KakapoGaming - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - segrain

KakapoGaming - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - segrain

What’s your BYOND key:


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Greyson Wilo

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What are you reporting?:

Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

This more about the note which i think it’s wrong and should be removed or at the very least be rewritten/changed to at most a warning

Got myself stuck in the command bubble, inside briefing room along with the CL, but then learned that the briefing was going to be held in hangar instead, then i made sure the CL was aware of that by mentioning him it, and asked him to open the door for me, which he didn’t do, and so i though he was AFK, and since i couldn’t wait for him to come back from being AFK or someone else to come and let me out cause: i had the briefing to watch, as well as a deal with my SO , and because i would be trespassing and could be arrested by the MP’s, so i tried a mechanic that other codes have: throwing someone in a closed airlock they have access to will opens it, which didn’t happen, so i grabbed his ID, opened the door, dropped it inside the command bubble and left before the door closed

Fastforward some time i get bwoinked about it, and discover that the CL died from the wounds caused by me and get banned for 3 hours (which in the cases of actuals griefs should be a longer time)

Or as the admin note simplifies and misjudges

Griefing. As squad marine, got himself locked in command bubble in the briefing room. To free himself, grabbed the AFK CL’s body and threw it against the door, when that did not help, took the CL’s card to let himself out. CL subsequently died from the bleeding given by the damage. Also warned that he should have returned the ID onto the CL instead of leaving it lying next to him.


As the Rule 4 says : Griefing is the intent of one player wanting to cause grief or annoyance to other players or the server without a valid roleplay reason. If Staff believes that the player’s intent is to grief, then action will be taken whether or not it was the player’s intent. Any damage to the station or players caused by griefing can be repaired at an Admin’s discretion. If you are being griefed, don’t retaliate - Adminhelp it and you’ll get healed. Shooting a griefer can cause you to get in trouble as well, and the combat logs you’re generating make it harder for Staff to prove who the real griefer is.

There was no way i would have know i caused enough damage to him bleed out and die or that he would’ve been afk instead of getting bandaged, and even so i had my reasons, watching the briefing and joining the operations as well as not being arrested and the deal with my SO.

and i see no reasons as to why segrain would think i had the intent to grief, was i a shitty player in the past? mayhaps yes, i am a bit goofy sometimes now? yes, but i ain’t wasting my time and other people’s time griefing, something i think i made clear in my perma ban appeal and parole time.

I will be brief. You should not be causing damage to another player’s character for no good reason. “I wanted to throw him into a door to open it” is not a good reason, or a sensible course of action in any manner whatsoever. You could - and you did - simply borrow his ID to open the door. If you decided to slam him into a pane of glass instead, it is on you and any consequences of that are your fault.

i didn’t want to throw him to open the door, i wanted to open the door fast for reasons already mentioned, and it 100% isn’t my fault that he wasn’t going to be able to play and bleed out,

there was no intention or way to view any intention in harming another player’s round which is more important than character health, i was simply avoiding my round experience to be degraded due to another another player’s issue

if my actions were wrong or right, they can’t be considered griefing, real griefing isn’t punishable with 3 hours

Heya! So I looked into the situation. Since I dont think anyone is disagreeing about what happened and because the situation seems pretty simple I am just going to resolve this without someone doing a logpull.

Looking at the logs you tossed the CL into the windoor once, and after that didnt work you took their ID to open the door, then tossed it back inside.
Later on the CL came back from being AFK, noticed they had died and ahelped it. After that Segrain contacted you and ended up banning you for the incident.

Looking at the ID stuff that seems totally fine, the whole point of taking an ID is that you cant go back in to put the ID back on the body since, you know, the door will lock again behind you. So its fine to toss it back into the room, or in this case briefing bubble.

The fact that you tossed the CL against the door is a tad on the excessive end, but you only tossed them against the door once. And you couldnt possibly have predicted that the CL was going to die because of that. If you were a higher commissioned officer doing something like that I’d lean a bit more towards the LRP side. But a PFC tossing the CL against the door once seems a bit silly, but not LRP at all. And certainly not like griefing. If a marine picked up a SO or MP that was talking and tossed them into a wall then it would just be an IC issue, so I dont see how this would be LRP if something like that is not.
Its honestly a miracle that there wasn’t any MP, marine, SO, Medbay staff or literally anyone else that saw the CL bleeding out there in time to save or at the very least revive them.

Regarding you getting banned. I personally dont know why you were banned for this incident and dont agree with it at all. You dont have any recent notes for Griefing or LRP, the closest thing is one note for IE but I dont see how that is too relevant here.
We do leave leeway for staff members to not follow the note/ban escalation guidelines, this is to allow for judgement calls in certain situations.
But I honestly have no idea what about this incident would make it so severe to escalate straight to a three hour ban without any prior notes.

Anyways, this report will be accepted. While the three hour ban obviously already expired the note regarding it will be removed. @Segrain will also be talked to about our escalation policy and when it is appropriate to escalate outside of it.
I’m gonna apologize for any inconvenience caused by the ban and I’ll be wishing you a CM day!

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Added report:approved and removed report:pendinglogs