M707 Vulture AMR


pretty straight forward i guess

Will expand on later with a fleshed out design doc.

Use your imagination for now :3


Excellent work.

This looks awesome!

Very cool. I saw someone using one this round I think. yet to try it myself.

I saw the AMR being used like once before and i think only because of some testing. The sniper took it but halfway through the OP just gave up on it. I was so sad.
Seeing it fully implemented would be absolutly amazing.

honestly bring it back it would make me choose Sniper more that getting more options then just a lame sniper

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M707 needs to 100% be separate from the sniper spec.
As is, it’s inferior to the sniper spec’s default weaponry, considering the regular sniper has a variety of ammunition, the ability to slow down xenos, the ability to finish off xenos very reliably, and at effectively no risk to the marine force.

I’d love to see it as a one-off weapon kit in Req (with associated pamphlet), it has a really nice vibe to it.

Doesn’t seem OP, though that may be due to the people using it having the questionable decision of using it BEHIND marine lines instead of flanking the xenos from the sides. As such, it’s also practically useless in most caves, so I think it’s pretty good for balance when you account for the incredibly restrained visibility. (marines will suffer just as many casualties from people using this than xenos, if not more).

I dont think it needs to be 100% seperated. It migth be worth to see if works as a fully implemented sidegrade to the sniper rifel. Swaping the versatility for raw power. Side grades in general can often be a fun way to expand on certain concepts without needing to creat a whole new thing.
Worst outcome for the M707 would be its barley used.
Best outcome we migth get a cool side grade for sniper. Maybe even one for another spec in the future, being that it worked for one spec already.

But main problem with making it a REQ kit is that you would basicly ad 5th spec for kind of free. Because at the end of the day its a modified sniper. No matter if stronger or worse, its still a full sniper. And a 5th spec is something you can only get with tec points for a good reason.
The only way i can see this be balanced when its a REQ kit is

  • it costing an INSANE amount of money: ie. similar amount of REQ points worth in tec points as the spec node. (Because you can buy req points on the tec tree. Making it basicly “Buy an anti-mat sniper” option for command.)

  • Or make it a dummy expensive black market item. Maybe even with a higher chance of the feds being called from its purchase.

Either way, a spec that REQ can get cant just be in the vendor.