Melting Weapons

Weapons now cannot be destroyed with melting, HOWEVER the more damage it takes to acid, the more innacurate and faulty it becomes and showing things like Jamming, a lot of scatter and innacuracy, and outright failing and shooting the own dude wielding the gun sometimes.
I believe this change would be good because it would remove instances of marines dropping their guns for 5 seconds, immediately being melted by sentinel weak acid, causing it magically disappears 4 minutes later, giving them a chance to go back to FOB still armed. Also it would lead to funny FF incidents.

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It sounds like your pitch is - respectfully - going from acid making weapons unusable, to acid making weapons unusable but hazardous to yourself and others.

Overall, I feel like a similar effect could be achieved by just making an invisible Sentinel spit at you every couple of seconds to achieve a similar effect, which I doubt most people would be into.

If you want to be able to go to the FOB still armed, grab a buddy and/or pack a sidearm.

0.5% chance to just blow up in your hand would be funny, also would help with the pain in the butt of a spitter melting every gun in site and would make marines steal other marines guns more rare

I am fine with the weapons being melted but the speed at what the acid being placed is at needs a nerf. Cause it takes like 1 second to place a weapon in acid

I think aciding weapons in general is a bit overpowered, mostly because it takes no time or effort for even T1 castes to do it, with extremely harsh consequences for the player on the receiving end. The risk/reward difference is extreme. In fact I regularly see weapons dropped in the middle of an ongoing fight being acided while that fight is still happening; it only takes a scant 2-3 seconds and bam, whatever gun that was is gone.

There’s two solutions I can think of for the issue:

  1. Significantly increase how long it takes to apply acid to a weapon so that it’s not something you can do in the middle of a battle.

  2. (My preference) Give marines a way to save their weapons from acid instead of changing how long it takes to apply; probably hosing it down with an extinguisher as a feature consistent with acid in other situations.

IMO if a marine player is actively trying to retrieve and save his gun and has taken precautions and prepared for saving it, such as by carrying an extinguisher, and furthermore is able to push to and retrieve that weapon from xeno claws, then I think that yes, he should be able to recover it from a bad play or a mistake.

Much like we let marines recover each other on a 5 minute timer. I think xenos should have to put in some modicum of effort on their own part if they really don’t want someone getting that weapon back, the same as they do for recoverable marines.

IMO that has an overall more interesting dynamic on all sides than simply middle clicking a gun and 3 seconds later you know its permanently gone.


Being able to extinguish a weapon to save it is neat, maybe you could bring an acided weapon to OT to actually fix it, or maybe marines should adapt to not having masamune level personal connections with mass produced firearms

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Yeah I’m thinking I figured out why Harry moved idea guys here.

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Use a magharn, or have a backup plan. If you lose an m41a, then go back up and get another from the stack of 1000 of them.

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Honestly, just make it so that when a xeno acids your gun, and you get it back that it won’t just magically disappear in your hand or inventory. This would maybe be too over-powered so you would need to compromise on accuracy and jamming.

As an example:

  • M41a is basically perfectly accurate[shoots in straight line], make it so that the more melted it is, the degree of bloom goes from 0 degrees to like max 15 degrees. Nothing too harsh for the sake of FF instances[can be edited further if required].
  • Guns that load new bullets to camber in an automatic magazine sense i.e.[m41a, m39, m4ra{except specs}, mk210{marsoc auto shotgun}], These guns can start jamming if the acid was on them for too long. A good range would be 0% when not acided and 4-7% when the gun is almost about to be destroyed[can be edited further if required].
    Now for more manual guns like i.e.[pump-shotguns, revolvers, the mouse 3-barrel], these guns shouldn’t be jamming often because of their simpler construction.

You can also maybe add some funny things with this, would be funny to see occasionally, like you gun has a 0.1% chance to explode per shot if it has been acided for a bit.

Just giving my 2 cents, i know this is kinda a rehash of the original poster.

I don’t think that this would be a good change. Currently marines can either take a mag harness for their weapon or they can instead go for rail attachments that make the gun better. Currently mag harness, due to bringing the gun back towards you, makes your gun unable to be acided.

This leads to a tradeoff where marine players need to decide between the better accuracy of a red dot sight OR keeping the MK1 that they waited in reqline for safe from being dropped and acided.

Allowing the acided guns to be “saved” would indirectly buff non-magharn strats due to not needing to worry about dying/getting stunned and having their gun melted while they heal.


just make it instakill/near-crit you like how TGMC does it
wanna keep your gun? take a dip in the acid :3