Koishiland R&D — Lockmart Skunkworks But Stupid

personal thread to not clog the forum with uh.

everything. carlac ideas bin but cooler in every way.

Sling For The Backpack Slot
pretty simple. Sling pouch that can hold a weapon. goes in the backpack slot.
mostly for asthetic reasons, but some of you folks might like to do the all weapons playstyle with three mags and a shotgun shell pouch.
[] for balance, it may take a second to take the item out, just so you can’t gyro shotgun gyro shotgun instant burst something

Bipod Improves Vision Slightly
Deploying on the bipod will move your vision by one tile in the deployed direction not stacking with scopes. This will allow us to do SAW gunner LARP better make bipods a little more useful in a defensive role even if you didn’t bring a scope along.

Dropleg Holster Rig
Pistol pouch with a holstering delay. Holds two magazines, but if you modify the pistol it can’t fit it. When putting it back in there’s a delay of about a second or two, though it can be done on the move.
fits the pocket slot. more or less for convenience if you don’t like shoulder holsters.

Armor Hits Do Not Bleed
If you’re hit by a bullet in the chest and your armor absorbs at least 30% of the damage, you will not bleed or suffer shrapnel. It will also give a message to the effect of:
“Your [armorname] stops the bullet!”
FF sucks but we can make it suck slightly less, I guess.

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You can put a gun on your back slot already, every marine gun in fact, and almost all non-marine guns.

Would suck, doesn’t need a downside, you can just buff pistol pouch with 2 mag slots.

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yeah but now your gun snaps to your back
style points, partially.

maybe, I guess. i figured it might need a downside to diff from shoulder holster.

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Wizard rounds where a magical wizard that can talk to xenos as well as marines appears and causes mayhem. Clownify all the drones, make the CO a mime before briefing, banana peel slip all the MPs etc.


oi, get your own den of stupid ideas, this one’s mine


Mortar crew hrp
you no longer need special training to drop a mortar shell into the gun. You still need training to set coordinates though.

Clearance Level Pamphlets
You may order more pamphlets when you get to a certain clearance level.

Armor Preference
You can now choose what armor style you get by default from the armor vendors in char preferences, ie padless, padded, carrier…

Xenomorph research tree?
Call it quick adaptations. Queen can plop these down on people. Advs, disadvs, etc. Optional and not required, but it can change the battle if done right.

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Double Examine To Notice Fine Details
Shows things like what attachments someone’s weapon has, what accessories are on someone’s armor, etc

You are able to assign various injuries, though not all will be necessarily visible. useful for adding a little extra flair to your marinelet.

Armor Blocks Surgery & Sharp Objects
muh immmmmeeeeersion
also it prevents you from getting shrapnel in your chest, which is nice i guess

A Game Of Armored Wombat
Research can create the saddlepack for xenos. This allows a marine to buckle themselves aboard and become the runner-knight they always wished to be.
Pair with M3-H and a techhelmet to gain maximum power.

Custom Weapon Flavortext
Describes the customizations applied to your weapon! EG:
Custom M4A3. The grip of this pistol is weatherproofed wood, with sweetheart panels. The slide is a blued steel.
Custom WY88M4. The pistol sights have been replaced with half ghost ring sights, and the action makes nary a sound when worked.

Tacticool but Useless
Look, I just wanna look cool.
also some attachment/gun combos look awful??
Extended Flash Shroud: Increases barrel length. The look of an EBar without any of the use!
Tactical Sight: An electronic sight with no tactical advantages whatsoever.
Laser/Light Module: An airsoft grade LLM with no effects beyond the basic flashlight, but it’s even worse than your TNR lamp.


I like the Mortar Crew HRP. Keep up the good work.


The Rat currently has this.

Yeah but it’s a special snowflake gun.

I’m always a little cautious about stuff like this since shotgun juggling, multiple weapon quickswitch…

M4A3 Extended Mags
gimmie my fuckin 12+1 capacity

Immersive Crosshairs
why should the XM88A be the only one with the cool thingie? give the irons and holographics their own.
preferences option in the menu, as per usual.

Armor & Weapons Relative Penetration

Pretty simple. Add like 10 penetration to most rifle ammo, 15 bullet armor to all human armor sets, and put some armor onto some xenomorph types. Add a little extra consideration to what you use where. Some things might have enough armor that while a shotgun blast stuns it deals fairly low damage. Others might have enough armor to more or less shake off pistol rounds, but in turn are dependent on that armor, so rifle rounds do enough to stop them.

