Make service jackets available for all squads

I think that service jackets would be fine to add to the barracks so that all squads can choose to wear a cool jacket. Seeing as this shouldnt be giving us any advantages this wouldnt be a controversial addition.


Excellent first post. I agree Service jackets adds to RP of ship-side.

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Swagadocious? Yes.
Legal? Not per Standard Operating Procedure, Uniform Regulations: all marines must wear a minimum of their uniform and armor upon deployment.
Ethical? Dubious: a lot more meds and defib charges would go into reviving people dead after one rifle burst of FR or concaved rib cages from a bad encounter with a lesser drone.

The obvious solution is to make an outift even more badass than the service jacket - the Hardcore Harness - which is a kickass leather jacket with an incredibly minimal armor value and only spawns on people who selected ‘Hardcore’. Now it is fashionable, legal, and your broken corpse won’t bother a busy medic.

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I don’t like opening these up for marines. It gets rid of our uniformity. The cool thing about marines in our game and in the movie is the personalizations of their equipment. It would be better for soul if we focused on adding armor and helmet livery instead of allowing marines to wear completely different uniform options.

I think letting Captain/Commanders decide to open the vendors for special ceremonies is the best use of the dress uniforms.


Solution: kevlar jacket, weightless and swagadacious

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Won’t really do much against Xenomorphs. Plus, we basically already have this with the armour vests anyway (For Medical, CTs and the CL)

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As a CL i would always beg the CO to open the jacket vendor and have them vend the white-red jacket, because it matches with my outfit. Most of the time they wont though :frowning:

I dont think giving out jackets is a good idea. As Arty pointed out, it will make the corpsman’s job even harder.

Uniformity is incredibly important for maintaining the feel and aesthetic we strive for as a server so for squad marines they will not be receiving the service jacket.

During events, or just if the CO feels like it, the dress vendor can be opened which has service jackets and other neato stuff in it to freely take.

For non-squad marines I have always said they are free to have a service jacket in their vendors so they get a single one for themselves. Just a matter of someone adding them to vendors they’d like.

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