Katosx - Job/Role Ban Appeal

Katosx - Job/Role Ban Ban Appeal

What’s your BYOND key?

Do you confirm that you have read the Appeal Rules and that this appeal conforms to them?

Character Name?
Katria ‘Punished’ Fourcade

Type of Ban?
Job/Role Ban

What is your Bancode?
Banned for 4320

Admin who banned you?

Total Ban Duration

Remaining Duration

What other servers do you play on?
DS13 When it was online

Are you now or have you been banned on any servers? Which ones?
Nope, none

Do you play using a Virtual Machine?

is your copy of Windows legitimate?

Reason for Ban:
Deployed frontline aws MT and fought the queen. Said they were bored, and was severely hostile to teh mod handling it. They have a past record of hostilityy and this is not okay, so I am escalating. Also jobban from wshipside engi. “But ban me i don’t care, this shows you are a powerhungry mod like any other else around, and that you all ruining the server instead of banning the real griefers “Have a CM day, nigga”” by schalkguy (Administrator) on 2021-11-15 12:43:24

Links to previous appeals:

On the old forum

Your appeal:
As i explained before on my appeal, i was a real shitter then back then, fighting with staff and such, now im a reformed player, i just want to chill and play as for i also want to enjoy playing the roles i used to play, like OT/CE/MT and having LOOC ban removed since i don’t know why im not allowed to do LOOC.
Without furtherodo, i hope you can review my appeal and accept it.
Katria Fourcade / Katosx


This appeal has been assigned to the administration team for review.

Your appeal has been Accepted! Should you still not be able to play the role in 24 hours, send me a message here or on the discord and I’ll sort you out.