Low Pop Xeno rebalance

  • Add xeno hive leader as a roll you can roll for

Hive Leader:

  • Has leader
  • Has queen level pheros
  • Has queen authority when it comes to directing the hive.
  • There can be two hive leaders.
  • Can interface with the dropship to hijack.
  • When one hive leader dies, another one can “assume control” if they are a T3, if there’s no T3s then T2s, if no T2s THEN T1s.

During low pop however, change the hive to feral or forsaken this removes queen from the line up since really you only need one or two screeches to wipe low pop (especially deadpop) depending on the time.

Might even change xeno vs marine gameplay on lowpop to be more harasser oriented than decisive battle, which I think would all around be a good thing.