Map rotation change up.

I’m sure everyone has noticed recently that there is definitely a core rotation of maps where it commonly goes between Lv-624, Solaris Ridge, and Chances claim.

This is of course mostly expected with the limited map pool and the familiarity most players have with said maps. Which I can’t deny I enjoy a good LV-624 round every so often.

However newer maps like New Varadero or some of the environmentally different maps like sorokyne strata and Shivas hardly get picked. Which fair point not everyone likes some of the side effects of these maps like having to shovel snow on the ice balls or New varaderos beaches to tight urban chokes.

Now what I’m saying isn’t anything groundbreaking here or revolutionary, nor am I suggesting this to try to get a certain map picked less (Chances claim), but simply to give the less loved maps more of a chance.

Here’s the actual idea; we change it from the poll it is now to more of a playlist. Where once a map is played it gets removed from the vote for awhile until it gets down to 3-4 remaining maps. Then after that round has concluded it’s back to the full list.

I think this will help break up some of the map repetitiveness and pump some more skill into the player base by exposing people to more of the maps more often.

Like letting survs have more varied gameplay and getting the cool nightmare inserts more often. Or the xenos get to try out hive locations that aren’t just central caves, eta labs, west reactor and whatnot.

Idk I made this instead of sleeping. Tell me how bad it is.


Generally a nice idea, but wouldn’t it be the same as now on lowpop, with the system getting down to 3-4 remaining maps all the time?

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Literally 1984

LV-big red literally turning me insane. And no, making the rotation more diverse isn’t 1984 since it isn’t called the “map-rotation undiversing”

Keep the vote system, even with its esoterism. The map metas won’t change unless the map does and having a prescribed order will only further develop it

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Sorry I can’t speak from much experience with low pop CM. I’m only usually around for the higher pop rounds.

Thank you for bringing it up though. I’ll have to consider it in the future.

Personally, i’ve started to either leave when LV is brought up, or do strategies to end it ASAP. It is so overplayed, and highly contested since 15-20 people who absolutely love the map votes it every time and it gets most of the votes because of that.

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Back in my day we only had LV, BR, ICE get used to it!!!

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This map rotation works because after LV and Big Red I know I can take a comfortable break from gaming since Chance’s is coming up :grin:


Remove weather and Sorokyne might get played more often. New Varadero is just awful, you can’t even leave the LZ and go south as marine cause theres already a tight choke right at the start. The whole map is enclosed space, xenos losing on Varadero is incredibly rare.

new varadero as a dedicated beach map is worse than LV, which is only sometimes a decent beach map but also other things.

shiva’s is a meme and it gets old fast

soro is too close to the actual experience of deploying to a combat zone and is thus unfun.

i have blocked the other LV from my mind as to what it looks like, id have to see it again

the real change is make snow melted by acid spray so they xenos vote for the snow maps more

why does new varadero have fog? I do like the map, its just hallway wars though. and you have to OB in one specific spot with HE or else its just a useless OB

LV522 is a good map though for the fact you can just flank then flank then flank again over and over, lots of moving no good cade or hive building locations

Current polls are perfect imo, considering votes get carried over. If people don’t want to play on Soro/Shiva/NV, it means that people think those maps are shit compared to the rest. Why force people to play on a map they detest? If the majority loves the Solaris-LV rotation, I don’t see why we can’t roll with it.
Instead of forcing people to play maps they dislike, we should be making those maps better so people start wanting to play them.
Fix the root cause of the issue, not the symptoms.

The problem I see with the “votes carrying over”-system is that LV and solaris get their votes carried over as well, basically forcing either one of the two maps during the next round as they get basically the double amount of votes.

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True man. The LV/BR meme is real. Solution, bring back CORSAT and Ice Classic.

we dont play on these maps because we dont like them and thus dont vote for them

Want more maps? Wyci

I’ll code it so LV can only be played once a day.

Bring back CORSAT and Prison


In my day it was prison, bulig red and lv.

Is there any reason we cant bring back prison?

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CORSAT, Old ice and prison are great maps.

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