Marines of legend

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Never forget


Cub Johnson.
The greatest janitor/maintenance technician god gave us.

Samantha Maverick
Cassandra Reed
Camerona Stroble
James Cooper
Greg Lauffer
Karl Walz
James Parker
Keaton Howard
Kai Das
Lenina Hange
Lena Lebedeva

Kawrl “Kawwrl” Mcclark
Greta Bjornsdottir
both of them are some of the best delta sl/spec mains i’ve ever seen grace delta squad

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shout out to Snowberyl, Kjersti, Jaakari, and Mistral/Sabre (also Svarnirsdottir) as they havent been mentioned yet
greatest fraggers that have ever mentored me back in the 2020-2022 era when i gained sentience

theres a lot more from the old days of CM 2017- but i was literally braindead back then and cannot remember their names

I’ll add George Franks, fearless marine, also had some funny vids.

Since Fizz seems to cryo again I’ll just say he’s a great medic.

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bob vancleave, the only marine who knew how to use an M2C properly


So true:


I just noticed that at the end, one of the marines in the line jumped into requisitions so that he wouldn’t be killed. :rofl:

The moment we heard the shots me and Lilith Rain laid down so they hopefully wouldn’t hit us


Mitchell Rockwell, he mentored me my first round so I will forever be in his debt.

We posting bob vancleave clips now?


mad love for Fizz. he’s dragged my inexperienced frontlining butt out even more than Noir ‘Kamikaze’ Kamlo

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Fizz is the man.

Chen “Disco King” Wentonian. One of the best dossiers. Great guy. Disco never dies.

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