Marrone - Moderator Application

Moderator Application - Marrone

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord username?


What characters do you play on CM-SS13?

Teddy Hansen, Pakpao Nakprasette, Chastity Banks, Boonsri Ratnaphan

Are you 16 or older?




On average, how many hours are you available to moderate in an average week?



Do you have previous experience in game or community moderation?


Provide any links to any previous CM-SS13 whitelist, mentor or staff applications:


Have you ever been banned for more than 24 hours on CM-SS13?

No I’ve only been discord banned for clicking a phishing link while I was extremely high and was autobanned.

Can you actively engage and communicate with the team through Discord?


Final Details:

Why would you like to join the CM-SS13 staff team?

Grim asked me to.

Ever since I was little I would hide under my blankets and pretend to be a space marine from Starship Troopers. I eventually played the RTS Alien vs Predator game on PS2 and from then on I was always on the hunt for an experience like that but more thorough and detailed. Eventually I landed on SS13 and CM was one of the first servers I played back in 2019. It was everything I ever wanted and more, and after playing here for a few years I’ve decided to put in this app so I could help manage tickets and keep the server going strong round to round.

What makes you a great addition to Staff? (Experienced Tabletop DM, Aliens Lore Buff, Super Organized, etc.?)

I was staff on several other SS13 servers particularly in leadership and was in charge of maintaining the high roleplay rules, managing staff and making sure they understand their assignment, developing policies to help keep things in line, and most importantly leading by example.

I do not have a sense of wanting to control CM, I like how the current staff run it, I just want to help out. If you guys want me to revise or give my opinion on something like rules or policies, that’s fine, but I’m looking more to alleviate ticket load so senior staff can focus on more important things.

I am a master de-escalater, I don’t lose my cool OOCly over videogame, I don’t have a bias to either marine or xeno even though I main marine. I’m someone who very carefully considers other options before punitive actions, and pays close attention to ckeys to see if they’re innocent players who mess up or a consistent problem player who is looking for loopholes to game the system. It’s honestly second nature for me to, as staff, engage with the community and listen so I can understand so it informs my decisions as a moderator.

I don’t care about power. If I make a decision and a senior admin wants to do something different, we are doing something different. It’s never about what I want and I like that because I’m not here to make CM conform to me and my expectations.

  • Desert Rose 2 - headmin for about 2-3 years on and off
  • STALKER 13 - Host for about a year or so
  • Foundation 13 - Headmin for a few months (I hate SCP but my homie Lestat asked me and I set up all their initial policies, rules, admin discord channels)
  • Skyrat - Trial mod for a few months, just wasn’t for me and had real life at the time take over
  • Coyote Bayou - Unofficial Devmin (I was a developer who convinced them to give me admin at the time and I helped them get their stuff together initially)
  • Headmin for 1-2 failed SS13 server projects such as an alternative Sojourn server.

This is the typical thing I send people to show them my admin/staff skills:

  • Assisting in the creation of announcements, memos, guidelines, and training material for whatever is necessary. Reviewing and helping revise any written material that you or your team develops to help ensure the quality of said material is solid and ready to be delivered publically.

  • Acquisition and orientation of talent, whether they are staff, developers, patreon, or contributors of any kind. This includes training them on conflict management, how to use admin tools, how to talk to players without talking ‘down’ to them, how to teach new contributors how to effectively and assertively communicate without talking over eachother, etc

  • Designating tasks and compartmentalizing seemingly impossible tasks into realistic chunks so that success is possible. Motivating and helping developers see the light when they feel they are in a rut, and connecting them with the right resources in order to make their jobs possible, so we work together not against eachother.

  • Sitting down and talking to individuals 1 on 1 to resolve issues, whether they be staff members, developers, contributors, players, and brainstorming out-of-the-box solutions that truly resolve the circumstance.

  • Motivating, recognizing, acknowledging and generally showing specific appreciation for those who contribute to our project, whether through mapping, coding, spriting, moderating, or even just playing

  • Assisting in security against individuals who wish to internally disrupt or tear down your server. I am very keenly aware of many ckeys in the community, I am a fly on the wall in many places. I’ve seen a lot, I still see a lot, and that can be very valuable.

