M41C Pulse Carbine

A shortened version of the normal M41A Pulse Rifle, the Pulse Carbine is more for close-quarters combat, while using the same ammunition as the standard issue M41A Mk2 and lacking an under-barrel launcher.

The M41C is typically issued to boarding parties or UA Prison guards. Meant to complement the Type 71 Pulse Carbine found on Sorokyne Strata. Just an idea, seeing as we already have a CQC weapon in the form of the M39, but it’d be neat to find this around Fiorina on security guards, lowering the damage like the Type 71 Pulse Carbine.

So m39 but better accuracy, slower firing speed?

And more importantly, usable

m39 is goated

Don’t @ me


It is goated, I just feel like we could do more with the M41 platform than just the Mk2 and the HPR.

I could see there being a civilian version of the m41a that can show up on random maps.

Like Steelpoint said a survivor gun that can be found would be a fun way to implement it, like on maps with the Forecom CO that the marine survivors can recover and use

Yeah, i was thinking of having them show up on maps like Fiorina or NV, places with a lot of UA personnel

m39 just got buffed so im not sure whats the point of such a gun would be.
perhaps you could make this weapon only full-auto with all the negatives of full auto (shit scatter) that come out of it.

I guess that would just lead to a bad gun that gets thrown away by survs on spawn for a shotgun

Well, I was just thinking that Fiorina was pretty bland in guns, only having MP5s and M16s which are kinda outta place, so the M41C could go into replacing at least one of those spawns, with damage better than an M39 but worse than an M41A

M16 and AR10 still better than m39

Currently, as far as im aware Fiorna has AR-10s, M16s, HG, HG-M, MP5, Mac-10, Type 19, HPR, Custom Shotguns, Mk221s, M56D, and a crazy amount of pistol options.

Also, doesnt the UA already use M4RAs and MK2 pulse rifles?

We could give the carbine version of the M41 to the vehicle crewmen :smiley:

Which vehicle crewman?

someone is working on a modified shittier command APC that is drivable by CIC crew, so perhaps it could be used for that

UA does use both of those, but I was thinking of them having it instead of the Mk2 to give them a bit of originality instead of USCM+

I could see two new weapons.

The M41A-C is a civilian semi-auto variant of the M41A rifle. Compared to the military issue M41A Mk2, the M41A-C can only fire in single-fire, it features no stock, it has very limited attachment options akin to the M41A Mk1, it also can only accept special 20-rnd magazines, although these magazines accept the same kind of bullets as the M41A. The weapon is quite popular in the civilian sector and is very commonly used on the frontier, this is also assisted that since the weapon uses the same ammunition as the USCM M41A, that it is easier on logistics for ammo to be sent to the frontier, or for local USCM forces to resupply colonists from their own stocks.

USCM Requestions departments may keep a few of these weapons on-hand for training purposes or for delivery to colonists for self-defence.

The M41C is a carbine variant of the M41A, intended as a middle-ground between the M41A and M39. Initially the weapon was conceived by the United States AeroSpace Force (USASF). It was believed that Airmen would be better served by the usage of lighter to carry weaponry that still had similar firepower to the heavier M41A. The M41C has no stock attachments, can only accept special 30-rnd magazines, and would have some restrictions on regular attachments (No A-Grip/V-Grip or underbarrel shotguns) and a lower effective range and bullet spread, but it would benefit from having a very low wield delay and its user would suffer no (or very minimal) slowdown when wielding the gun in 2 hands.

The USCM were initially dismissive of the weapon, but they are currently trialling the weapon in a limited capacity for its air and vehicle crews, and requisitions departments may issue the weapon ‘on request’ in limited numbers.

I like this idea a lot