Jorum - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Hermotimos

Jorum - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Hermotimos

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Colton Barnes

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What are you reporting?:

Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

Long story short, I fed 2 marines nuke cola. The nuke cola was on the dropship floor pre deployment. This drink apparently deals 2 radiation damage, which is a fact I was oblivious to. I initially drank once, and had the effect of flashing lights and shaking character for approximately 30 seconds. Now, I am wearing the helmet medical HUD and I see 0 damage on myself, so I assume that this is some LSD spiked drink. Later, still pre deployment, I force fed 2 other marines the drink (once each). I had some harmless banter (shoving and such) with one of them (by the name Jane ‘JJ’ Jacobson) beforehand. The effects besides the 2 radiation damage wear off and everybody goes on their merry way, or at least I thought.

I was later contacted by Hermotimos, and after a lengthy communication was given a griefing ticket.
Griefing is stated as “the intent of one player wanting to cause grief or annoyance to other players or the server without a valid roleplay reason”. I stress that they key word here is “intent”, otherwise every single instance of friendly fire is griefing. I fed 2 marines a cocktail, which I assumed gave you LSD like effects for a very short time, so I didn’t personally mean to cause grief or annoyance. Since the 2 marines (according to Hermotimos) both contacted admins to complain about it, they were annoyed by it. However my argument is that what crosses the line from annoying to straight up griefing is not up to personal interpretation. If somebody were to force feed coffee, would that be griefing? If someone were to bash someone else with a folded chair, is it griefing if the other party is annoyed by it? And the most important question is, is it worthy of punishment?

The moment I heard the admin ping I was stressed. And I remained stressed for the remainder of the round, and after it. I argue that the most aggrieved party in this whole occasion is myself. I not only got the effects of the drink and they were not ahealed on me, but had to communicated with the admin and was punished with a note. It is stated in the staff’s code of conduct that they should preserve the enjoyment of the server. This could very easily have been handled with 2 aheals on the 2 radiation damage to the aggrieved marines without implicating me, and thus literally everybody would be happy and maximum server enjoyment would be achieved. Now i’m not advocating for the non punishment of griefers. But this was not grief.


Communication with the moderator in game.


20:17:24: Hermotimos PM’d Jorum/(Colton Barnes)
20:17:24: PM From Hermotimos: Hello, do you have a moment?
20:17:33: Reply PM from-Jorum: sup?
20:21:19: PM From Hermotimos: I got a report about you feeding people Nuka cola, which had some rather unpleasant effects on the players that ingested it. Were you aware of the risks and effects that un-properly mixed nuka cola may cause on other players?
20:25:48: Reply PM from-Jorum: i saw the funny bottle on the alamo, a drank 1 sip and my screen was flashing for approx 30 seconds. Which was not a big deal for me. Then I fed it once to a specialist with which we had some banter (they pushed me, I pushed them, they tried to get an MP in on the action which I perceived to be in a joking manner). I fed it once again to the alpha SG cause I thought it’s funny and harmless. They probably contacted you once they saw their screen flashing while deploying, but It would be clear before anyoen saw any action definitelly. Now as to if I know if it has any negative long term effects, that’s a no. I just tested it on me
20:41:40: PM From Hermotimos: Alright, I do understand that you did not intend to harm their gameplay in any shape or form, however, when the report was made both players had damage caused by Uranium ( which is found in the drink you force fed them and causes long term damage if not treated ) and due to this I will count this incident as light griefing.
20:44:57: Reply PM from-Jorum: Okay, so is this escalation? I did break the rule of escalation because it deals damage?
20:47:59: PM From Hermotimos: No, I will just note you for griefing due to the circumstances and your intentions when the situation transpired.
20:49:08: Ticket resolved!

Forcing people to consume drugs that cause flashing colours and hallucinogenic effects is causing grief to other players.

Resolved, no action taken.

Added report:denied and removed report:pendinglogs