  • Extinguishing ‘fires’ and ‘blowouts’ in terms of arguments between people, and helping people learn how to effectively communicate their ideas and how they feel about things, retaining contributors despite problems occuring, and developing bridges of communication between players and staff/contributors

  • Helping make sure that people who play don’t break immersion, and assisting your team in creating a system so that we can really formally understand when to just talk to someone, and when to do something punitive.

Yep yep please don’t make me do all this (I will if you ask me) I’m just trying to smash tickies.

In your opinion, what is the most important quality of a CM-SS13 staff member?

Keep your cool and defer to senior admins if you dont know what step to take. Chain of command is important, and helps keep the vibe consistent. There is a certain vibe with CM staff that I want to be careful not to tarnish or lead astray. Be mindful of your surroundings and don’t jump the gun with being impulsive. Don’t take things personally, remember it’s just a silly space man game… but be mindful, this is 100+ peoples free time theyre spending on the server. Mistakes will be made and sometimes you gotta take the L and move on, there is always another round.

Anything else you want to add?

CM has always been my player paradise, that is, a place I can always go and JUST be a player. Doing this is a big step. I am doing it because I know I can effectively and Grim asked me to make this app. Thanks for reading!

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During your time as Stalker13 host, which I have a memory of, there was a deal of drama about your inactivity and your lack of communication about your inactivity. If you were to be staff for CM would we see a month or so of inactivity without a reasoning why?

Aside from that, I remember your time as Stalker13 host fondly, and I would be happy to +1 your application if you answer that single niggling question to my satisfaction.

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Back then was a different time, I had really poor time management and it was big shoes to fill. Nowadays i have a different job and daily routine that includes exercise, meditation, a skincare routine. Time management is a whole different beast for me these days.

Besides that I think it will be easier as a subordinate to tell staff that i have to take a break where I was the big kahuna on S13. Still shouldve told you guys but I had a lot going on (almost died 5 states away, from home, not even joking).

CM has always been a mainstay for me, so sometimes when I would ghost out of responsibilities (like in Skyrat or Coyote) I would just be playing CM instead of doing tickets there, because I love it so much.

This is an opportunity for me to do it the right way (hopefully wont have to! But yes I will communicate if I gotta take a break.) Very valid concern Warfan thanks for bringing it up!

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That’s answered that to my satisfaction - especially if you want to just take this casually. 100% worthy of a +1


Given your profile picture, absolutely not.


Excellent application. However accepting you onto the staff team means that, in many ways, your profile picture represents the staff team.


Now I feel confident endorsing your application. It really is a strong application and I know you’re passionate about and active in the community.


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Alright I’ve changed it to the Mistress from Super Jail.

I’ve worked with Marrone a bit before outside of CM. I was an observer to what happened when he went inactive that one time and got the some of the rationale behind it firsthand when he came back. I wouldn’t call it something to hold against him, really. It was a unique situation.

I’ve known him to be someone worth trusting with things. +1

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Great app and it seems this type of stuff is second nature to you, can’t wait to work with ya.


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I conversed with RP on the other profile picture.

On that ground alone I’m going to have to say no chief.


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PS. Nobody cares about a profile picture the man happily changed when somebody brought up the topic. Sure, we have kids here. But this isn’t Grandma’s Christian SS13 Server.

If you have feedback, give it. But don’t project your beliefs onto people unless you have something real to contribute.

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one of the strongest apps ive seen in a long time, youve hosted and adminned on a ton of servers before, so i think you seem trustworthy, overall you seem like youd make a great addition to the team


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Was a very goodmin on desert rose back in the day, would be criminal to not +1 them now


I’ve looked into this application along with any concerns that folks brought up. And I’m happy to report that I am going to be accepting this application.

I think that you might need to get used to the somewhat more lenient enforcement of rules on CM compared to some other SS13 servers, but I’m sure that wont be any issue.

Please check your discord DMs so I can get your perms and training setup. Welcome to the CM staff team!

Added mod:approved and removed mod:waiting