Lemme Do Larva Surgery Outside FOB with Guards

Hey, kinda a niche issue I know, but ran into this in my last round on Kutjevo and wanted to float the idea of a change for. A marine told me he had been hugged, and I figured his odds were better if I did it myself rather than gambling on Alamo (lowpop, around 1 AM PST), so I took some guards and made a quick play for the surgery table, got the larva cleared, and pulled out of there, admittedly with a stop to check on a heavily wounded marine. Biolock messaged me about this, and we spoke both in ahelps that round and just now in discord about the current rule setup, and they mentioned this category as a place I could try.

Essentially, if a marine is hugged bad, and there isn’t a way to ensure they get to shipside surgery in time (noresponsive POs, situation shipside, who knows, dealer’s choice here), I’d like to be able to take some guards and quickly do the surgery there, even if it hasn’t been fully caded up. Basically, I’m asking for an emergency provision that allows doctors to leave the FOB for larva extraction, so long as there are adequate gameplay and RP reasons, with the added requirement of the extra marines for cover definitely not hurting.


Make since, when I am a doctor and I deploy it is the bane of my existence when I see three to four bag with hugged people in them when medical is right down the street. This needs to be updated. To A). To allow marines to take a doctor to medical grounds to protect them or B). Let no deploy as a protection detail for the doctor. I do believe there needs to be rules for this like how synth works in the way that you can do surgery on the front or if the front is in medical you can’t do larva removals there.


Agreed. Either this, or remove the table from groundside. But the ‘there’s a table groundside but you can’t use it even in an emergency’ seems silly.

from what I have heard, if the area is secure (read: a xenomorph cannot just walk in freely) it’s fair game for a doctor to go and work in it

take that with a grain of salt and ask first of course in staff help

a provision to allow in an emergency if you have marine guards could work but at that point it just seems like it’d be easier to take a comtech with you to barricade it - and I think that should be a provision. If the area will be fortified within a reasonable timeframe then you can pre-emptively move to it or something.

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As I can read it now these days, it all comes down to staff preference.

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That’s what im seeing. Looks like letter of law interpretation versus the spirit.

Lately ive seen some rulings from mod managers that have been good. Contextual accounts and the spirit of the rule during the appeal.

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A fix would be a deployable surgery table that you het from maints

Heya! So yeah when this was posted and yeah its probably something that we should allow. IIRC it even came up in management a moment and we basically agreed that its probably fine.

I am however having a hard time of editing the rules properly to allow this while not allowing stuff like researchers/doctors wandering outside of a secure area with guards to do stuff like intel gathering, dead marine recovery etc.
I’m gonna be thinking real hard on how to write in the rules that it is allowed, but yeah it is allowed.
If anyone has a great suggestion on how to fit it into the rules I’m all ears btw. (Doesnt mean I’ll use your suggestion but hey it might be a good one or inspire me to think of a good implementation)

I think there was an old clarification that doctors need to remain in secure areas - which doesn’t just mean the FOB. So a caded and secured medbay, like on LV, would be fine to move to with some protection ala a CC. But not if it’s wide open/unreinforced.


Most of this comes down to common sense interpretation.

IIRC from reading there wasnt a note applied and a conversation happened as I think we’d all expect on a gray area like this.

Tbh its refreshing to see something get handled this way as opposed to some of the stuff thats been observed in the past on gray zone post incident log reviews.

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I have very unfond memories of squads of hugged marines running forward into hive/corners to kill eggs because their concern about being infected was so low, since they could just run back a little and have some FOB/backline surgery to have it removed.
With the incidence of internal injuries being lessened a bit (it seems like, playing as medic) being hugged seems like an appropriate consequence for misplay that still requires the marine to treat it VERY seriously and as a VERY important, time sensitive matter.

I get that it’s inconvenient, and that meeting the marine groundside would take some time off of this and possibly save the marine, but the marine still has a LOT of time to go back to FOB from when they’re first hugged, so this still seems like a consequence of the marine choosing to risk bursting to not immediately address a concern that should be taken VERY seriously. Like, legit, if I’m in an alien world and know I have some alien baby eating my insides and about to pop out of my heart, you best believe I’m getting to the closest damn doctor IMMEDIATELY.

Edit: OOF didnt realize last post was 3 months ago. Feel free to close or whatever if I’m picking through the graveyard.

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I know it’s sort of a stale thread but it’s news to me that you had to/have to ask permission to do that.
Ever since I started enjoying FOB surgery gameplay, I’d always have people roller their buds to me asking to come to the nearest table to abort them.
Kinda made sense to me plus it’s fun doing risky stuff to save people so it seemed alright.

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Gonna un-solution Clairion to re-solution this response.

Changes to deployment rules will be coming Soon™ (probably late May). This post has influenced the change.