Jury's Out! Improvised Weapons

Sup guys, working on a cool improvised weapons system for ComTechs/Survivors to make use of. To explain it briefly, the maps will be covered with the basic crafting components (in ways that make sense) and can be put together to create traps, weapons, explosives, or combinations of the three. Below is my general layout so far, but I’m looking for more ideas as I start spriting stuff.

Crafting Items

  • Duct Tape
  • Steel Wire
  • Pilot Light
  • Nails
  • Steel Pipe
  • Rope
  • Industrial Lubricant
  • Industrial Nitric Acid
  • Isopropyl Alcohol


  • Springwire Trap - Basically a weed-whacker landmine that eviscerates target with a flurry of razor wire.
  • Cartridge Tube Mine - Another landmine style trap that is basically a pressure activated shotgun shell in a tube in the ground facing up. Natural enemy of feet.
  • Springgun Tripwire - Similar to the Tube Mine, this is a shotgun shell in a longer tube, mounted to a stand. Activated by tripwire.

Weapons (probably gonna hold off on these at first until I get better ideas)

  • Garrote - A steel wire connected to two metal pegs. Can very quickly choke and subdue a humanoid target.
  • Enhanced Molotov - A molotov made with isopropyl alcohol and industrial lubricant. Crank up the heat.
  • Enhanced Tailspear - A melee weapon that basically functions as a handheld tailstab (literally), with the range to avoid acid splash. Requires one (or more) xenomorph tail(s), however.


  • Oxygen Tank Pipe Bomb - Full of nails and nitric acid, primed with a pilot light. Too big and heavy to be tossed like a grenade, but works well with a tripwire.
  • Dynamite Stick - Steel pipe full of industrial chemicals, primed with a fuel soaked bit of rope. Crude and unpredictable hand grenade.

If you’re feeling real fancy, why not some kind of ad-hoc bow made from steel wire and piping to load with different, single-use arrows, which is mechanically just a reskinned single-shot shotgun?

Load, draw (pump), and fire say: a crumby crafted incen/flak/ap round depending on what you made?

To call my weapon “improvised” Is insulting the craftsmanship, I would rather you call it an explosive device.


I have a few suggestions to this update:

add separable nails from nail gun magazines and stepping on them does damage- similar to broken glass.

Duct tape armor (wood sheets and duct tape ( A lot of people cant find actual armor as a survivor, so why not add makeshift armor for the less fortunate survivors))

Foot trap- works similar to the alien mine except not hidden and can be escaped from quicker. Made from rope and steel wire.

spike trap- digging a hole in a dirt tile will make a small hole you can place metal rods or steel pipes or even a knife or broken glass in and works like punji sticks. CLF roleplay tool :wink:

I have a few more but these seem to be fitting.

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Yeah I’m more so trying to start strong with cool stuff because 1. it’s entertaining to me and 2. it’ll likely inspire more contributors down the line to add one more features to the basic system Morrow is planning to do. Otherwise, the ideas are good, just need to consider the steps it should take to put together certain things. Don’t want it to be too simple or it’ll get spammed, but not so hard it can’t be done.


Current sprite sheet in order from the list. Past that are the oxygen tank bomb, enhanced molotov, dynamite pipe, and a very silly tailspear concept.

Probably useless to have on there, but I’d like to say something like a pipe shotgun would be nice to see. Also if you’re adding nails you should do something like a nail bat as an additional improvised weapon. Anything to do with wood really since it’s an abundant resource already and easy to retrieve. I know that there was talk for Punji Sticks in the past.


Jerry rigged weapons, I love the idea! The sprites look fantastic.