Make self destruct and nuke actually blow up

Instead of having /command_killall or whatever the current system is actually have a really big boom that wipes evereything anyway

sure we can add that in once you code it!


“No game servers were harmed in the making of this feature.”
-Science fiction, unknown.

Nuke OBes groundside already, just do the same for SD and don’t killbind (except those in lockers / containers because fuck you that’s why)


Isnt there a whole thing already for when the ship blows up? I remember it used once where the whole ship slowly got flooded with explosions. Was an event a while ago if i remember rigth. So just reuse the code and sprites if its still around.
Would make self destruct have more tention. Being abel to run from the explosions, even though you know fully well you wont be abel to run forever. Was great in that event.

That was probably an admin spawning them manually.