Kailoha - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - MsLoveShacker

Kailoha - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - MsLoveShacker

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Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

Warning for Rule 2 - Left Hive as Larva.


As discussed in staff help channel of discord the voice of concern is the same in good intents.
I’m just trying to see where the rules stated a strict “larva cant leave hive rule”, because I have hundreds of hours and I thought I knew the rules pretty well. Verbatim it says.
“-Larva should typically remain within the Hive, this is especially the case for round start larva, and avoid the frontlines.
-Larva should not be sneaking onto the dropship to head up to the Almayer.
-Larva are not recon castes, and should not be seeking out survivors.”
Its kind of lax in the wording, with the whole “typically part”
I understand admin say is absolute, just a friendly suggestion to make the rule a bit more strict sounding or rewording it altogether, maybe make a “if” clause to it, so I and other sisters can avoid future bwoinks.
I don’t think it warranted a whole warning is all…sad benos noises. I had no malicious intent of griefing or anything of the matter.


I took a look at the situation and I think I should be able to just resolve this report without logs. (I may or may not have also been the person who ahelped the issue in the first place)

Larva’s sticking the hive has been a ruling for a while now, and you really should be staying in there until you have evolved.
I agree that the wording of the larva rule is a tiny bit unclear. But that should be getting fixed soonTM as part of a larger package of changes/rewordings of the rules. (It might take a while)

Anyways the staff member was correct in judging this as a rulebreak. However it should have just been a note instead of a warning. So I guess I’ll be approving this report. I’ll talk with @LoveShacker about the difference between notes and warnings. And i’ll bump the warning down to a note instead.


Added report:approved and removed report:pendinglogs