Map showcasing

Done some mapping? Have a little map you made you want to show off? Then just post it here and showcase it. Can be CM13, can be normal SS13, I really don’t care.

Doesn’t matter your mapping experience, anyone can show off their map. Doesn’t even have to be complete.

Here’s one of my first ever maps, back when warfan ran his TTT events. Now it’s your turn.


I like the map, LV based, alota guns.

The only thing triggering my deep burried OCD is that the dome NW is 5 tiles wide on the east and 6 on the west.

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Good thread idea man. Also nice map. Don’t really think this should be in Acid Goop if you are looking for honest feedback on maps.

Its in acid goop so it’s not strictly CM13. Don’t want to limit it to one thing.

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