Marrone - Staff Report: Crip Walking Xenos - Grimreaperx15

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Not Following Lore, Denying Xenos the right to Crip Walk with inpunity

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This is a long time coming. No longer should xenos suffer punishment and belittlement for what they were born to do, and naturally do in many sources of the lore. On top of this its detrimental to the soul of the game to disallow crip walking ICly for all xenomorphs. The state of affairs are deplorable and I feel like Grim is one of the grand conspirators who with to marginalize the xeno playerbase.

Perhaps it is niche lore, or for only a few frames in the movie, but it is there for all to see; its part of xeno culture to crip walk, and in fact it is also highly suggestive that xenos have alignment with the Crips. The only evidence against this is that xenos will indeed attack Delta squad (a traditionally blue squad). However, another thing to consider is that despite MPs (the figurative Bloods in this case, as per their uniforms) being shipside xenos (capture marines) we can see XX121 does not hesitate to lay down true gangster feelings on them, despite their shared goals.

When this issue was brought up Grim was quick to shoot down the concept that xenos can crip walk. There didnt seem to be any internal discussions among senior staff to make this determination and potentially is all off the cuff arbitrary ruling by Grim which for something as significant as this seems out of place and inappropriate. I am hoping that this situation gets rectified quickly because as it is Xenos are being held back from being HRP because of this key issue.


As you can see it says clearly there on Xenopedia that they can indeed crip walk.

Distressing assertations from Grim here that made this possible.

I know the rules or something idk policy says only admins can respond to this but fuck it, I need the support of all players to show the staff about this horrendous discreptency and free xenos from the chains of LRP!

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