Make deployed xeno traps create trackers

Upon the successful acid spray of an acid trap, or hug of a hugger trap, a trackable marker should be placed down. Sometimes, areas are not clear “trap was deployed in X!”. The area could stretch on for quite a while, or be named something so vague, you don’t know what its talking about.

I think creating an automatic “triggered acid trap!” or “triggered hugger trap!” marker would be good for xenos. These markers should be unique so they can’t be built by the queen/leaders.

I think the carrier/burrower that placed down the initial trap, and those that filled it, should also automatically begin tracking the marker, unless they’re tracking something else.

Edit: DESTROYED TRAPS SHOULDNT MAKE TRACKERS. They were DESTROYED. Not utilized. I’m honestly in favor of removing the “x trap was destroyed”.


Would result in a lot of spam
Putting a JMP link that individual xenos can click to set their trackers to would be better

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