Medeelel18 - Player Report: Brygun McTavish (MP), Community Expectations, lying as an MP, False imprisonment

Medeelel18 - Player Report: Brygun McTavish (MP), Community Expectations, lying as an MP or whatever false perma is

What’s your BYOND key?


Round ID:


Your character name:

Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov

Accused BYOND key:


Accused character name:

Brygun McTavish (MP)

What rule(s) were broken?:

Community Expectations, lying as an MP or whatever false perma is

Description of the incident:

Was looking for things to do as an MT, ran around the ship and came across Ace Kiefer’s body on the dropship, we used to ball a lot as surv and we’ve buried each other before so I thought it would be a funny thing to bury him. I ended up dragging his body to req, getting some wood and making a coffin for him (and one extra) as I thought coffins were 10 wood, not 5.

I made 2, put Ace in one and left the other untouched, this is when an MP came in, dragged his body away, he was just running by the department and was running towards the door so I thought he’d accidentally grabbed it, I say a “huh”, the MP stays silent, I put Ace in the coffin and the MP walks on top, I close the coffin coincedentally with the MP ontop of it (you know how it is on Byond, was barely half a second), he does this again, and the second time around im just like this guy must be bald or something so I grab him and move him off the coffin. (I have a video recording, it shows me on grab intent moving him off it) He proceeds to punch me twice, I go “Really”, moving the coffin onto the lift and I am then stunned with a baton 3-5 times before being “arrested”, totally wordlessly and in violation of arrest procedure.

I am referred to a murder suspect several times, before being taken to brig and procscsesd for attempted murder (apparently the MP was going to get murdered by me via ASRS) and assaulting an officer (never touched him, other than the light grab to get him off the coffin) I spend around 55 minutes in the perma brig, where the MP constantly lies and bullshitted the CMP into believing two very different stories making both of them (mine and the MPs) completely unbelievable. As such, it took the CMP a long time to procsess my appeal and I spent 55 minutes in perma, I do not blame the CMP, the CMP was kind enough to give me acsess to their fax machine to fax provost and never showed any biases and was just trying to get the bearings of a situation with what looked like two lying arguments.

The MP had so many chances to own up and be reasonable, instead he decided to lie to the CMP for 50+ minutes, my round was subsequently ruined and I spent half of it in perma brig trying to explain the situation to the CMP through the filters of a corrupt MP.

Not to ommit any crimes, however I hacked the ASRS at the start of the shift which was completetly unrelated to the arrest, and I believe the MPs were completely unaware of this untill the CMP Mack Darin took a look and saw the safeties disabled. This is completely irrelevant to the situation anyways.


(Important when you take a look at logs where the MP lies and says he was on the lift when he stunned me, completely bogus): Imgur: The magic of the Internet

MP clearly implying the wrong things: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Text from the MP pretty much lying about the situation as is, implying I put him in the coffin with ill intent and that I was hiding the body: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I have a video, im not sure wether I can get it here since I had some personal documents in the background and I windowed a few times however if its nescescary to the verdict I will be willing to show a member of staff the video privately, so the screenshots here are just taken from the video.

MP goes schizo hour over backup (Im already restrained and have resisted in no way one another): Imgur: The magic of the Internet and Imgur: The magic of the Internet

(Incase it matters, when you see my glaring, clapping, or blinking rapidly its not some sort of way of being a smartass, I’ve binded these keys to emotes to liven up my charachter when doing tasks)


Hey, Yeah. I latejoined as the CMP. Sorry your appeal took so long, It seemed like you sat in the brig for like 10-20 minutes unprocessed before I joined/got my bearings (there was a lot of shit going on, warden was MIA for all of this.), not sure why that took him so long to process you.
I didn’t realize it had been 50 minutes into your appeal, I knew I was close to the 30 minute time limit however. I was finding it really hard to understand what he was saying.
While the safties were disabled on the platform, I never believed you intented to kill him by putting him in a coffin and sending it down as MT’s can’t send the platform down without REQ access. Attempted murder shouldn’t have been on the table.
I also didn’t realize he didn’t tell you that you were under arrest. If I had known I would’ve let you go instantly, an MP should never wordlessly arrest someone. Brygun should definitely get a warning for this in the slightest.

