Medeelel18 - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - LTNTS

Medeelel18 - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - LTNTS

What’s your BYOND key:


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Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov

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What are you reporting?:

Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

After stealing the CO’s cat and the safe with the intent to sell it for big cash, me and the surv head over to the CLs office to get dressed up. In the midst of it, we are intercepted by an MP who tells me I am under arrest, I ask him what for, he doesnt say it and instead says something along the lines of: “I will explain it to you at booking”, which as far as im aware is a violation of the arrest procedure as you need to state the charges prior to the arrest. Anyways, while I continously ask him what im being arrested for he then pulls out a flash, flashes me and proceeds to pepper spray me and the other survivor (who has done nothing up to this point to the MP).

Im being taken to the brig, and to my surprise I am not even detained or arrested for stealing the CO’s gear, it was for “potentially hacking a door” in the brig, and the MP was “suspicious” so he’d decided to conduct an arrest on me. Im not even capable of hacking the doors, as im a PMC survivor.

Im in the chair, the other survivor comes in and asks for what im arrested for and I tell him that I was arrested on suspicion of hacking a door, its ridiculous and one thing leads to another and the other MP begins to arrest the other survivor, the other survivor shoves the MP down, uncuffs me, we cuff the mp on the chair and leave without doing a single unit or % of damage. When we leave, the MP proceeds to blatantly lie over the radio, moreorless making lethal force “justified” by saying we had “tried to kill him”.

Me and the other survivor make a hideout in the northern hangar maintanence, renovate it and turn it into a cozy area with the idea of running some criminal financial operation out of it (selling stolen goods), we decide to steal a secvendor and roughly a few minutes after the MP stumbles upon us, throws a few flashbangs in and stunlocks us, (reasonably so, the MP has been made aware that we stole from the CO, and that the secvendor was stolen), the MP fails to arrest us, we get the upper hand, the MP begins to use a stunbaton on harm mode on us (reasonably so, we are armed with stun weaponary and actively using them). We get the upper hand, cuff him and buckle him, but guess what he says? He says we “shot him up”, again completely a lie, XO announces that we have “shot up” the MP, and orders lethal force and a manhunt to be made to search for us, we try to negotiate the release of the MP and I make my opinion known in LOOC towards the MP, letting him know I really dont want to keep him here cuffed to a chair, we discuss the idea of just throwing him out/releasing him but the MP proceeds to then shortly after announce arrest charges for us, shattering the whole thing which was negotiation for amnesty… I couldnt care less if he said no, but you cant say we didnt try make a conscious effort to stop this situation, while contacting the admins and using LOOC to try find an ooc solution…

Funny thing, marines show up, start blasting the wall down, I ask the other survivor what the admin has said, he said they are thinking so I try to buy time and say that the hostage will be moved or killed (literal bluff) if they break in, marines keep bashing it in, I leave, they open fire.

From what I know, the other survivor didnt even shoot at them, he had NO gun and he was literally gunned down by like a dozen marines in a 1 tile choke. Hilariously, only then does the admin respond by noting me for “Self-antagging”, which makes 0 sense to me, the only thing we had ever done was “non-harmfully resist arrest” which is allowed per rules, and commit theft which is an IC, NOT sabotage, (although it COULD theoretically be “sabotage” in an IC scenario with the codebook being stolen, but shouldnt warrant an OOC enforcement from my understanding of the situation.) Stealing jones, telebaton, codebook I have seen so many times, done by MTs or marines that I have basically 0 idea how this can be considered self antagagging, or anything else I did.

The note also states we were hostile towards marine, there was 0 interaction between marines from my recollection other than the gunfight which we did nothing to directly contribute to (MP lied over radio, said we shot him, tried to kill him, even XO said that he was “dead” despite him being unwounded the entire time, I didnt observe us using a single harm intent on him the whole time)

Self Antagging is something I dont get, how is stealing and an MP gaslighting the crew into thinking we are lethal criminals despite the only thing we’d done steal? There have been rounds where I play CL, leave my office for just a few minutes and return to it covered in blood, what looks to be explosions on the floors, destroyed fax machine, stolen suitcase, stolen iftpos and a destroyed office but they never get investigated further than “IC”) I dont undestand how stealing CO safe and jones which happens more than I can remember constitute as self antagging.

MP in question: Sgt Rex


Check logs and XO announcements


Hello I Was the other survivor I think the note was appropriate as I did shoot the marines who came in the hideout armed and ready to kill me.
My only complaint was the MP yelling about how we are killing him in brig.I only cuffed him to a chair took his headset off(not token)and left with Sergeyevich.

Heya! I am the MP in question, I’m here to correct some mistakes and misunderstandings.

First of all, all of those shenanigans have begun with ARES report on MP channel said ARES, I stole Jones and the Codebook, I want to sell Jones to someone who pays the most, signed by Sergeyevich Morozov or something like that, admin who has made the report would correct me.

After this report, I went to CL’s office and stated you under arrest. Of course I wasn’t going to argue with two non-USCM personnel, armed with long weapons, who stole the most important thing to be found on a military vessel, the Codebook.


As per Military Law, I don’t have to state your charges prior to booking. Instead of checking Military Law, thinking you were wrong, the moment I arrested you, you and your friend started malding via LOOC.

The other survivor broke in by hacking the brig doors before I could explain why you were under arrest, and you two detained me. While I was bringing you to the brig, I saw the first brig door hacked. Knowing that the Codebook was stolen and then the brig door was hacked, I suggested over the MP channel to the Captain that we should go on red alert and gave what I just said as the reason. I didn’t say anything about you hacking the doors and you’re charged with.

When I heard they were going to remove my radio, I asked the synthetics (Lucy iirc) for help, I was the only MP on board. You ran away when the synthetic, which I remember was Lucy, arrived, and after that, if I remember correctly, nothing happened for 10-15 minutes. During this time, you could end your self-antagnation and return to the colony. Instead, the idea of setting up a “hideout” on a ship you don’t belong to, in order to commit crimes more easily, made sense to you.


If you did not come to Almayer as a hostile, you cannot act as a hostile.(If I’m not mistaken, Forest recently released a clarification about it.) I’m not a staff, but you and your friend had already violated the server rules when you stole the Codebook. You can’t try to calm things down by saying these words, rather prate, after things have already been escalated because of your actions.

No, you were armed with survivor weapons and those were not pistols but long weapons. Since there was no MP on board until I woke up, there was no one to confiscate your weapons.

In summary; You have insufficient knowledge about many topics such as Military Law, roleplaying, and server rules.

Thinking of yourself as a protagonist, you have adversely affected the game experience of RO, who tried to save me instead of running the Requisitions, CO who had to return to the ship because Codebook and Jones were stolen, XO who asked for help from Marines to save me instead of leading the operation, and couple of Marines who were shot in the meantime. You’ve even managed to adversely affect your own experience by putting yourself in an OOC nuisance. And now you’re reporting the moderator who gave you a note, not even a ban, thinking you didn’t do anything wrong?


Its true, but I do not understand why you would mention in the brig that I could’ve hacked a brig door and I was under suspicion which was why I was under arrest? If you had said I’d stolen jones and the codebook, which I and the other survivor was completely unaware you knew (Ares probably said it over security channel) I would have been forced to oocly comply as from my understanding jailbreaking is mostly not allowed.

We were not armed with long weapons, I was armed with a mod88 loaded with rubber bullets + 2 rubber magazines and 2 AP magazines. The other survivor was armed with a nailgun.

Completely irrational to say “instead of checking military law”, you walk up “You are under arrest” and instantly start slapping cuffs on, im asking you what im being arrested for and I walk back a tile to cancel the arrest (not running) and after this goes on with you not stating the charges you flash me, and then pepper spray the other survivor for wanting to know what im being arrested for.

Yes, we did commit theft/major theft however we were not under the impression that you were aware of it, (kind of

I ask you, whats my charges while cuffed to a chair and you say something like “suspicion of hacking one of brigs doors”. Either you said it over a radio channel I couldnt see, or this really was my “charge” that I was being arrested for. If what you are saying is true, I do not see why you wouldnt have brought up the the charges for stealing jones and the codebook.

Right, no. Not “Nothing” didnt happen, you lied over the radio, said we tried to kill you and here, (in full caps I believe even). You said that we had tried to kill you, on what basis and this on your end means that you virtually “authorized” or made it seem “reasonable” to use lethal force on us, what had we done to provoke a lethal response? Shoving you twice and cuffing you on a chair?

Its crazy how you consider this self-antagging, what I stole things from the CO quarters, happens like every day. Why is it ruled self antagging all of a sudden, seems like all the MTs who have particapated in this in the past should be noted or banned for Self-Antag? If I can come back to my office as a CL or an XO, find it trashed and everything in it stolen (including secure briefcase, safe, fax machine, floors blown up, blood all over it and its apparently “IC” how is stealing a codebook and jones to gift to the CL and sell self antagging?

From what I remember, he was armed with a nailgun, I was armed with a pistol loaded with rubber bullets. We self confiscated our weapons in the CLs office, moreorless right infront of you actually. Some of our gear including magazines were still on the floor when you came in…

This is all your doing, you told them we tried to kill you, said we “shot you up”, XO announced over radio that you were “dead”, which forced RED and EVERYONE to leave their workspace. How about in the future we dont lie about this?

You walk in on the hideout, find us, flashbang, we get the upper hand while you harmbaton us. We then restrain you, ask for an admin response. No admin response came, we couldnt release you since you were obviously very stubborn and not even CLOSE to the possibility to just WALKING away even for a singular moment, even if it meant so only with your uniform and ID…

You self escalated, got it raised to red over theft that is commited moreorless everyday by mts and often groups of MTs, several cases with CE’s even joining in. This is not self antagging, and we were not hostile towards literally ANYONE but YOU, who’d arrested me, refused to state charges, say I was under arrest for “suspicion of hacking” then proceed to lie over radio and say we tried to kill you after you got shoved.

You say this yet:

  • Refused to consider being released (force yourself on that position on yourself, we did IC attempts such as request amnesty, to straight up dumping you outside and even resorted to LOOC to see, what did you do? “You are under arrest for the following charges:”, continue to resist out cuffs, forcing me and him to keep moving you, even breaking free at one point and we had to subdue you with stun-weaponry.

  • Community Expectations: You should not be lying about an arrest as an MP, you are held to a higher standard and saying “they tried to kill me” or silly shit like that is the contrary of what you should have done, when we only use shoves and tasers.

In summary: You raised to red, you made a hostage situation, you didnt state my charges even after my ID gone through the booking computer, you didnt cooperate oocly or iicly to be released, you lied about being lethally attacked TWICE, you put the captain under the impression that we killed you, you put it on red, and you forced everyone by order of the Captain to go on a manhunt for us on Red.

Hello, I’m the staff member being reported here!

Regarding the late reply to the admin help, I joined mid-round when the situation was already happening. Therefore, I was discussing the situation with fellow staff members in staff chat to get a clear understanding of the situation and try to decide on a proper ruling. After further discussion with the most senior staff member on at the time, VagabondZro79, it was decided that your actions would constitute a rulebreak.

It was never about your engagement with the Marines, rather stealing the codebook (and apparently Jones) is in itself a hostile action. Add to the fact that you proclaimed that you sell it to the highest bidder, which effectively made you hostile entities towards the USCM. What kind of person that gets rescued by the USCM (and is a friendly colonist on a WY colony, that are very clearly allies/on friendly terms with the USCM) would commit hostile action against the USCM (who happens to have rescued them from death)?

It very clearly states in the rules: CM-SS13 Rules, Rule 2: Roleplay - Survivors the following

Survivors may NOT be hostile unless they have been spawned as hostile survivors (CLF).

Yet you have committed hostile action against the USCM. Please make sure you review the rules. Thank you.

Stealing the code book is not “IC theft” stealing weapons, equipment, etc… and minor things is theft.

Stealing Jones might be IC shenanigans, but yeah we draw the line at critical round equipment and crtitical ship component sabotage.

No protocols were violated