MayorofKenya - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - MayorofKenya

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Maxina Song

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

10-07-2020 [Withdrawn] - Synthetic Application
07-27-2022 [ACCEPTED] - Commanding Officer Application

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

Lisa’s quirk is that she attempts to be a bit banterish, a bit humorous, or attempts to be. I want Lisa to somewhat maintain that Vulcan-like tendency of prim and properness, while having the wit to still maintain that friendly-approachable and relatable attitude. A good critique of the quirk could potentially be that it is a ‘typical’ quirk, but I feel it’s biggest strength is that it’s highly adaptable to a multitude of RP scenarios, which I personally favor.

At the least, if you truly know me, I try to keep things interesting!

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

Lisa is a synth transferring from USS Defiance in response to an increase of distress calls and patrols due to the XX-121 Infestation. Having served on multiple tours with USS Defiance, she has proven herself capable, and does not shy from danger; in fact taking a keener interest than most in regards to: Diplomacy, Psychology, and Engineering.

Having been programmed to have increased knowledge of many topics related to daily operations in USCM from the get-go, Lisa still conducted additional education and research, and assisted fellow scholars in Linna 349, having the psychological education equivalent to a Masters Degree. Lisa was often a volunteer for Mental Health awareness, and conducted various researches in the advancement of mental health.

This, coupled with her peacekeeping tasks that were normally assigned to USS Defiance, allowed Lisa to develop and hone a quirk that allows her to banter with most humans, giving her an edge to settle and blend in with any crowd; almost akin to a Gift of Gab (but not quite) and tends to settle most disputes through precise logical deference.

Lisa’s interest align with those who have an interest in Psychology and Medicine, and is fascinated how the two intertwine. When not doing anything aboard the ship, she is seen usually writing in her book and studying about medicine.

Lisa treats every single individual with the same modicum of respect (as programmed) and will typically address everyone as Sir or Mam unless they hold an exceptional rank/title. Lisa can talk to Marines on a wide variety of subjects; The history and implementation of Medicine and Science, the revolution of Engineering and the production of Plasteel, and sometimes, just how their day is!

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

Synthetic has always been a unique role that I’ve been eyeing to play for a very, very long time. I knew that I had much more work to do to prove that I am capable enough to handle the whitelist since 2020 as there is a lot more that goes with playing synthetic than meets the eye, and this is something that, I feel, you can obtain once you put in the work for, and is absolutely worth.

I personally think I’ve come a long way since then.

I’m not saying it was a grind, no, I absolutely enjoyed every minute I play on the server, and I never once thought of hours as a grind. But my passion to maintain a certain level of roleplay and to create memorable situations with other players just perfectly line up with today, as I make my synthetic app three years later.

In short, I felt it was only natural that I start to delve my hands into another complex whitelisted role. While it is considered to be one of the most highly mechanistic and strict binary ruleset that allows no modification/grey-lining, that to me, is a very rewarding challenge for me to maintain and hold, and only fuels my passion to stay in character and give it my all and to give other players a great time. Synthetic in general just lines up with my values where I personally find satisfaction in helping other players and giving them chances to shine, and Synthetic can do just that.

I have a huge respect for the WL, and it would be nothing short of amazing if I could land the role!

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

Some time ago, I played as a CO on Fiorina, and I ordered a Dropship Hold. (Yes, I know, very controversial!) We were outnumbered for sure, and didn’t have the ammo or supplies to hold, and the swarm was approaching fast on a single cadeline around both West and East entrances to Normandy. It was me in the cockpit, about 8 marines, and a single Synth who wore a priest-like outfit (I forgot the name :c)

The situation was turning dire as a boiler hit the cadeline, killing one marine and making the Crusher and Ravager press the line to the East. I order the marines stationed on the West of Normandy to get in, and I press the LOCKDOWN on the West doors. The Priest-Synth tells me to stay in the cockpit, and says, “Stay here Mam. Launch the ship without me. I’m going to get the rest of the Marines in.”

I had to agree; it was the most tactical decision in a split second.

This unit went outside east, started to quick grab and throw all the marines inside the Normandy, then singlehandedly held the East Door as the swarm enclosed. The Priest-synth held the swarm at bay when the East-cades collapsed; I smash the LAUNCH button.

