I’ma be for real, but this fucking light update actually sucks ass. Not only can you not see behind you, but the second you turn around litterally anyone can sneak up behind you.

I propose we buff the marine light area, because currently it fucking sucks. Especially the reta- ahem. The guy who made it so everytime you put your weapon away the railing flashlight turns off. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM WITH LIGHTS MAN.

The rail light going off is currently an unintended ‘feature’ and is on the docket afaik. As for the light quality itself, this probably belongs in a PR review submission.

the rail light is entirely intentional

I love the lighting effects and visuals but I really feel like all lights could use another tile extra of range. Right now the tile range feels like, half of what it was. I’m all for a more spooky feel but it’s pretty rough right now.

Also flashlights should provide more light.


The fact that rail flash is intended makes me angry

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survivor without rail light is such a pain please add it back…

on this topic, why tf are “daylight” deployments (0600-1800) shrouded in darkness other than to validate ancient lighting mechanics? presumably mission time is synched to the local area.


I thought that odd as well.


Rail lights should work while holstered imo, it makes playing surv super ass.

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Preach brother.

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On the topic of lights, why did they not fix the ship lights?

The ship needs lights placed in certain areas for some light otherwise it kinda just looks like no one even tried to install lights in certain areas.

You think this would have been fixed before it was merged.


we cant think too much brother, or the 2984 will abduct us for xeno egg ship crashes. ive been thinking this isnt 2082 lately

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The ligthing does feel a bit weird in some places i agree, but i think the main problem is that the enviorment ligths need a proper change for this new system. Like The almayer has multipel spots outside of maints where its dark. Best exampel is at briefing/mess hall. Why is the place where the XO give the marines a powerpoint presentation one of the darkes rooms? Other then that the new system is great. Having a cave entrance be flooded in a green hue of ligth as the entrance is filled with the fire of an OT nade. The aliens trying to hide away from the astrange ligth. Or just that the hive is so much scarier if you have a hard time to see. Wich is the point of the hive.

yeah, Tldr: New ligth system good. But static ligths suck.

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I can live with the shorter ranged flashlights for marines, but the actual lights for buildings and hallways need more range.