Statement on Logs

There has been a fair amount of cropping to reach the logs found here, however what I have cropped is either exceedingly redundant or irrelevant to the case (in my assessment).

The incident and arrest

  • [2023-09-04 19:50:38.798] ATTACK: (Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov) grabbed (Ace Kiefer) in the �Dropship Alamo (112,53,3).
  • [2023-09-04 19:52:52.539] ATTACK: (Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov) grabbed (Ace Kiefer) in the �Requisitions (206,56,3).
  • [2023-09-04 19:52:52.593] ATTACK: (Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish) disarmed (Ace Kiefer) in the �Requisitions (206,56,3).
  • [2023-09-04 19:52:56.299] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Huh? (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 19:52:59.734] ATTACK: (Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish) grabbed (Ace Kiefer) in the �Requisitions (208,55,3).
  • [2023-09-04 19:53:03.829] ATTACK: (Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov) grabbed (Ace Kiefer) in the �Requisitions (205,54,3).
  • [2023-09-04 19:53:11.255] ATTACK: (Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov) grabbed (Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish) in the �Requisitions (207,54,3).
  • [2023-09-04 19:53:12.935] ATTACK: (Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish) punched (Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov) in the �Requisitions (207,54,3).
  • [2023-09-04 19:53:14.184] ATTACK: (Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish) punched (Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov) in the �Requisitions (207,54,3).
  • [2023-09-04 19:53:16.475] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Really. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 19:53:18.828] ATTACK: (Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish) stunned (Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov) with the the stunbaton in the �Requisitions (208,55,3).
  • [2023-09-04 19:53:20.245] ATTACK: (Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish) stunned (Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov) with the the stunbaton in the �Requisitions (208,54,3).
  • [2023-09-04 19:53:21.218] (Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov) stuttered while saying: “What”
  • [2023-09-04 19:53:21.411] ATTACK: (Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish) stunned (Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov) with the the stunbaton in the �Requisitions (208,54,3).
  • [2023-09-04 19:53:24.488] ATTACK: (Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish) stunned (Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov) with the the stunbaton in the �Requisitions (206,54,3).
  • [2023-09-04 19:53:26.878] ATTACK: (Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish) attempted to handcuff (Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov) in the �Requisitions (206,54,3).
  • [2023-09-04 19:53:33.993] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [MP]: Muirder secene req (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:53:49.272] (Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov) stuttered while saying: “The fucks that for”
  • [2023-09-04 19:53:51.408] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Under arrest! (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:53:58.785] ATTACK: (Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish) grabbed (Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov) in the �Requisitions (207,54,3).
  • [2023-09-04 19:54:04.266] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Yeah think you could’ve followed your fucking arrest procedure next time. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 19:54:05.391] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [MP]: Body in req (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:54:13.603] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [MP]: Get me back up (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:54:19.999] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: I mean what kind of an MP beats someone, grabs them, shocks them, stuncrits them then informs they are under arrest? (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 19:54:23.754] INTERACT: (Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish) tried to remove (Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov)'s engineering radio headset (wear_l_ear).
  • [2023-09-04 19:54:25.747] INTERACT: (Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish) removed (Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov)'s engineering radio headset (wear_l_ear) successfully.
  • [2023-09-04 19:54:36.148] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Im allowed to keep my headset you sleezebag. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 19:54:40.693] ATTACK: (Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish) grabbed (Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov) in the �Requisitions (205,44,3).
  • [2023-09-04 19:54:44.898] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Back up (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:54:55.450] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [MP]: Back up NOW (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:55:03.536] ATTACK: (Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish) grabbed (Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov) in the �Requisitions (205,43,3).
  • [2023-09-04 19:55:20.768] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [MP]: Dead civliian in req being hidden (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:55:29.360] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Hidden my ass. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 19:55:35.829] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: You are just lying at this point. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 19:55:41.043] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [MP]: MT morozon was hiding them and putting thim on the pallent then put me in a coffin too (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:55:44.793] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Bring that (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:55:52.697] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: I didnt put you in shit. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 19:56:44.456] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [MedSci]: Autoopsy needed at brig (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:57:38.313] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [MP]: Arriving brtig with prisoner and corpse (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:57:57.957] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Unreal… (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 19:58:14.836] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Charges currently are assualt on a police officer (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:58:24.451] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: I didnt assault you. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 19:58:24.619] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: And supsicons of involvment in a murder (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:58:32.290] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [MedSci]: Doctor to brig for autopsy (JOB: Military Police)

