Kinganth - Yautja Application

Yautja Application - Kinganth

What’s your BYOND key?


What’s your Discord ID?

I can not find it anywhere.

Do you have a regular character? If so - what’s their name?

I primarily play xeno.

Yautja Info:

What’s the name of your Yautja?

Jake Osterwise

What clan are you joining?

Clan Nhon

If minor: Give your clan lore.

The Nhon Clan is often regarded as one of the few remaining purely confident clans, often boasting so many young they had to inhabit a whole planet, one where they are often found hosting prolific gladiator matches in the cities testing the young in Blooding Rituals. Nhon members are often known for being the most unashamed hunter, often just walking around without using their cloaking device to test the prey nearby, anyone who had the guts to challenge them would often find them on the floor with their helmets missing afterwards as a trophy, a Nhon trademark. The clan is much more than that, boasting many academic schools of teaching, some featuring; anatomy, psychology, philosophy, and of course the art of war and the act of hunting. While also having many sources of literature which is often looked down upon, however many elites and elders might want to chronicle their life for the young ones to find inspiration and drive to become the best yautja ever. The clan is much more of a society that was looked down upon for their vast knowledge in anything they could come to possess.

The Nhon clan have expanded so much over the years they can come to inhabit a planet known as Jiralhos, this planet large enough to be habitable for many species for the Nhon clan to hunt and still live peacefully in their multiple cities spanning acrossing the globe. The cities have vast variety in each depending on the sect of Nhon you find yourself in, from marketplace, schools, temples, and coliseums the cities have a lot to offer for the Nhon members. Multiple sects are known for having their very own species preservation which consists of a vast ecosystem filled with multiple strong creatures to hunt and observe for the Nhon.

The Nhon clan blooding ritual is a much tougher ordeal than is standard, due to high expectations the leaders have for every hunter, and the principles the clan tends to follow. In order to even attempt the ritual, an Unblooded must meet the following criteria:

  • A tie or greater in a spar versus a Blooded hunter. - A passing score on a mental aptitude test. - Has made active contributions to areas of learning or debate. - A vouch from a Blooded hunter (not the one they sparred with, however).

Once an Unblooded has qualified for the Blooding Ritual, they are taken to a gladiatorial arena located on the Nhon homeworld Jiralhos. This is where they must pass two trials:

The Trial of Prowess - Two human gladiators are released into the arena, the Unblooded’s objective is to defeat the two gladiators without killing them, if the gladiators land four hits (two each) on the Unblooded, the trial is failed. If the gladiators are killed, the trial is failed. The objective of this trial is to prove that the Unblooded has the precision, prowess, and restraint enough to accomplish victory without killing anything in an outnumbered battle.

The Trial of Solidarity - Once the gladiators are defeated, a Tier Three R’ka (usually a Praetorian or a Ravager) is released into the arena. The Unblooded’s goal is to kill it, however after sixty seconds, Tier One R’ka will begin being released into the arena. The Unblooded MUST NOT kill any Tier One R’ka, their only goal is to kill the Tier Three and escape the arena with the body intact. This will become their first trophy and allow them to become a Blooded member of the Nhon clan.

Failed Rituals

In the Nhon clan, Unbloodeds who have failed the Blooding Ritual will be forced to work as a pseudo-slave for one of the busier Blooded members for five years. While it is a distinctly unpleasant experience, there have very rarely been hunters who failed again after enduring these gruelling years.

The Hunt:
The hunt is considered to be the Nhon Clans favorite activity.

Leader Rhuu’Nhon’s Helmet Stash

Amongst some of the Nhon hunters, there have been many rumblings about Rhuu’Nhon’s trophy collection. Many have seen Rhuu take helmets for trophies, but her trophy room contains none of them. In addition to this, there is an unmarked attached room by Rhuu’Nhon’s private quarters, that she does not let any hunters enter. This has all but confirmed, in the eyes of her clan members, that she keeps an entire private room exclusively for helmets she has collected, which they consider quite amusing.

Nhon Artists

Many of the creative Blooded clan members within the clan have taken up “art”, after one of the hunters brought back a human artbook, and the competitive blood within them sparked a desire to prove they are better “artists” than any human. The art faction is constantly growing, now having their own dedicated rooms and even beginning to map out their own hub.

Statue of the Founder

In the central hub of the Nhon homeworld Jiralhos , there is a statue that was built hollow, and the body of the founding member was placed inside. None of the hunters have found any records as to why this was done, but they do not deny that it makes them feel closer to the Founder. Some hunters believe that every few years his spirit returns to gaze upon the clan he built once more.

Hot Blood

Due to the constant self-improvement philosophy of the clan, many of the hunters within it possess extremely competitive personalities. The desire to prove they truly are the best is so prevalent that entire days have been spent bickering over things as minor as handwriting and effigy crafting.

Other Clans

The official status that the Nhons have towards other clans is, generally, “We’re smarter than you, and better hunters too!” However, when another clan demonstrates knowledge or prowess that is largely unknown to the Nhons, they will usually send emissaries or powerful hunters to try and gain the knowledge they’re missing out on. Truly incorrigible.

The Sects:


K’zar-Nhon was the first and founding member of the Nhon clan, exiled from his birth clan for not being enough of a “hunter” in the clan’s eyes, he turned to creating his own clan of hunters to spread his way of hunting and living to others, in the hopes to one day create the perfect Yautja - both a scholar and a hunter.

Yautja Character Story:

Left behind from their home, managed to find their way onto their clan once more.

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Heya, thanks for your interest in the yautja whitelist.

Unfortunately, including your discord ID is required, you did not even say the xeno tag you use, your yautja name is “jake osterwise” which is far from a yautja name and you character story its 15 words, it is expected to be an absolute minimum of 1 page.

As of right now your application is Denied and you may reapply 30 days from now

I would advise you ask for help with your application on the whitelist-app-help channel on the discord

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