Limb targetting nerf discussion

There is still a discussion bringing back armor linking or nerfing limb targeting. However there were some issues brought up with it. I made this to discuss this and potentially other ideas that may be brought up.

I’ll start with my idea:

Make so dir slash targets body, but you can limb target with with sprite clicks. This would make targetting limbs much more skillful and something you have to commit to doing rather than selecting it to enable TF2 random crits ( because that is essentially what limb targetting is)


Or just balance the different targets. Getting to hit the spot you targeted should not be a “crit” like you mention, there should be tradeoffs for different areas. Hitting chest should not be a punishment. The way it is now where hitting chest is considered bad and everyone wants to hit feet or hands is a stupid system. Have different areas be more viable so people actually want to target them.

Also I’ve said it before but removing an entire mechanic from the game for people who prefer directional slash is just unfun. If you really want to nerf directional slash I’d rather you just give it a 0.9x damage multiplier or something, rather than locking off a fun mechanic. It’s just the most unfun way possible to nerf something. That’s assuming directional slashing even needs a nerf, which I’m not convinced it does, but whatever.

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