Marine commissary

A fun idea I had a while back was to make a marine commissary where anyone can come in and purchase items from the character creator plus limited stock “specialties” that are expensive with limited round impact.

Products will be on the shelves in the store with a randomized stock. These products will have a small anti-theft tag that will alert MPs if it exits the store. In order to purchase it, a marine must grab the product and interact with an NPC working joe who will then process the transaction with either cash on their ID or physical money and remove the theft tag.

We could also make it totally replace the bloated ass character creator and allow marines to “save” the cosmetic items in lockers or whatnot.


I like this idea. Replace the Mess Tech with this or add it onto his list of duties so he gets more engagement as an RP role and I could see this working.

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Amazing idea. Great work. RP potential.