no “more incharachter means for deconstruction” when it comes to a large door. You either blow it up with a weldertank (pretty lrp), run it over with an APC or tank, slash it as a xenomorph, or shoot it down (with a gun, provided by requisitions announcing demolitions over radio and such, not lrp)

Edit: Im reading this over and im unsure when the shooting of the MT and me shooting the shooter once was (chronologically), I believe the MT (todd I believe?) was shot by Gavin for no reason at all (unless you’d somehow connect that FF incident which happened at least 3-5 minutes prior and string something up with whatever Gavin likely spouted), I was building griders, the doc walked up and shot the wall with an UB, I pulled out my gun and I told him that id have him arrested for whatever charges, (never requested him to be arrested, just want to stop getting shot at) I then began building a grider again and he came up, shot the grider hitting me in the procsess I chased him down to an OR where I ziptied him and left him infront of maybe a dozen people (of who I saw 0 people uncuff, I ziptied her infront of everyone nobody did a thing, should probably at least attest to her ridiculous behaviour or to perhaps add to the situational context) to where I took the gun and threw it across, went to build the wall and my MT then got shot by Gavin, I then shot at gavin once with my pistol and he fucked off.

I then kept building the grider, but this is where the SG shows up I believe (continue off above)

Another important thing to note was that this was originally being built as a tollbooth for ciggaretes which we would build a CIC style bubble at medical (sort of like building a maints bar or something, something to kill boredom) however it quickly shifted to just making a relay system and closing down the north doors to prevent larva escapes


Could someone please pull logs of the fight?

About your edit, pretty sure I was only hit once when some doc masterkeyed the girder. During the firefight, you and the other MT with patrol cap got killed from the border of my screen with the shooter getting covered by the interface, I was standing somewhere near the wall in medbay lobby and did not see the shooter, so I didn’t intervere in order to not mow down medbay wildly guessing who is the killer.

Let me clarify this again, because you seem to be hung up on the fact that you shot someone.

You were noted for violating community expectations, what colloquially is called “LRP” for the act of deconstruction with ARs The resulting hits and shootout only drove home why it is completely unreasonable to decon anything with gunfire.

It is absolutely irrelevant who gave you permission, what you could or could not do mechanically or what else was going on including what precautions you may or may not have taken - just the act of removing doors with gunfire is setting breaking and as such is against our rules. You effectively stood there and opened fire from a lethal firearm in the middle of medbay.

If you want a door removed that you normally could not through regular means, ahelp this to staff and do NOT proceed to remove the doors with automatic rifles. You do not get to break our setting just because you cannot do something mechanically.

In the end, you fired the gun, you hit the other marine, you caused the scene, you got noted. Direct responsibility, direct consequences.

In fact, let me post the note in full because this was never actually done:

Warned for behavior below community standards - deconstructed part of the medbay wall with a gun, hitting at least one marine in the process which in turn resulted in multiple dead in medbay. Player was instructed to use more in character means for deconstruction next time.

The only thing that stands to be corrected here is that you in fact took down a door, not a wall. It has zero relevance if the door was removable or not, if you had IC authorization or if it was welded. That is not what the note is for.

I will say this again: Do not perform shipside deconstruction with live weapons.

Gunfire is not an appropriate method of controlled deconstruction. There are mechanical methods of doing so that should have been employed. I understand there are some difficulties in doing so regarding double tile doors, but this does not carry over to actual walls.

You are ultimately responsible for the safety of your actions both from an IC and OOC standpoint. I do not believe the note made here to be invalid in any term.