Marine Mixtapes

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"Okay ungas as we all know the most important lore detail in the setting of the entire Aliens and Colonial Marines franchise is already in the game and that is


Now comes the question: what custom cassette would your marine bring along to mow down xenos with? Six tracks, two sides, make em count."

Here’s Wolfram ‘Krieg’ Bittenfelds -

-The Marines Companion-

Side A: Initial Deployment

Side B: The Last Stand

-Captains Personal Reserve-

Side A: Bright Morning

Side B: Calm Evening


Very easily just Holding Out For A Hero. That’s it. That’s all Cayden Listens to. He is that hero.

my PO would definitely run smooth jazz on the A-side (sleepy transport PO), and then epic songs on the B-side (wake up CAS PO, you have a FOB to hit)

New mixtape:

- Maintenance Technicians Companion

Side A: Working Hard

Side B: Hardly Working

This one goes out to my Homie @WinterClould. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (US Version) - YouTube

Gramps’ Old Tejas Cassette (circa ??? dates of circulation uncertain)
Side A: Remember Tejas
Yellow Rose o Tejas - Elvis Presley
Beautiful Tejas - Willie Nelson
Ballad o the Alamo - Marty Robbins
Side B: The War
Long Cool Woman - The Hollies
White Room - Cream
Stranglehold - Ted Nugent

W-Y Lunar Terraforming Cassette (circa 2060)
Side A: The Lunar Desert/The Struggle
Gardenia - Kyuss
Overheated - Dozer
Desert Cruiser - Truckfighters
Side B: A Thriving Paradise/The Realization
Sixteen Tons - Tennessee Ernie Ford
Spacegrass - Clutch
I am the Mountain - Stoned Jesus

Penal Life Cassette (circa 2080)
Side A: The Trial
The Outsider - A Perfect Circle
Bullet With Butterfly Wings - Smashing Pumpkins
The Trial - Pink Floyd
Side B: Dissatisfaction
Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
I Hate The Day I Was Born - John Lee Hooker
Hammer Ring - Wake Up Dead Man

USCM Enlistee Cassette (circa 2090-2180 dates of circulation uncertain)
Side A: Certain Death
A Day On Which No Man Was Born - Void Cruiser
Nothing That Lives Has… Such Eyes! - UFO over Lappland
Reach Out I’ll Be There - Four Tops
Side B: Old Man’s Acceptance
Time - Pink Floyd
The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
This Must Be The Place - Talking Heads


Cynthia’s “Ploughing” cassette

Side A: Now we are sucking diesel

Side B: Grand


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Now let’s see Paul Allen’s mixtape.

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Howard’s Pyrotechnics/Personal cassette
Side A: Firestarter

Side B: Slow Burn

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