Brygun McTavish speaks to the warden

  • [2023-09-04 19:58:40.673] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [MP]: Warden to brig (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:58:50.712] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: While doing a safety check on req (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:58:53.851] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Found blood (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:58:55.604] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Then the corpse (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:58:57.967] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: And the tech here (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:59:02.792] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Intefered with collecting hte corpse (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:59:06.926] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: And put me in the coffin (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:59:12.759] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: While trying to put itont he platform (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:59:19.285] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Which would hide the evidence (JOB: Military Police)

Brygun McTavish speaks with CMP and calls doctor to brig for autopsy

  • [2023-09-04 19:59:24.187] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Cmp (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:59:25.591] SAY: Mack Darin [MP]: Howdy (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 19:59:32.869] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Warden is with the found body (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:59:40.526] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: He was killed by xenomorphs, not by me im burying him. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 19:59:42.047] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Tech stoppe me collecting the body (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:59:48.321] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: By puttin me in the same coffin (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 19:59:48.719] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: I didnt stop shit. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 19:59:58.712] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: And was trying to dispose of body down elevator (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:00:06.191] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Found them in Req (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:00:15.290] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: When the Tech intefered with collecting (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:00:28.132] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Charge right now is assualt on police (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:00:33.778] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: And suspicious involvvement with murder (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:00:39.297] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [MedSci]: Doctor needed brig still (JOB: Military Police)

Brygun McTavish offers Sergeyevich Morozov an appeal

  • [2023-09-04 20:05:21.545] (Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish) jailed Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov for Assault, Attempted Murder.
  • [2023-09-04 20:05:40.436] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Morozov your charges are assault and atempted murder. You have the right to an appeal. (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:05:49.065] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Yes I would like to appeal. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:05:58.953] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [MP]: Prisoner Morozov requesting appeal (JOB: Military Police)

Chief Medical Officer has attempted to alert Brygun McTavish that they wish the body to be brought to the morgue for autopsy

  • [2023-09-04 20:07:46.333] SAY: Yahir Phillips [MedSci]: Brygun I have asked you five times to just bring the dead body to morgue (JOB: Chief Medical Officer)

Sergeyevich Morozov appeals to Mack Darin [CMP] and chatters with Brygun McTavish

  • [2023-09-04 20:08:21.419] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Cmp (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:08:23.956] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Yes? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:08:25.327] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Perma 1 request appeal (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:08:33.465] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: I’ll handle your appeal, let’s hear it. (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:08:38.904] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Yes, I would like to appeal CMP. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:08:43.599] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Charges are assault and attempte murder of an MP (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:08:44.828] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Unless you’re requesting the captain. (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:08:52.613] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Suspect of involvement in death of the civilian (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:09:11.203] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: I found a body on the Alamo, a old friend of mine, I thought it would be a good thing to give him a proper burial, as such I went and dragged his corpse to requisitions before making him a casket. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:09:28.189] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: An old friend of yours, from the colony we just so happen to be orbiting? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:09:47.249] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: While placing him in it, your MP made no intention of keeping the body clear, he proceeded to punch me, grab me, without saying anything before standing on the coffin. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:10:01.815] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: I accidentally close him with it, however I let him out and close it again, placing it on the lift. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:10:03.159] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: MP was dragging the body away for investigation (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:10:19.074] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: I am then stunned by a stun baton several times, grabbed, cuffed, and then im let to be under arrest. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:10:20.017] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: MP pushed coffin out from the inside… after having bene put on the lift (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:10:30.892] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: This is literally bullshit. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:10:49.515] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: He had 2 grabs with the body (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:11:00.908] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: I had moved it away from and he repeated the taking (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:11:14.605] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Thats not true at all. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:11:19.691] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Watch him. I’ll go check on the autopsy. (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:11:23.980] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: So its denied? (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:11:28.398] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Its in process (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:11:32.980] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: You hungry? (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:11:38.574] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: I dont want food from you, no. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:11:51.214] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Want a pen? (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:11:58.936] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Stop asking me these questions please. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:12:10.022] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: You made a false arrest, put me in perma for attempted murder after burying a corpse over an hour old. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:12:12.123] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Its my job, like investigating a strange body (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:12:13.070] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Complete bogus. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)