The Ship starts to depart, I yell, SYNTH GET IN. No response; he’s too busy holding back the horde. I knew then, that he was un-saveable. The marines he threw in were too wounded and/or in crit. It was just me and 3 marines left, and those three marines were holding south Dropship.

He pushes out to delay the swarm for good, and the ship launches into space without him.

Synthetic Character Story:



Incredibly familiar. I am an expert when it comes to FOB base construction, having many hours on Combat Engineer, and versatile knowledge on constructing both FOB and frontline cades. I have, as Chief Engineer, used and deployed Autolathes, and deployed cameras (when they were still a thing) As a Combat Engineer, I usually choose Alpha or Charlie as my squad. I know the best economic usage for metal and plasteel, and can construct optimal defenses, repair on time, and place sentries on parts of the map where the enemy must contest hard in order to remove said emplacements.


I’d like to think i’m a CO CIC and MP specialist (yeah I know some of you are groaning rn) I think it’s essential that having a robust knowledge of Law and Command routine (and sub-routine) flow for synthetics. Even IF Synthetics are rarely stationed at command, they must understand the typical flow of any operation to best provide their skills and talents whenever necessary. This helps with positioning as well, which is just as important. You can’t provide aid where there’s no marines or you are dead! I have extensive knowledge of Command and MP law, and my RP as Maxina should reflect that as Major.


Very familiar. Having recently undergone consistent weeks of Medical rounds, I have re-instated the memory of optimal surgical practices, chem-line distributions and recipes by memory, and stratagems for optimal medical application in the frontline. I am no stranger to Combat Medical roles (Or Corpsmen as they are known now) and I know the best and optimal loadouts for Medical to never run out of medical supplies. I am very aware of the deployment meta, and the practices that follow, as well as the general rules when it comes to research and Corrupted Hive.


Familiar. This is technically my newest role, but one that I have had a great time in learning (and very engaging, no doubt) but I feel under the guidance of very talented players, I was able to grasp the reigns and play it at a very proficient level after about 2 weeks of consistent playtime on it. I am very familiar with requisitions in distributing requests, the ASRS console, and the organization and deployment of supplies either through echo pad or calling CIC to use their squad pads. Having been a part of a CO WL and mostly a CIC CO, I have had the great pleasure in working in tandem with Requisitions on a daily basis, and so I am very aware of the procedures and flow of Requisitions.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

A very strong case of where Combat is allowed is definitely under dire direct threat if no escape is possible. This commonly may include Dropship CQC (Outnumbered, no marines left to fight) and Lifeboat holds, to a certain degree.

Lisa would most definitely melee a Xenomorph during Lifeboat hold if it meant being able to save a Marine from being dragged and killed.

Lisa would make an attempt to shield VIPs with her own body, and, if the threat persists and gives chase and corners the Synthetic, Lisa would have no choice but to pacify the attacker Non-Lethally.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?


Are you currently banned from our Discord?


Let us know why you were discord banned.


Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

Stay safe! Drink plenty of water!


In reference to combat scenarios, I am curious what kind of personnel you might consider a VIP worthy of your sacrifice?

Hello Katskan!

Admittedly, I knew that might bring some attention, so I will start off by saying that I did say that due to one of the most memorable moments I’ve had with a synthetic in a round, as I described earlier. The dropship hold still has a place in my memory after all this time hehe

That said, I am very aware of the self-perservation clause, and I would 100 percent know not to full-bodyguard/throw away my life needlessly for another.

My definition of a VIP as a Synthetic in this case (and I do not always need to save, depending on the circumstance) would be a Major+ or aCO of the operation, W-Y Directors, or any character with an exuberant title that is pivotal to the event/operation.

This excludes any expendable roles such as Rifleman, Corpsman, etc. Yes, Lisa will attempt to help, but not recklessly rush out in desperation to save them. Lisa always attempts to make the best tactical and calculated support decision in regards to manpower, and considers the roles and situation at hand.

Again, much like BEs; shielding should be done sparingly and when no other logical options persist to provide support and aid.

First of all the player is what I believe the whitelist is looking for, they have an interesting marine character which I’ve RP’d with even as event roles and never had a negative experience with them, even when I could tell they were busy with something else they would make time.

