Lesser drone strain: Queen's guard

So huggers get a strain so why not a lesser strain!

So what i thinking for the Queen’s guard strain is:

A. take away all the lesser Abilities they will only keep the ability to walking under there fellow xenos.

B. lower there slash down to some thing like 1~3 Damage.

C. up the lesser HP to 200 and give them 15 armor.

D. Give them even worst tackling.

E. slow them down and make them barely faster than the queen.

So what the Lesser Queen’s guard supposed to do is just be a bullet sponge. they follow the queen around and tank shots, there live is only to safe guard the queens wellbeing.


So, on top of there already being a bullet sponge Xeno, with its own strain, as in Defender, I don’t see the reason why Lessers need this. It’s also an insanely specific role to play, because the Queen is on Ovi for about 70% of the whole round. I just feel like this would be an unneeded addition, with your gameplay loop of waiting for queen to de-ovi and then just… following her around because you can’t do anything else with 3 damage, and incredibly poor speed. A lesser strain is kind of an interesting idea, though.


I don’t like lesser drones especially how they can take 5 bullets so no


what’s to stop this strain from just doing the mister obama get down for literally any greater caste? pretty sure losing a free lesser beats losing a rav any day of the week

nothing really but just how slow they are making harder to do that for t3s. When I though this strain up I was thinking they will most likely also take the shot for t3s