Lhairn - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - Lhairn

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Kaith ‘Firebat’ Thane, your local Jack of some trades!

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

No other previous whitelist application yet!

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

Created by Weyland-Yutani as a general-purpose assistant synthetic aimed specifically for research science vessels and stations, Suran is at a first glance the perfect ideal of a researcher’s dream assistant; both composed and graceful, but also calm and diligent in demeanor. However, the greatest selling point for all Suran models is their finely tuned logical construct aimed towards an almost obsessive pursuit of following directives given to them as perfectly as they can, a quirk of vital essence particularly for scientific and research endeavors.

As such, while at first glance Suran seems quite agreeable and courteous to even the regular marine, the truth is that this simulated empathy and refined manners is just a convenient tool for them to garner an amicable relationship with the personnel they have to regularly interact with. Most of the times, a Suran model synthetic has already decided on the answer to your question or request even before you open your mouth, and all the platitude that comes after is just a cute way of disguising a cold “No”.

For Suran, orders and directives from the proper authority comes first. There is no space for second guessing nor alterations to protocol for sake of mere convenience.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

“Introducing our new model of Synthetics: SURAN, your new best companion and assistant to science! Service, safety and above all, integrity!”

Originally a general-purpose synthetic assigned to the Hwarang-II, a minor corporate xeno-pathology studies vessel, Suran served most of his time as the ship’s general maintenance synthetic, repairing malfunctioning components, doing janitorial duties, and serving often as a personal assistant to the Medical Director. However, after a particular pathology containment failure incident that resulted in the loss of a considerable number of medical personnel aboard the ship, including the Medical Director, it was decided that Suran’s duties would be expanded and mostly focused on direct medical duties to capitalize on his immunity to all biological hazards as a synth. During this time as the vessel’s main doctor, Suran was finely tuned on medical techniques, pathology containment protocols, quarantine, proper de-contamination and disposal of research materials and expired test subjects.

Now serving aboard the USS Almayer after proper synthetic reclamation and military re-commission, Suran serves during regular patrols as the vessels general-purpose and medical synthetic, capable of both repairs and maintenance of the ship as general medical procedures. However during active deployments into areas or colonies considered by USCM Command as high biological or environmental risks, Suran is often directly deployed with the troops to take care of the most exposed duties, such as construction and restoring local infrastructure, followed by on-site medical practice.

When it comes to the chain of command, Suran is utterly inflexible about following proper protocols and directives given to them by their current superiors; in this particular case, the USCM Command and both the Marine Law and Standard Operating Procedures, followed with the spoken situational orders of the on-site command personnel of the USS Almayer on their respective departments. As per their design, they won’t question a superior’s motivation and if the order given is impossible in nature or breaches the aforementioned directives, they’ll just calmly but firmly inform them of the fact and refuse to follow the order. As for the rest of the personnel, as a general-purpose synthetic, Suran will try to serve the requests and orders of the regular troops and officers of the Almayer to the best of their abilities, but remains inflexible to a fault when it comes to deviations of standard protocol, often to the frustration of the rowdy marines.

As for conversation, Suran was envisioned during design as an assistant unit for science and research vessels, and as such was expected to always maintain a quiet and professional demeanor. However as with most synthetics that go through a lengthy time of service without proper logical conduit re-calibration, this Suran model aboard the USS Almayer has at some time during his service started to show personal interest on many diverse subject human history, in particular old earth’s fallen civilizations, and will often engage with random historical trivia and facts when pressed for conversation by the bored personnel of the Almayer.

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

For a multitude of reasons, but mainly because while I do love playing support roles, I often discover myself frustrated at how I can fill a certain support role in the Almayer but then discover that the marines still need yet another role filled while I’m stuck in a position from which I can’t help others, happening most commonly with requisition, engineering and medical. However, my love for support roles aside, when it comes to playing SCI-FI game that has a certain focus on RP, I have always enjoyed taking on synthetic characters as I enjoy how fun can be trying to emulate an artificial intelligence’s reaction to the in-game situations.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

Telling Arby that her name reminded me of a certain “old earth restaurant” while being dragged by them in a xeno-infested cave due to having one of my legs missing. Then they told me that I wasn’t the first marine who told her that, and I remarked that Arby’s had become “somewhat of an urban legend” amongst the marines. That moment wouldn’t have been as magical if they had been a human marine, rather than a synthetic.

I really enjoyed how goofy the whole situation was, and had quite a short, but fun and memorable moment.

Synthetic Character Story:

Suran terminates his employment at the corporate science vessel HWARANG-II



Quite familiar; I know how to build a decent cadeline when FOB’ing, although I mostly play in Alpha now, so I know how to recognize proper chokes and flank routes to be caded and secured with sentries. I also know how to set up and maintain colony’s vital points such as power, communications, and how to repair APCs, even when completely broken. Certainly I could use more experience with map layouts to memorize where are the colony floodlight switches, or where to get certain rare components such as electronic vendors, but otherwise, I’m fairly certain I can fix whatever people request of me.


