Let Lurkers Evo into Praetorians

Both spitters and warriors have the choice between their unique castes’ evolution tree, or praetorian. Dancers resemble lurkers more than they do any other xenomorph. Give lurkers the option of choosing between evolving into a ravager or a praetorian.

makes sense would make lurker more viable in the early game instead of spitters

tl;dr: do it

Yeah I agree. I’d like to go Runner - Lurker then Prae most of the time, instead of Defender - Warrior - Prae. Gives people options and makes sense.

I have suggested several times to allow any combat T2 to evolve into any T3. The idea being it would open up a lot more flexibility in T3 selection since you will no longer be constrained by having to play a caste you may not like to play a T3 caste you want.

Preatorian is also over-represented in the T3 selection, Crusher and Ravager only have 1 evo pathway but I’d take any options of increasing T3 representation

Not sure what the argument against this would even be. Why are we pidgeonholing players off what they picked at the start of the round vs what’s needed 40 minutes in?

I prefer it this way, since it makes it less likely for a singular t3 caste to be picked all the time.

Noone likes fighting boilers… but that’s balanced because to become a boiler, you have to become spitter which almost noone likes.

I’m not sure I really like that though, because that implies there’s a problem with boilers being unfun to fight, which means boilers ought to be changed, not that players who want to play boiler should suffer through spitter first.

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The most soulless change. If this is the case why not let them evo into crushers too, or warriors into ravs and boilers?

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Lurker to prae seems to make more sense to me than spitter to prae, especially when half of lurkers are vamp which is basically dancer prae mini. Though I don’t think that any T2 to T3 would be a great idea, the reason it’s constrained as it is is for balance, not for what is the most efficient for xenos to win.

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