Make marines falling out of the dropship stun and damage the target they land on.

Considering that in the actual Aliens movie the dropship is launched from low orbit, a marine falling out of it and dropping on the planet should inflict some damage purely because the body would retain significant kinetic energy in addition to being heated the fuck up, if they land on something it should get owned pretty hard.

Because the bodies no longer burn up in the atmosphere and instead land on the planet (although severely damaged), they should probably gib any target smaller than the Warrior just by pure kinetic force alone.

In addition, a body crashing on Fiorina should cause a hull breach on the station and immediately depressurize it, killing everyone onboard and ending the round. I think this is an important step towards realism and CM deserves better than lackluster proto-“rods from god” orbital marine strike tactics we have today.

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i think the captain should have a big red button at the start of the game that they can press to instantly blow up the almayer but thats just me


i think you can already call evac roundstart if i am not mistaken, not so sure about SD


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Watch you know about rolling down in the deep end when brain numb mental freezer

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please leave comments unrelated to the discussion out of my serious PR proposal thread


Speedmerge this already, I want to see alpha and delta squad all jumping out of the alamo on first drop in order to score some beno kills.

Cannon ball