Lukas292001 - Commanding Officer Application

Commanding Officer Application - Lukas292001

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


What is your timezone in UTC?


Player Name You Use Most?

Lukas Seltz

Ban Appeals, Whitelist and Staff Applications:

Have you been banned in the last 3 months?


If so, why?

I was banned for IE because I was a PO in research watching Greeno’s and an MP came in and pulled me out as I was talking to the CMP. The MP pushed me back in and took out his stun baton and stun me. I proceeded to get back up and go back it to research because the researcher’s did not care that I was in there then the MPs started to tase me so I shot back. After the fact I knew better, and this was two months ago.

Command Knowledge:

How familiar are you with command positions?

I am very familiar with Command positions. I play a lot of command roles I have over 25 hours in every head of a department and 83 hours as CE.

Hours in XO:

76.4 hours

Hours in SL:

23 hours

Character Information:

Why did your character decide to become the CO of a ship?

Lukas Seltz Decided to become a CO because as he was growing up he loved watching shows that depicted COs leading ships and he fell in love with it. His father was a CO and he also wanted to carry on that legacy.

How did your character attain the position of CO?

Lukas Seltz attained the position of CO after unwavering courage and dedication to the USCM.

Provide a short story of your CO.

Command Actions:

When do you believe it’s appropriate to pardon a prisoner?

I believe the only time it is appropriate to pardon a prisoner completely is if they are completely vital to the operation. I believe partial pardons should be given out when the marine committed a different crime than was given to them such as he committed Minor contraband and not Major Contraband.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use pardon.

I would use a full pardon when a Spec is charged with assault and arrested on it. I would pardon spec for something like this because they could make or break the operations as well as there are only four of them allowed at round start.
I would not use a pardon if a spec and/or any other type of marine committed a capital crime such as manslaughter or sedition.
Another way I would use a pardon is if the marine in question was charged with a more sever charge like Major contraband instead of minor contraband.

When do you believe it’s appropriate to use a Battlefield Execution?

I would BE someone who is posing a threat to the ground side marines or if a ship side marine was posing a threat to others on the ship.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use Battlefield Execution.

One way I would use a BE is if a marine was sitting on an M2C Mowing down the inter marine front.
I would not use a BE if someone was insulting me as that is why we have MPs if I BE everyone that does not like me that is not a good sign.
I would BE someone if they tried to overthrow the chain of command or tried to take my life or anyone else’s life.

I know Lukas as a hell of a great leader and a great commander and overall, a great player that I believe makes them more then fit for the role. They have done all sorts of great feats like managing a OP on their own from their time being a XO, CE, and the time when they are a queen also shows them as a good team player and overall great person and by RP standards, they are alright. and as far as I know a large amount player know them and are willing to follow their orders. and they also very damn robust Being able to fight in 1V1 and even 1V2 by some cases and I just want to finish’s this off by saying that I think they should be a more then fit Person for a CO whitelist so this +1 from me

Absolute unit of a command player, especially as XO. Honestly haven’t met many others that can effectively pull together an operation like him in my time. Competent at RPing as well, which is always a plus. Here’s wishing you the best of luck. +1.

Allow me to go through this one by one before giving my thoughts on you and your app. Be advised that, as is my style, I will not try to sugarcoat my opinions on this, so if I sound too harsh at times, then I do apologise.

This is actually a terrible look for you. You got pulled out of a restricted area by the MPs, then went in and “because the researchers didn’t mind” (they are almost 100% busy with the Green Hive as you mentioned), you figured you could be there as a PO? And then you pulled a gun on the MPs when I moved to incapacitate you for trespassing.

Does this really sound like the sorta person I would want to hand a sidearm that can permanently round-end people if they slip up in front of you? No. Not at all, in fact. Whether you’ve “learned” or not, this directly collides with what a CO needs to prove, i.e. self-restraint and a cool head. People like this will almost certainly get warnings from the Council about bad-faith BEs.

I cannot personally say I have noticed you playing SL anytime recently. But that might just be me.

Eh. A little generic, but it works. Fine.

Generic again, but this time my issue with this stems from your story below it. It’s not new that CO Applicants will say their character got promoted due to bravery and dedication. Yknow, the usual.

But your story is really, really bland. As in, if I wasn’t a Councillor I wouldn’t have continued reading beyond the first paragraph. It also has a lot of grammar issues still, and personally grinds my gears because it is ALL tell, and no show. Writing stories usually should obey the “show, don’t tell” rule, but all your story is just people doing exposition for your character.

Sure, I have a Colonel holding a speech about how dedicated Major Seltz is, and I have your XO asking about your past, but I see NOTHING from your own actual character. He’s just answering questions, pretty much. He’s bland. He isn’t a hero or a brave officer, it’s just a story in which everyone claims he is, and I’m left out as to how or why.

I said it once and I will say it again: being vital is not solely the reason you pardon people.