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I’ll Check In The Back
Requisitions now gets access to a few new weapons.

[] M1911 Case
The tactical modification of an M1911. Technically, it’s still issued, just not stocked often. Requisitions will have 2-3 cases of this item.
M1911 Service Pistol with .45 ACP rounds, 0 penetration, and 60 damage, falling off much faster. 10 round clips. Fits Barrel and Underslung slots, nothing else. 200rpm, no burst, can’t fit a BFA either.

[] Mk221 Case
An Mk221. how it got there is… dubious. Just don’t show it off to the MPs, please.
It isn’t strictly illegal but it may raise a few eyebrows. 2-3 cases can be found. Literally just an Mk221, stock, and nothing else.

[] Deployment Defense Case
Requisitions has 2-3 of these in the vendors. They provide 1 M3-VL Ballistics Vest, 1 M4A3 service pistol, a shoulder holster, and two clips.

[] M3-VL Ballistics Vest
you can get these out of the vendor now too. 5 of these in the vendors.

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I don’t exactly know the maximum post length on the new forums, but was it really needed to spam this thread full?

My ideas are bad and I have a lot of them. Might as well put them into one place.

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Assault Flamer Return
The Assault Flamer returns as a mix of gun and flamer.
Basic breakdown:
[] Rapid 110rpm fire rate
[] Shoots VESG fireballs
[] Ignites targets for 4 seconds (needs discussion).
[] The burning effect can stack continuously, and with other sources, up to 5 times, dealing incredible DoT and DPS if left unchecked.

Tactical Memeload
New behaviors for tactical reloading.

Drag belt or other storage onto gun, starts tactical reload with a compatible magazine. Can configure what default behavior you’d have
[] Reload with first compatible magazine
[][] Loaded mag extended, first mag AP, reloads with AP
[] Reload with first same type magazine (if none reloads with compatible magazine)
[][] Loaded mag AP, first mag normal, finds AP mag as third mag in storage, reloads AP

Drag gun onto belt, performs retention reload. Follows same behaviors above, but puts magazine back into storage.

General Bullet Armor Poke
Maybe I want to be able to larp being friendly fired lmao
[] Bullet Armor increased by 20 all around.
[] penetration stats slightly tweaked:
Most rifles have 10ish pen, maybe 15. They’re a jack of all trades for dealing with lightly armored and unarmored targets, but they get outcompeted by other weapons in their specific roles
Pistols suffer in pen, usually gain in DPS or burst damage. M44 gains some damage and pen, VP78 loses a bit of pen for raw damage and fire rate increased slightly.
[] When hit by a bullet to an area of the armor, there is a minimum amount of damage that needs to be dealt in order to proc shrapnel/bleeding.

B18 Improvement
Mostly for the sake of making it still neat ™
[] Armor has strong bullet and bomb, meh melee vs everything. Still stronger in most ways though.
[] Integrated 3 dose emergency injector.
[] Resists pounces, latches.

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You can now set a marine to be Foxtrot or Echo spawn. This will ensure said character appears. it also will result in a cool culture, maybe. They will of course not be elligible if they have already died in the round.

A minimum number of cryo marines to spawn will be set based on pop. If this is not met a certain amount will be refunded to the marines, offsetting one of the biggest issues of cryomarines.

You can now click the M40 harness with grenade packets, or a grenade box to fill it to capacity with grenades.

Welding Goggles & Helmet Combo
Now free in engineering vendors.
Style is cool. If you like this style, go nuts.

ME3 Welder
Now free in most engineering vendors and like, so it’s not just a weird engineering prep thing. Useful for completing your Vasquez cosplay.

Marine Victory Afterparty
Cryomarines are brought out of sleep, everyone generally gets a chance to party and do a momentary greenshift.

Afteraction Greenshift
The xenos hijacked but were thrown back off the Almayer.
The ship is damaged, but flyable.
Standing by for incoming friendly USCMC forces… Two days.
Rest, relax, clean up, remember the fallen.

Extremely Tense Standoff Yellowshift
Greeno induced victory. Now you gotta explain to the folks with more stars than the American flag why they don’t kick your ass with nukes.

I like the afterparty idea.

Can manually set bloodtype for a character in settings.
Just a LARP thing.
Also leads into…

Personal Information Patches
More LARP shit. 1pt customization item, takes your bloodtype and puts it on a patch that you can stick on your helmet.

rosary Gameplay
You can now wear your rosary as a uniform attachment.
Also, you can set the examine flavor text manually.

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