Look at this handsome W-Y executive, he works hard, plays hard.
But you know what he lacks? A blazer, or a jacket.
This is why I propose on behalf of our benefactors on the official corporate liaison fan club discord we add jackets for liaisons. It would hide their shoulder holster and be incredibly fashionable. This would also be a nice addiction for their “temporary assistants” onboard of the USS Almayer, as they would have something to wear that is not a $2000 dollar suit knitted by the finest tailors of the Three Worlds Empire.


Being able to order this from the fax machine would be even more amazing.

Now I want a mail order catalogue, But it uses the fax machine.


not a bad idea

every $1-5k suit ive bough had a jacket… and so do the suits? i dont recall any of the CL outfits outright not having a jacket. there is also the option of handing off your unused outfits.

Imagine buying multiple 5k suits. Anyways, what’s about just removing the jackets from the suits and having them be seperate items?

Don’t play CL and have only worn the suit once in game in ages, so may be way off base here. But is there any reason why the remove jacket verb wouldn’t work here? Plus (this might be a bitch due to sprite layering) you can achieve the maximum drip of suit jacket and ballistic vest.

Pretty sure the ballistic vest gets layed over both suit and jacket, but wearing it below the jacket would be really cool, maybe add a verb to change how it’s worn? About the remove jacket verb, are there even clothes where it works or is it just spaghetti code from bay nobody wants to touch?

Works on standard uniforms to go guns out, and some medical uniforms like the CMOs. Prisoner too I think, thats how they get it tied around the waist