Medals Awarded to people by the CO

Just going to use this to keep track of all medals given out by COs. Since there is no way to track them currently. So post your screenshots here.

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I remember there used to be a way to check out your medals years ago. Why was that removed?

Edit: Found these pictures I had from 2020, so yeah, I am not in the wrong about it.

old asf medals


The second one was awarded by Adam Berkshire. A dude who used to play CM back in the day. I believe he left the server that same year due to burnout. Haven’t seen him again ever since.

Dunno who gave me the other medal (maybe Windhealer?). I’ve also tried to look for more recent medals but I do not screenshot them sadly

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I like this idea. Need to figure out how to upload mine.

PasteBin with gyazo caps

Einzburn Medal Collection

This is my old 2019-2018 medal collection where I used to main SL -

OOC > View Own Records > Merit Records

I have no medals but I assume this is where you can find yours.

I have seven medals. Proudest of the 7th. Need to figure out a way to post it.

Sadly, that is not the case.

Nope, it used to be an screen like the one we have currently for viewing your playtimes (see my screenshot above)

However, it got removed years ago, but I cannot remember why. Removal came with a wipe of everyone’s data back in the day. I remember that.