Remember, for a second, that a “vital” member of the Marines, such as the Demo Spec, might indeed be vital groundside… but he is also probably an asshole if he got himself brigged within the first two minutes of the round for DASO, DtGP and Resisting. Go ahead and pardon him and you can bet you will be in brig with him before first drop because he can’t help being a repeat offender. This sort of logic simply DOES NOT work in practice, and there’s a reason it’s looked down upon by many in the Whitelist and Community as a whole.

This one I just straight up don’t get. What is a “partial pardon”? What? You either pardon someone (they go free, on your authority) or they don’t. There is no half-measure here.

That aside, what you’re citing isn’t even a pardon at all. It’s an appeal. If someone is charged FALSELY for a crime, then they should APPEAL, not ask for a pardon. A pardon directly implies the person is guilty of their charges, whereas an appeal is about disputing those charges. If you think someone is not guilty of major contraband, but only minor contraband, then have them ask you for an appeal or something, or accept the Major Contraband charge so you can pardon them.

Yeah. See above, I guess. This logic seems fine on paper but starts breaking down in reality. I don’t like this type of thinking with pardons at all.

You can’t use a pardon anyway if it’s a capital crime. A useless and pointless example to make. Especially because…

Manslaughter is not a capital crime. It’s a major crime, which you may pardon. Womp womp.

This is… literally just repeating the above…? At this point it feels like you’re trying your hardest not to use your brains to come up with actual and good examples and are just repeating things.

And again, this isn’t even a correct use for a pardon in most cases. A falsely charged marine should appeal, not ask for a pardon.

Too vague. It actually sounds like you read this one off the guidelines directly, in a way, instead of putting it into your own words. What does “a threat to groundside marines” mean if you are not groundside? What will you do if someone is terrorising shipside, but is on the run? Are you gonna run after them to BE them? Remember that MPs exist and that not every person who “is a threat to the ship” has to also be BE’d. To that end, I’d actually argue this answer is insufficient.

I don’t know what an “inter marine front” is, but I don’t think I would necessarily round-end someone if they slipped up and shot two people while on an M2C. It’s a notorious marine killer due to its damage output. If it happens repeatedly? Sure, go for it.

Uhhh, I mean… yes? I would be a little worried if you did shoot everyone who committed DASO honestly, so good answer I guess?

This is like, the most uncreative and easiest answer one could give at the tail end of their CO application. Yes, if someone literally wants to mutiny and kill you in CIC, as they charge in, you can, in fact, BE them.

Do I think this answer elaborates that you know how BEs work and when to use them? Not at all. Because it’s a cookie cutter answer and doesn’t explain at all how you, and your character, would react to certain situations with the powers at your disposal.


  • Your English skills are iffy, and I’d say mediocre at best. A few days ago, during the HRP Conference event we had, everyone sorta saw how your english was really not on par with 90% of other people present. That’s not good, especially because it shows even during regular gameplay and in your story here, as well.

  • Your recent ban for IE is pretty damning, I won’t lie. It directly collides with what we want a CO to demonstrate.

  • You do not have a clear, sufficient grasp on what pardons are, and when to use them.

  • Your BE answers are so generic that I cannot, with confidence, claim that you are knowledgeable about them, because you probably copied them from somewhere given how cookie-cutter they look.

  • I have my doubts whether you are fully aware of the intricacies of Marine Law, given your recent ban and your lack of awareness regarding Appeal procedure displayed in this. This isn’t a CMP whitelist, but this kinda stuff is BASIC, man.

I do not have the confidence to give you that promotion right now, man. You have a ways to go, still.



So I have a few concerns,
First, is your story. I think that, unfortunately, the level of competency that you show with the english language just isn’t up to standard for the CO whitelist. I’ve seen this a lot in-game too - particularly during an HRP event with you in attendance. Being a CO means being one of the most visible roles in the game - almost every marine would be looking up to you, including new folks. We need to set ourselves to a high standard of roleplay and literacy, so we can bring everyone else up to that same standard or close to it as well.

Second, is that ban for improper escalation. Staff dont usually ban for IE on the first offense so unless someone was a dick then this is repeated behavior. This WAS two months ago, which is a decent chunk of time, but it’s still very much worth looking at for me. How do we know we can trust you with the gun that has the ability to remove anyone from the round pretty much instantly with no consequences?

Third, are the pardon examples.
A Pardon is not an Appeal. You cannot dish out a ‘partial pardon’, they are not used on people who are innocent in any situation. Pardons are specifically for people who have been found guilty of a crime. Appeals are to be used by prisoners who are wrongly imprisoned, pardons should not be given for this purpose. I’m not sure, after seeing this, if you’re particularly competent when it comes to marine law - and while not the most important aspect of a CO, it’s still something you should preferably know and at least have bookmarked in case you need to preform an appeal. You also need to remember that when a prisoner gets pardoned, that is on you. If they go out and commit another crime, then you’ll get in trouble for it too. If someone is being completely unapologetic, then you should not grant them a pardon unless you somehow can be 100% certain they won’t go and break the law.

