MaximusRex - Player Report: Ancient Empress, Rule 3: Community Expectations

MaximusRex - Player Report: Ancient Empress, Rule 3: Community Expectations

What’s your BYOND key?


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Prime Runner GR-U6

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Accused character name:

Ancient Empress

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 3: Community Expectations

Description of the incident:

The start of the Kutjevo round went normally, fighting and capturing survivors until the 12:20ish mark. At that point, the queen unilaterally ordered the ENTIRE hive to sit on/near the hive core. She kept us there, under threat of banishment, until the marines pushed to within a screen of the Hivecore. At this point she ordered us to perform an ambush/charge against the marines with the entire hive.

This singular tactic has been abused by queens more and more in the last few months, and is incredibly detrimental to the enjoyment of both sides. For marines, it’s about the cheesiest tactic possible to try and plan around. For xenos, it unnecessarily micromanages the entire xeno team and forces them to essentially AFK for up to half an hour under threat of round removal. Not only that, it most of the time decides the entire round on a single cheesy gambit. Overall, it is mine and MANY others opinions this tactic should be disallowed.

I am NOT asking for disciplinary action to be taken against Doometernal. I want this to be noted down and an administrative rule clarification posted about the tactic, nothing more.


Unfortunately, none.


I got banned for getting fed up with this and using the word “gay” regarding being forced to not engage survivors or marines and sit in hive until roughly 12:40, unsure if same player/queen but Im also interested because IMO this falls under bad orders etc.

And for the record although I disagree with my ban, I understand it, what I don’t get is how someone can get a month for being frustrated but its fine to ruin the entire round for xenos and marines for one player, the other day I died making a bozo move as queen and got ahelped “for suiciding”, why don’t these players get ahelped for meta strats and no intention to make the game fun?


Hello MaximusRex,

I am a regular xenomorph player and, as such, I have as many grievances with queens ordering their entire force to remain within the hive as any other player. I feel your pain. Management has recently reached a verdict that this style of play is now to be disallowed under our community expectations. The queen can order the hive to gather for strategic reasons, but enforced idleness/ preventing people from playing the game for significant periods of time is not. This is to be judged on a case-by-case basis. Your report is accepted as regulations have changed to address this issue, however no actions are being taken against the player.

Added report:approved and removed report:pendinglogs