Later investigation and discussion. Information is consistent with what has been said, but the processing admin might make a determination based off of intents found here. No new information is discovered.

  • [2023-09-04 20:12:34.928] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Were you able to autopsy him? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:13:13.509] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [General]: CMP whats the status on my appeal? (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:16:12.862] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Let me get this straight. (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:16:18.082] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: He had the corpse, in REQ? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:16:31.847] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: There was a blood trial in req, and a coprse in req correct (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:16:50.940] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: While I stgarted to move the body for investigation he kept pulling it into a coffin (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:16:57.671] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Put me in the coffin (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:17:02.277] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: And put the coffin on the lift (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:17:07.318] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Which cna kill me if I was still in it (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:17:10.740] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: I got out (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:17:21.023] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: And arrest him for the assualt and attemptd murder of an MP (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:17:39.092] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: He ahs stated he knew the civilian (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:17:43.507] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Do you have an update on my appeal? (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:17:44.444] INTERACT: (Mack Darin) tried to remove (Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov)'s handcuffs (handcuffs).
  • [2023-09-04 20:18:03.372] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: The autopsy was inconclusive. (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:18:28.008] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Stuffed in coffin and dragged coffin onto life (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:18:44.137] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Just bogus at this point, im not sure what to say really. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:19:17.914] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Body processing isnt part of his job (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:19:38.732] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: I’d bet a pretty penny lying isnt a part of yours either. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:19:42.126] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: What are his charges again? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:19:48.738] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Assault and attempted murder (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:19:58.362] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: At murder rates perma (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:20:07.925] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Attempted murder for putting you in a coffin on the cargo platform? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:20:18.632] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Cargo platform goes down to the cargo grinders (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:20:21.975] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Yes. (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:20:24.205] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: I’m aware (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:20:24.260] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Appears he was disposing of the body (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:20:29.244] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Your MP just wants an excuse to perma someone. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:20:35.591] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: And needing to dispose of an MP that spotted it (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:20:36.715] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: I havent done anything wrong, really. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:20:47.563] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Where’s the attempted murder charge coming from. (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:21:04.042] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Attempted murder by putting coffin with living person on platform towards grinding (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:21:07.024] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Might I add he called me a murder suspect over an hour old body. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:21:10.844] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Who was the living person? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:21:14.360] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Myself (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:21:17.194] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Right. (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:21:34.415] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: And the assault was against you too? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:21:37.501] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Correct (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:22:04.468] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Im not fully convinced of findhing his friend body an hour later story (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:22:22.195] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Where did you meet Ace? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:22:43.298] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Oh, I met him with my first job on a colony as a parts maintainer. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:22:57.249] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: I defected from the UPP and the colony in the Necroid sector were really the only ones I could find work,. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:23:02.328] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Let me get this straight. (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:23:13.784] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: You took a colonists corpse all the way to REQ? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:23:29.051] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Negative on that, his body was on the Alamo being sent up and down at least four times. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:23:35.745] EMOTE: Mack Darin : nods
  • [2023-09-04 20:23:41.306] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: How did you both end up in REQ then? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:23:45.078] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: I walked past it while looking for barrels in the hangar- (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:23:54.981] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Oh, I dragged his corpse to req where we had wood for coffins. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:24:04.468] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: There’s wood in the hangar… (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:24:08.517] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Two coffins were assembled at REQ (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:24:11.295] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Wasnt any when I got there. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:24:20.849] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: You cold have gone upstairs to morgue faster (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:24:29.164] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Or left him with medical personnel (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:24:32.835] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Did Ace appear dead at the time, Sarnt? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:24:40.372] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Yeah clearly medical personel didnt bother taking his corpse off. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:25:03.729] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Appered not breathing, as I was moving him to check on him Morozov made first pull of the body away from me (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:25:21.374] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Why’d you take the body away from my MP? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:25:23.708] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: There was also blood in req that wsnt there a few mnutes prior (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:25:38.552] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Well I had no idea he wanted the corpse, he never told me he wanted it, never told me why he was in req or never asked for it. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:25:51.582] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: I thought he’d accidentally grabbed it, so I just moved it back on the coffin. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:25:56.349] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: You grabbed it twice so you knew (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:26:02.516] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Thats bullshit now,. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:26:15.503] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: This suspect was also suspect earliert (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:26:17.290] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: I grabbed it once, then you punched me after I closed him in before stunning me with your baton. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:26:42.051] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: I’m going check for more witnesses. (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:26:42.386] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Mack, what about the appeal? (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:26:47.931] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Still working on it. (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:26:57.986] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: The only witnesses were on the Alamo who deployed all marines. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:27:44.484] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: I’m going to tell you right now, you’re appeal is ballancing on assaulting my MP. (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:27:48.082] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: So Morosov that other blood in REQ what was with that? (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:27:59.227] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Brygun you know excatly what it was from. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:28:02.364] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: You saw the lad stab me. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:28:05.575] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Stop playing dumb. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:28:16.142] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Still got the scab on my head lad. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:28:17.266] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: The fight with the marines was by the south door (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:28:23.684] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: The blood I saw was by the req tables (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:28:23.955] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Alright, how about this. (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:28:24.744] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: No, it was on the north and south door. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:28:30.127] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: The SEA saw me getting stabbed at the north door. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:28:31.461] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: So did the RO. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:28:36.881] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: The blood I saw was by the req tables and then I saw a corpse (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:28:37.717] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Talking about Ramius and Nowazawa,. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:28:55.475] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: What did you intend on doing by stuffing my MP into a coffin, and then putting him on the cargo platform? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:29:11.507] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: The lift never went on to the cargo platform with him on it from my recollection. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:29:20.112] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: He was on the tile next to it,. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:29:25.577] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: So the lift was down? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:29:28.657] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Negative. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:29:34.283] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: The lift was up with unstamped papers. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:29:36.038] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Lift was still in req, thats how he put the coffin on it (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:29:44.318] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: You were in the coffin? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:29:53.380] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: I was in the coffin until i got out (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:29:57.188] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Then I batooned him (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:29:58.717] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Was the coffin on the platform? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:30:00.348] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Thats just lies right now. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:30:16.017] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: The coffin was moved with me inside so I came out swinging for my life (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:30:24.731] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Was the coffin on the platform? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:30:29.451] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: When I had him down the coffin was on the lift and i hadnt moved it (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:30:45.050] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: He cant even give you a straight answer anymore. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:30:52.740] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: He’s just cooked it up and he’s just trying to lie this one out. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:30:59.693] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Bodies and living are not disposed on the lift (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:31:01.492] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Im happy to take this to provost if thats what it takes for me to get out of perma. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:31:12.618] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: You are not authority to put a body ded or living on the lift (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:31:24.300] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Had I not escaped I believe he would have put me down the lift (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:31:30.647] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Right, and you dont have the authority to punch me or violate your arrest procedure dont you? (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:31:36.449] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: He was getting wood for a coffin from REQ, yes? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:31:44.891] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: He already made two coffins (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:31:51.541] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Oh, CMP I think you might’ve gotten confused. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:31:55.111] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: So who was the other coffin for? (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:32:01.642] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: I dragged the body to req, made two coffins, and put ace in it. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:32:11.102] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Then what were you going to do? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:32:12.739] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Fully intending to do a sort of burial in the cargo lift. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:32:21.463] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Well thats a navy tradition to send them out to sea aint it. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:32:22.022] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Which is not legal for you to do (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:32:29.886] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: And you put a living person in a coffin bound for the lift (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:32:31.993] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: So yeah… (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:32:45.925] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Did you intend on sending my MP down the lift? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:32:49.316] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: In a coffin? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:33:03.557] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: No, when he got out I actually dragged him off further from the lift. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:33:13.151] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Before closing it again with Ace, and putting it on the lift. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:33:20.013] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: I came out of the coffin right next to him so he couldnt have moved me (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:33:24.018] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: I went for my baton (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:33:30.517] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: And giving the intensity of possible death by lift (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:33:35.813] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: First shots were hard then I went to stun (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:33:54.034] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: This being after moving the body away from the illegal handling twice (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:33:54.660] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: He punched me before he even got near the lift. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:34:00.153] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: He punched me as I dragged the body. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:34:09.866] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Showing that I was stopping you from handling the body (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:34:22.773] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: This being an murder investigation (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:34:29.034] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: What did you initially want to arrest him for even? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:34:36.493] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Did this all start because he shoved you in a coffin? (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:34:38.083] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: At what phase? (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:34:44.372] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: What started it, basically (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:34:48.581] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Initially I came for a ssafety check… (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:34:54.371] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: … found blood new to me… (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:34:58.261] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: … which led to a body… (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:35:06.123] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: … that I was stopped from investigaton by him (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:35:10.022] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: CMP that would all make sense but a dead body cant bleed. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:35:11.455] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: … and I tried to keep him back (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:35:14.651] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: … when he coffined me (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:35:20.058] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: … and the coffin was moved to the lift (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:35:24.004] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: … we were strugglgn (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:35:28.321] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: Struggling? (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:35:29.414] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: You could spill blood from a corpse, but from what I understand he was long dead. (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:35:29.655] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: … me for my life nto be killed by lift. (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:35:35.081] SAY: Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov [1]: I didnt touch you other than to take you off my coffin. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
  • [2023-09-04 20:35:44.209] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: I was just starting to investigate when he had come up (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:35:51.923] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: He had bene out of the area when I first arrived (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:35:59.241] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: So had left the body and coffinst (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:36:05.007] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: Or at least out of my sight by the body (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:36:17.763] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: I was tryhing to secure the body for murder investigation (JOB: Military Police)
  • [2023-09-04 20:36:23.388] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: Watch him. I’m going to check on the cargo lift. (JOB: Chief MP)
  • [2023-09-04 20:36:24.540] SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [1]: When an apparent attempt wsa mde on my life. (JOB: Military Police)

This is a video of the arrest I have, I cut out 3 bits of it where I windowed out (no more than maybe 5 seconds in total collectively) so it shouldnt be much of an issue

The reason for my arrest was “attempted murder” on the MP and “Assault”, watching the video very clearly shows that none of it happens, and that the MP lied several times to the CMP about geing put on the lift, the MP was never on the lift, and that is what my arrest was over, combined with the assault charges which McTavish decided to put me in perma for.

Ignore the audio in the video, I have no idea why its like this but the audio is from another round and not this one, my recording software might’ve had an issue

This is effectively telling the CMP during the appeal that I had been attacking him, or I was trying to subdue him which is completely false. The entire appeal procsess was just the MP gaslighting the CMP into maybe believing that I tried to kill him.

EDIT: Old video got taken down


Having found a dead body in req the MT was interfeerring with the handling of the investigation.

He had indeed put in a coffin and hte coffin went onto the ramp

Inteferering with the investigation of a suspicious death is grounds for an arrest

fighting with an mp is arrest

putting an mp in coffin is assault … arrest

And from there its a matter of investigation, not gaslighting.

Only one gaslighting is the complaint sidestepping he assault a police officer

given that the coffin was put on the ramp that was capable of killing someone it did appear to be attempted murder plus suspicion of why a non-medical was trying to hide a dead body down a ramp


Also should mention…

during discussion the suspect confessed to taking the body into req. (theft, gets arrested)

on the grounds that he was the buddy of this colonist (maybe)
and the dead would want to be buried by ramp (doubtful)

Real world

  1. the deceased will would have to say that
  2. the Captain would need to approve that

So… yeah…

he was committing crime(s) and was stopped by the MPs.

Phrase “gaslighting” used in the original complaint seems to be the other way around

I dont understand how any investigation at all was taking place given the fact you walked in, without stating there was one then looking like you had accidentally grabbed the body, that is by no means interfering with an investigation.

The video, which is absaloutely undeniably concrete evidence shows otherwise, you were never on the lift, never put in a coffin on the lift either. That voids the whole cause of my perma sentence period. You lied, throughout the whole appeal procsess, and you actually say it yourself.

Real, first you say I attempt to put you on it, then later on you tell the CMP you were on it, later going on to say you feared for your life. You’ve been completely inconscistent, you lied and made an arrest on Attempted murder after calling me a murder suspect over an MP who wasnt even hurt one bit, or put on the lift.

Additionally, accidentally putting someone in a coffin is not an assault charge, if you are consistently charging people for this as being assault, I would have to assume your realm of understanding of the ML would lead you to believe that bucking an MP onto a chair is also assault too, of which is completely illegal, being put in a coffin accidentally, or purposely does not warrant an assault charge regardless.

Watch the video, did I ever fight you? No, quite the contrary. You beat me with fists and stun baton’d me as I was very clearly clueless as to what you are doing, wordlessly making arrests and wordlessly conducting “investigations” is just silly and can in no way be used as evidence or as a cause for an arrest.

Again, the langauge you are using is very clearly suggestive and completely innaprorpiate for the situation. Nobody draws the conclusion that someone is trying to hide a body after putting them in a coffin infront of an MP. Attempted murder? You were never on the ramp, it takes like 10 seconds for me to walk to the console and send you down, on other servers this would be described as valid hunting, metagaming, whatever but this is clearly not a ground for an arrest.

The video is uncontested evidence of what happened, I never touched you other than to get you off the coffin, I never resisted, I never fought, and I never interefererd with any investigation that I was aware of, I highly doubt this was even an investigation to begin with, rather just an excuse you had made

Do I even need to say why this is stupid? Real? You are basically going against everything in the video and logs, you’re gaslighting everyone looking at this thread.

Going slightly on a tangient, but the Captain doesnt need to authorize it. The CMO does

Permamently dead, not possible and his body was on the alamo since the start of the OP. Maybe slightly illegal to take him to req, its in no way warranting any form of permament jail.

The video speaks for itself, you lied, you were never assaulted, you were never on the lift, period. Your case for my arrest goes completely against this, additionally punching me for grabbing a corpse is assault on your end, using a stunbaton after I move you off the coffin is assault too, there is no reasonable person who would go out of their way and make this out as attempted murder, theft, and contraband. You say it yourself, that I “stole” the body, yet I theft was never part of my charges.


Let a manager come and make a determination based off of the logs and evidence provided.

Closed pending resolution.

Heya! So I’ve looked over the logs and there is definitely some ML violations here. So the report will be approved.

Looking through some of the logs that didnt make it into the report there was another wordless arrest made earlier on marines.
I also noticed another log that stood out: Sep 4, 2023 @ 22:47:32.943 SAY: Brygun ‘Railgun’ McTavish [MP]: Beware of Morozov hes former UPP and been in several fights (CKEY: Brygun) (JOB: Military Police)
And thats just… a lie?

Anyways as MP you are totally bound by Marine Law and should not be doing stuff that would break marine law. This includes breaking arrest procedure.
You HAVE to inform someone that they are under arrest before actually arresting them unless you are in some exceptional situation where, for example, you’re getting shot at. A MT moving a body onto the req lift is not such an exceptional situation.

As MP you also CANNOT lie about stuff that happened just so you can arrest someone. I dont know if you just totally misunderstood what was going on or if you were acting in bad faith but claiming that there was attempted murder or anything even remotely close to that is just patently false.

Anyways when it comes to resolving this. @Brygun will be receiving a heavy warning regarding following marine law as MP. I will add to that that any other instances of breaking marine law as MP will most likely constitute a jobban from all MP roles.
This is some pretty hefty breaking of Marine Law but I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt since you haven’t had any notes for MP stuff in a long time. Please read through Marine law again, read our Rules regarding following marine law and please try to improve if you are going to be playing MP in the future.

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Added report:approved and removed report:needverdict