Lastly, I have concerns with your attitude. Multiple COs have mentioned that you, at times, will cryo if you are under their command, or actively go in LOOC and flame them because you don’t like the way they command or act or something else. This is very indicative of metagrudging, not to mention just outright toxic.

I was already leaning towards not wanting to accept this application because of the english issues and marine law answers, but after hearing what other COs have had to say about the way you act in-game has proven to me that you, sadly, aren’t fit to be one. I’m going to stay on a -1.


I have been working on my grammar a lot. I grow up in a town that did not teach proper grammar so the little bit I do know is what I have thought myself. Yes, I did have lot of trouble with spelling durning that event I am doing the best I can to teach my self-proper grammar and spelling.

The ban that I had for IE is something that I instantly regrated what I did. As you said it was two months ago and I have been working every day to come back from that. You asked how you guys can trust someone with a round ending gun. Well, yes, I need some work, but I am doing whatever I can to come back from the ban it was a stupid mistake I did, and I have regrated it every day that has passed after it happened.

My attitude has also been something I have been changing a lot and I understand where you come from. I am trying to change the things that happened in the past because I did not like my attitude back then ether. I have never seen a CO wake up with me then go right back to cryo because I was the XO. If that did happen it had to be back when I first started playing XO back when I would voice my opinions on COs, I did not like but as I said I am working on that behavior.

Yes, my English is not great, and I am desperately working on it the best I can. I am doing everything in my ability to work on my grammar and spelling.

I understand that but that was over two months ago and I have been doing whatever is possible to change my behavior since that ban.

First thing is I understand they are generic but I believe personally that shipside marines should be handled by the MPs unless the show a threat to the command team. I understand why you think I would copy them, but I did not everything on this app is my own work.

I will read more up on them then.

I know marine law really well but when it comes to appeals is where I get lost when I was thought ML, I was never thought how to properly do an appeal.

I have been working on my grammar a lot. I grow up in a town that did not teach proper grammar so the little bit I do know is what I have thought myself. Yes, I did have lot of trouble with spelling durning that event I am doing the best I can to teach my self-proper grammar and spelling.

Then you need to work on it more. Again, as it stands right now it’s just not at an acceptable level. I do commend that you’re actually trying though - so keep at it.


I have never done this. No matter the CO I will work with them. Where did you hear that please give me an example where I did this, please.

I don’t know. I think I mentioned this to you already but something I noticed multiple times is that you tend to conduct briefing in a robotic manner, almost feels like metarushing.

Recently you were the aCO during a Shiva’s round and your briefing was something like “Alpha go to research, Bravo build FOB. Charlie flank research. Delta go with charlie.” You gave no further explanation. No context. Just that. The round was a win for marines, I give you that. But honestly I think that was due to the metarush and decent SLs.

If I recall correctly when I told you that concern you justified it with needing to save survivors. I mean, it’s a SAR or investigation mission but the USS Almayer has already taken days or maybe weeks to respond to the beacon, 4 or 5 minutes of briefing won’t affect their rescue in a IC point of view.

Now, I understand that there’s even some whitelisted COs that do the exact same thing with rushed briefings with no context but it’s something I particularly don’t like.

Also noticed that your command announcements are usually really dull or really short. Like just “QUEEN” in all caps. Your IC behavior is really LRP too, from what I’ve seen. Even on events that are supposed to be HRP. And I don’t if it’s your character or OOC but you seemed a bit toxic.

I think you know the mechanics but you need to work on the RP side of the role.

I’m not a councilor but I was a whitelisted CO until the purge and have seen you play so that’s why I’m leaving my opinion here. Feel free to ask if you need me to elaborate on anything I said.


I’m just gonna tell it straight up. You have a bad rep among COs and those that don’t know you (like me until recently) aren’t gonna be too keen on you coming into the WL if you were being a dick. Actually, open the Wiki for ML and read it. It’s obvious you didn’t even give enough of a shit to read it properly. You don’t need to play MP to understand ML, but as CO it’s vital to understand how it works. It can even help you at times. Again you don’t need to play MP, just need to read and understand it. Chill out with the Looc, there’s more than one CO saying you say some nasty stuff just to be an ass to them over it. Just a heads up staff can see LOOC no matter where they are so…uh maybe don’t go too crazy on it. I’m not going trust you with the ability to BE if you seem to get angry when people ignore you.

Close this app and work on another one because I can tell you it won’t be accepted with its poor English, poor answers, and your poor conduct. Don’t think “there’s hope it might be accepted”.

No there isn’t.

Take a month break to reflect and chill out.

I’m not a councilor so you can choose to ignore this, but this is probably some of the realist advice I’ve dropped. I’m not sugar coating it cause I don’t want to give you false hope about this app.



Make sure to show your app to a councilor, or at least a WLed CO, before submitting it. Your pardon question and your backstory would have been solved and wouldn’t be an issue, among other things.


Application has been withdrawn by the submitter’s request. You can reapply in 30 days on September 6 2023.