Manlyguy - Staff Report: Behavior involving Misconduct - Steelpoint

Manlyguy - Staff Report: Behavior involving Misconduct - Steelpoint

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Jack Exolt

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What are you reporting?:

Behavior involving Misconduct

Description of the incident:

Basically my power went off when I was playing a round… Sad really But I have no control over it. I do use all my slots, or at least warn the guys I’m playing with that I’m going to cryo. I was told in-game to report this on the forums by Birdtalon.


Note | Rule 8: Use Your Slot | Player left the game as Squad Leader. Gave no indication to staff in game or out of game. Player did not re-log for ~10 minutes when note was issued and player was put into cryo by in-game players by steelpoint (SeniorMod) on 2024-03-06 16:19:12 (ID: 21187)


I believe this incident occured around a week ago, so my memory is a bit hazy.

I was alerted to the Bravo SL being SSD in the FOB not long after the marines deployed. I jumped over and noticed the Bravo SL, the OP, had disconnected. I verified exactly when the player quit the game at this time.

I jumped over to discord and checked the ‘Staff-Help’ section to see if the player had alerted us to them leaving the game, but I did not see any post.

Per this I decided to give the player around 5 to 10 minutes (I can’t recall) until I took administrative action. At around the 10-minute mark however the player’s body was placed into the transport DS and moved to the Almayer, where it was placed into cryo. Once the player was put into cryo I effected the note as described above.

In my opinion I believed this justfied the note.

I’m sorry, i’m literally banned from discord. i tried to send a friend request on discord to tell you but you never accepted it . To be honest i should’ve sent you a message on the forums. Besides it was 12 hours of no power and it came off of a sudden. So sorry for me being forgetful. It’s not fair for me. And i always do try to alert my fellow marines/XO that i’m going to cryo.

But it’s understandable that you had to note me. Even if it’s a one time thing. And to be honest I didn’t even wanted to make a staff report against you. ( note he did acceptedthe discord friend it’s just that I never saw it. My bad.)


[2024-03-06 15:22:02.474] ACCESS: Login: Steelpoint

[2024-03-06 15:22:04.621] ACCESS: Login: Manlyguy

[2024-03-06 15:23:56.038] ACCESS: Logout: Manlyguy/(Manlyguy)

[2024-03-06 15:23:56.657] ACCESS: Login: Manlyguy

[2024-03-06 15:23:57.202] ACCESS: Logout: Manlyguy

[2024-03-06 15:24:15.494] ACCESS: Login: Manlyguy

[2024-03-06 15:26:54.721] ADMIN: Manlyguy/(Jack Exolt) has been assigned as Bravo Squad Leader

[2024-03-06 16:07:37.538] ADMIN: Admin login: Steelpoint

[2024-03-06 16:11:09.593] ACCESS: AFK: Manlyguy/(Jack Exolt)

[2024-03-06 16:11:09.593] ACCESS: Logout: Manlyguy/(Jack Exolt)

[2024-03-06 16:18:53.750] ADMIN: Hal ‘Decapitated’ Santiago put Manlyguy (DC)/(Jack Exolt), Squad Leader into the hypersleep chamber at the Medical Lower Medbay.

[2024-03-06 16:18:53.750] ADMIN: Manlyguy (DC)/(Jack Exolt), Squad Leader, has entered a hypersleep chamber at the Medical Lower Medbay after playing for 00:51.

[2024-03-06 16:19:01.302] ADMIN: Steelpoint has edited Manlyguy’s Admin notes: EXPUNGED

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Literally like i’m not gonna power bro for this long. And this shit changes man.

This one here is for today.


Hello Manlyguy and all,

As our Moderator Manager is unavailable, I will be handling this report.

Steelpoint was correct to place the note, as their enforcement was in accordance with our “Rule 8: Use Your Slot” policy for important roles such as squad leaders. However, seeing as you had a legitimate reason for your disconnection, it is unfair to leave the note on your account. A staff report was the correct avenue to have this discrepancy resolved, even if it was not due to any fault on the subject staff member. This staff report is approved: no actions are being taken against Steelpoint, but the note is being removed.


Added report:approved and removed report:pendinglogs