M2C AND YOU: A Rambling Guide and Tactical Assessment of the m2c.

Lets first get this out of the way, this will not be an comprehensive guide nor will it go over the basic operation of the m2c.

If you are looking to learn how to operate the m2c, please refer to here https://cm-ss13.com/wiki/Marine_Equipment#M2C_Heavy_Machine_Gun for the basics.

First let’s look at the stats and do some math to know what we will be working with.

  • Firerate :500 RPM

  • Capacity : 125

  • Damage : 50

  • Effective Range : 7 Tiles

  • Fall off : 3

  • Penetration : 30

  • NO IFF


500RPM / 60sec = 8.3~ RPS
8.3~ RPS x 50 DAM = 416.6~ DPS

125Cap / 8.3~RPS = 15sec firing time ( do note do to cooling its not going to be that fast)
125Cap x 50 DAM = 6250 DAM POTENTIAL PER BOX.

Now let compare this to the M56 Smartgun.

400RPM / 60sec = 6.6~RPS
6.6~RPS x 30 DAM = 200DPS
6.6~RPS x 20 AP DAM = 133.3~ DPS

500CAP / 6.6~RPS= 75sec of firing time

Lets now plug in what we have calculated against a Crusher at optimal conditions.

700 Health / 416.6 DPS = 1.68 seconds to death.

M56 Smartgun on AP
700 Health / 133.3~ DPS = 5.25 seconds to death.

NOW best keep in mind that do lag, missed shots or do to being over range. you are not going to melt a crusher that fast. But this does highlight the flat out superiority of the M2C at dealing death to T3’s than as compered to the M56 Smartgun.


Frankly the m2c with its 30 Penetration has a truly horrifying amount of pure unadulterated DPS and any Xeno with a brain knows this. That is why anyone who has run the m2c will quickly learn that the Xeno fear you but will inevitably target you down.

Your mere presence to the Xeno is insufferable.

BUT this is in fact part of the strength of the m2c, there has been more time than i can count were 2 or more T3’s slow down there push in to the lines to all gang up on ME a lonely chimp far behind the retreat. Or a boiler will gas you and not the mass of Marine just behind you. The queen will Screech too early just to stop the sweet song of the daka.

You as a m2c gunner have not just great killing power but also of blunting power. so even if you fail at killing the rushing Xenos as long as you stay at your post you can give time for the line to Re-stabilize and hopefully preventing a rout.

But lets now move on to the main use of the m2c that is pushing a hole in the Xenos line and making room for the mass of Marines to fill in. because that’s is what I have found to be the most efficient and usefully thing you can do as a m2c gunner.

There are many reason for this first of all is the DPS that you have can melt a Xeno if they are foolish, but more importantly the SOUND AND SIGHT of a m2c can make a xeno not want to push out on you, were as than you can blast down the doors and walls in relative peace. There for getting a clear firing lines to than blast a cap in the xenos kneecaps making them fall back even farther.

This effect can’t not be replicated in the same way with other guns or loadouts. mostly do to the risk of being nab by a warrior or of being jumped and pulled in. The m2c can do this because it is Static, lurks can’t jump pass the gun and even more funny is it causes warrior’s lung to slam you against your gun but failing to grab you.

Now this is not to say the m2c is all-powerful for one thing you have vary little ammo relative specking. how much you can carry in the belt and in the gun is all you going to get. you not going to get a resupply unless a fellow chimp dies or has there m2c melted. so as such you are going to have to mind how much you are shooting.

Next of all you have to set it up and have clear hands to use it, putting you as risk of being stunned and nabbed. also making it near impossible to run down a Xeno using the m2c.

Not to mention lack of IFF making you the biggest risk of causing FF and of taking FF. This lack of IFF being the reason the m2c is best used as a line buster so as to lessen the risk of causing FF. also do to this lacking IFF you have to be mindful to not over stay your welcome or you will slow down and even at times halt the Marines push.

Also don’t set up behind a Barricade line your just asking to shred the line Barricade and Marines.

Than there is the fact that just as you are feared you are just as much if more so hated, you going to get gassed and than gassed some more. Than a Spitter will try there claws at melt your eyes out, with a Sentinel doing the damn best it can to stun you.

Next if you live pass that you are going to have a Hedgehog Rav run up to you than bone shield, loading your body full of bone shards. as you than try to flee and heal up a crusher will Charge you trying to bust down your gun. just as you ward off the crusher a Oppressor Praetorian will Abduct you ending in you being capped.

although that most likely will not happen in that way but is around how a chimps day goes, the thing that is key is not to be a cowered if you flee and leave your m2c IT GOING TO GET MELTED, also you most likely will be letting the Xenos push out, the fear of the daka keeps the beans away. also more xenos on you is less going out killing Marines.


  • The M2C best used to bust open the xeno line, clearing a path for the Marines to fill in.

  • Can act as a potent rearguard or xeno bate.

  • Is useless for chases.

  • Don’t over stay your welcome or set up inside of the Marines mass.

  • For all that is holy watch your firing line less you want to kill your pals

  • You have Potent killing power but need to mind what you are doing lest you get targeted

  • Is weak to Praetorians and being gassed

  • Bully warriors

  • Don’t be a cowered chimp till you drop

  • Your job is to stabilize and or push


First of all try to get a Motion Detector in your load out and put in your suit slot. this will let you find were to shoot open walls to get at the tasty Xeno inside, as well at letting you know when is good time to push up. also it will lessen your risk of getting nab as you set up.

Next get some tanky Armor I for one like the B12 Pattern Personal Armor better than just base armor but better speed than the Heavy, never go light you don’t need to be fast.

Make sure to pack some meds if you can fit it, get 2 Kelotane injector. as you are going to be takeing a lot of burn Damage. also pre-dopeing can save you from being killed as you tank hit after hit.

Don’t forget to get a Technician Helmet from req or get welding goggles. also a blowtorch don’t forget that for sure

last of all try to get a MK1 M41A as you are going to have little room for much ammo or use a side arm in a shoulder holster if you don’t want to juggle.


I may or may not and come back and do a more comprehensive guide also a hopefully less Rambling Guide. But never the less I hope this guide proves to be of some use, anyhow do hope you lads and lass’s have a fine day.


You are a hundred percent correct as queen I see two people on a M2C I target them but because they are a treat to me and the T3s. Great guide

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some notes: an engineer turns this thing into a niche but workable defensive meme. Pop open folding walls like you’re working a gunport. Three wide means you have significant angle. This is the only real use for linking plasteels, incidentally…

Ambush attacks are risky, mainyl because soooo much blue on blue. But if a T-3 gets hemmed in… Frankly, you might as well shoot through like, one rifleman or something.

Ive seen the chimps chimping out, it’s pretty cash money

m56d though, the old reliable, will always have a place in my heart

For more m2c tips, check out How to NOT be a chimp when using the M2C

My guide to the M2C is don’t walk in front of the guy using one