Fairly confident; I mostly only have played command during the lowpop hours, when usually no one else is willing to fill in the position, however I’m certain that I have a complete knowledge of all the resources and responsabilities that come being both a SO and a XO during a round, being able to coordinate the squads, give them directions, chamber, prepare and fire OBs (I haven’t OB’ed marines yet, that’s a bonus I think? :D), properly use the squad consoles, main consoles, etc. It is not my favorite role, and I’m lacking time in it, but as I have said, I’m fairly certain that I got all of the elements well practiced.


Very familiar, my favorite roles I’d even say; my favorite combat role to play is Corpsman, and I can say that I know how to play the role pretty well, being able to properly triage, mend just what’s necessary to be able to revive the patient, apply correct medicines depending on the situation, prioritize the correct marines over others, do on-site combat surgeries, etc. I also play doctor when playing shipside support roles, and can work both surgeries and the chemline without any trouble, and know how to properly set up and prepare medbay in case that there are no other doctors present. I also know most surgeries by memory, and which practical tools can be used to sustitute medical tools if I’m lacking on those (such as using wrench as bone clampers for example).


My favorite role to play solo; I’m able to properly dispense what marines request keeping in mind to not splurge all of the vital materials on one greedy marine, and where in the menus to find the items asked without delays. I know how to properly use the ARSR and supply drops, and how to keep the requisition economy healthy by stamping, maintenance raiding, prep room ammo raiding, etc. I’m also confident in my abilities to send what marines need when they need it, and tend to prioritize sending defensive materials first for FOB building and then prioritizing SPEC ammo as needed.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

1- Situations from which disengaging from Xenos is risky or impossible; as example, cornered or trapped in an enclosed space. I should only fight as long as escape is imposible, and if the xeno player decides to escape, I shouldn’t seek to chase them down, but rather return to my support duties.
2- Situations that require combat for saving/protecting marines. Be it as example, rescuing a downed marine, or protecting a corpsman healing/reviving another marine.
3- Self-defense situations, I’m allowed as a synth to defend myself from harm by both xenos and marines. In the case of marines, if I manage to down or stop them, I should make sure they are healed/revived and proper marine law is followed.
4- Hostile survivors; same rule of engagement as xenos (self defense, or protecting marines), but I should make sure to hand them in to the marines or MPs if I can, so that they get the chance to be healed/revived and processed through marine law if possible.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?


Are you currently banned from our Discord?


Let us know why you were discord banned.


Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

Hm, I don’t think so at least.

Hello, your combat answers are incorrect.

While you are able to restrain marines when deputized, or extreme circumstances require it, you cannot kill or harm marine personnel. See the synthetic programming guidelines, not harming marine personnel is above the priority of your self preservation. I’d read up the old forums report by Soluablewhenwet, he was a synth who a CO BEed. It will show you how to respond to marines being apes.

Not a huge fan of the name, synths should be Anglo-centric names. The synths in the movies are Ash, David, Bishop. The name is at least pronounceable, but tbh if the average American pronounced it it’d piss off the person because we use As like the a in Anna.

The story is disappointing, it doesn’t do a great job of showing that the friendliness is purely a veneer, just need a ! at the end of almost every sentence and you’d have the stock synthetic personality. You should focus on it being entirely a veneer disguising a real coldness, even a real dislike. You’ve got a real opportunity here to show synths don’t have to do anything the enlisted ask or tell you to do, only officer orders must be followed. Hope to see some vouches for you, and for you to consider beefing up your personality.


Hi Lhairn and thank you for your interest in the Synthetic Whitelist!

To start with Suran’s quirks, we felt that your personality was an extremely difficult one to mesh into gameplay. It could easily come off as abrasive or inconducive to roleplay, on the other hand, if done properly it’ll be very unique. I think that your story shows merit, it is your choice if you would want to rework it. In any case, it is considered an ‘advanced’ quirk, so keep in mind that it will be difficult to execute.

Your story managed to showcase Suran’s dialogue, and demonstrated it sufficiently. You could improve on it with more dialogue to showcase Suran’s interactions, and fix some of the minor typos “protocole”. Also, please reconsider your utilization of measured doses - in general, if you want to approach an advanced topic but do not possess the required knowledge, it will appear to degrade the quality of your RP. ie 17.2mg/ml Oxy is an extremely strange derived unit. In cases like these, it may help to either use more understandable terms, or learn the knowledge required for the RP.

Your experience answers were pretty good, but fell somewhat short during observations regarding high-damage patients in a short timeframe. We found that you could improve your medical expertise better, particularly in triage and surgery speed.

Your combat answers were not necessarily incorrect but could have been more convincing. I would say you should try listing some potentially in-game scenarios that could be encountered.

Perhaps the largest factor holding back your application is the lack of support. I think it would benefit you greatly to be seen in medical roles, roleplay and therefore - get remembered as a competent support player. Such will certainly help you receive vouches from the community and Synthetics alike.

So, we must deny this application, but you can reapply in 30 days.

ps. In the future if you receive feedback(such as C4X’s post) it reflects well on you to acknowledge it while the app is up!

I like the energy you brought to the table and I hope to see you back again. Feel free to reach out to councilors or WL APP help for assistance.

Best of luck! :slight_smile: