Medeelel18 - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - waseemq1235

Medeelel18 - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - waseemq1235

What’s your BYOND key:


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Your character name:

Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov / ZO-V

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What are you reporting?:

Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

This is not a “complaint”, im not saying the admin is “wrong” (if that makes sense) but I just want the situation to be given another look.

I was noted, (just regular history note, low warning I think) for having my xeno prefix as ZO-V. While I dont want to get too complicated over why the name was chosen, it was as a result of myself playing the game for a while (around 80-150 hours) where I xeno a proper try.

Initially, I believe my usernames for xenomorph were SE-R (for Sergey), then CM-O I think (baldass didnt know there was already a known CMO on server, was new at the time and dont believe I was in the discord), taken inspiration from my previous job on SS13 which was CMO main, with around 1000 hours on the role.

When I discovered another player was CMO, I decided yet again to change it, to "MD (Medical Director, again from SS13 CMO main) but these names never really resembled anything of my username/ingame name, or resemblance in CM.

Sergeyevich Morozov is a bit of an odd name, since there are really no prefix/ “good sounding part”, (within 3 letters) I know this is a really silly issue and I “really shouldnt” be ‘contesting it’ but its just so iffy to play as xenomorph, have your own personal tag which I made ZO-V, then get noted for it.

So yeah, basically I picked ZO-V, really never had anyone complain about it from what I remember or be ‘offended’ by it.

The note says: Noted | Rule 9. Character Names | Player joined with xenomorph prefix ZO-V. While it seems unintentional, it vaguely hints to the Russian-war symbols (Z (military symbol) - Wikipedia) | Player asked not to use the prefix again. by waseemq1235 (TrialAdmin) on 2023-07-11 12:44:35

Rule. 9 was said to be violated here, for what I can think to only be in relation to the banned topics which Id have to assume is political/current events. I dont want to sound cocky or rude to anyone when I say this but in the ticket it was raised that some people could potentially be offended by it, but seriously if your mind goes straight to ZO-V as being an offensive marking in a alien killing game I have 0 idea wether you are taking the game a little too seriously, especially considering the circumstances involved. Im not here to spread a underlined political message or support for anyone (and I thank the Admin for citing this in the notes that this was nothing to do with politics) but im just left really bothered by having no reasonable prefix. (Yeah, a bit of a maybe too small issue to be discussing here where real issues are but I have nowhere to put this)

Really, really dont want to make a big thing out of this really small note, especially given the fact im not on the good side of staff with some recent notes, but could we please review this before we set it in stone, this prefix was something I have been using for a bit and is what most people who I bump ingame consistently know me as.

Im not asking to be exempt from the rules (if this is what im asking for feel free to just say no, I have no better way to put this) im just asking to take into consideration the logic behind this. Im not contesting saying the admin is right or wrong, im just asking for a second indepth look in it to see if there is any chance I can keep my prefix. (Very minor thing, I wont but shrug off if I cant have the prefix, its just a bit too annoying to not ask for a revision)


Xenomorph names, ingame names log/preference history if acsessable


With the current situation in the world between Russia and The Ukraine, we’re gonna err on the side of caution and say don’t use the prefix. The note itself references you not intentionally doing it, and it’s not a punishment, but it’s a no from management.

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