Lately, they’ve put a lot of effort into playing different roles to have their competency noticed and it worked, every time they perform as one would expect from a reliable player so I have no doubts.

Instead I want to talk about your synthetic, read your story and I can tell you had issues coming up with an original idea and fell back to your strengths, I would describe your synthetic as a reskin of your marine with polite nouns, the lore you designed for it is nice, but when it comes to how it applies ingame I feel you will have a lot of trouble making it distinct.

A good critique of the quirk could potentially be that it is a ‘typical’ quirk, but I feel its biggest strength is that it’s highly adaptable to a multitude of RP scenarios.

I don’t have a problem with this if it’s really what you want to play, but I would also like to give you the opportunity to flesh out what differentiates your synthetic from others (in gameplay only), quirks and personalities are generally viewed from a very impractical angle when designing them but one good place to review it is in dialogue, for example.

-What would you say to a marine that was just defibbed?
-How differently would you treat officers, enlisted and xenos in a conversation?
-How would you respond to a marine telling you to put a bag over your head, because they don’t like how you look?

I will still + :100: this application regardless of your answers to those questions because I know you will enjoy the role, take it seriously and most importantly have put in the effort, confident any concerns regarding your synthetic will be ironed over time with experience playing the role.


Many thanks for the solid input, and all great points!

I was… somewhat torn with my quirk to where I genuinely wanted to be some sort of Botanist, and I had plans to hotkey-bind /say commands to list out facts about plants and it’s medical/positive uses, and I would change it out about every week or so to keep it fresh.

But then I thought, I could just also have my personal strengths of RP and give some sort of quirk that encompasses my likes for engaging in general conversation that doesn’t always have me spouting stuff about my quirk. So, in actuality, I’m still going to list out interesting facts of the day/week (could encompass a wide variety of facts about plants or anything, really.) as Lisa just out of the blue, in addition to my well-rounded humorous quirk.

My quirk as it is, is most definitely what I desire to play the most, because I feel it’s adaptable to a wide variety of situations, and I know I won’t overdo it. Theres a ton of ironic and banterish humor that happens every round, and I’ll see to it that Lisa takes as much advantage without hopefully being too much!

-What would you say to a marine that was just defibbed?

“Vitals returning. Marine, intact… Mostly.”

-How differently would you treat officers, enlisted and xenos in a conversation?

"I treat Officers and Enlisted the generally the same with a few good exceptions; With a good modicum of respect while abiding by the guidelines to adhere! To my synth, all are equal- Yes, the Synth with banter with marines, but also has to follow commands as given. Generally speaking, the Synth is not ‘rude’ to anyone it encounters, and will probably be sarcastic/banterish to the situation/operation unfolding rather than the marines themselves. When it comes to senior officers, Lisa will be banterish, but more light-hearted, and never grating or sarcastic, as Lisa treats them with more respect.

As for xenomorphs, I’ll have to use my best judgement around them and read the room. I’ll interact with them, but only if they show interest first. But then i’d use some sort of quirky one liner such as, “You are much smaller than the specifications indicate.”

-How would you respond to a marine telling you to put a bag over your head, because they don’t like how you look?

“Medbay offers free plastic surgery as part of the USCM healthcare plan. I advise you seek out more information about it!”


I’ve wanted to give your application some time and see if any issues have arisen during your time playing. Besides one thing I consider very minor, I’m confident you would be an excellent addition to the Synthetic Whitelist.

I’ve personally seen your skills in support roles, going beyond in the medical field as well. From handling requisitions amazingly to prioritizing which surgeries should come first should an intimate attack occur.

There’s no doubt in my mind which is why I support your application and will +1 it. Keep up the gameplay, you have other councilors to impress.


Song is a good and dear friend of mine. However, personal bias aside. They’ve brought their A game whenever an IC interaction is around. They’ve also spent considerable time learning new systems to prepare themselves for this.

I give them an extremely enthusiastic +1.

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Song is a truly great community member and excellent player. Solid RPer. I can and will +1 this app. Good luck!

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Votes have been tallied and this application has been accepted. Please give some extra time for the back-end to get done, given current absences. We will be seeing you soon.

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