Kaya#2301 - Discord Ban Appeal

Discord Ban Appeal - Kaya#2301

What is your Discord ID?

What is your BYOND key?

Total Ban Duration
A month

Reason for Ban
You were warned in SS13: Colonial Marines Official for Banned for Rule 2a, NSFW: posted cropped porn and sexually suggestive xeno fanart. You need some time off to handle your hornyposting homie. 1 month ban. - Amber. Expires 07/27/2023

There was no cropped porn, to my knowledge. Said ‘suggestive’ images were far from being so. Other moderators seemed fine with it and played along with it. No idea who Amber is. Regardless, if there was cropped pornography, please tell me what it was so that I don’t use it again. Thanks.

Appeals are not open discussion ground for non staff, responses in violation of this will be deleted and warnings issued.

Denied. Per discord manager you can’t put up an appeal until 24 hours after the ban. Make a staff report if you feel you were banned incorrectly. Given the person who banned you is the discord manager I wish you luck.