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Discord Volunteer Application - Memer1



Discord Tag?


Are you over 16?


Any recent bans?

One EORG ban.

Any recent notes?

Not to my knowledge

Why do you want to become a Discord Volunteer?

Well, I’ve been told by a discord manager that I’d be a good fit (MrDadMan) and I thought I ought to give it a try. I’m already a mentor, and I have been considering a staff position for a long time, but have been worried about how it might negatively impact my enjoyment of the server. I figured a good place to dip my toe into the water would be in the discord’s managment.


A person posts Ricardo, is it okay?

If it’s in shitposting I’d say it’s probably fine, if it was in general I would judge based on context.

A person seems to shitpost in #real-banner-art-submissions, what do you do?

Tell them that they should take it to #shitpost and delete the post.

A person is posting a very low effort image in #real-banner-art-submissions, what do you do?

I’m actually not too sure how to approach this one, I’d probably ask another discord manager about it.

Two people are having a very heated discussion in #shitposting about politics. A person @DiscordStaff/Volunteers, What do you do?

Set the channel to slowmode if possible, tell them to stop it, and if they fail to stop I would give them a warning/see about temporarily muting them.

A person from Staff posts something you believe is inappropriate, what do you do?

I would delete the content and tell their staff manager directly.

A player is being very argumentative in #StaffHelp about a matter and you get pinged to deal with it, What do you do?

Tell them to calm down, and if they continue to be very argumentative, I would temporarily mute them.

Someone requests to be certified or be given a WL role, what do you do?

Direct them to the whitelist forums.

A CM Staff member tells you to ban someone, but won’t say the reason. What do you do?

I would wait until I was given a good reason that I can verify.

Council members of a Whitelist are shitposting in #WL-Announcements, what do you do?

Delete it and set the channel to slowmode

A council member is violating one of our Discord Rules, what do you do?

I would bring it up with their superior directly and if the behavior didn’t stop while I talked to them, I would mute them.

Wider Questions:

What should Discord Staff’s end goal be?

Create a safe and enjoyable experience for as many people as realistically possible.

Is there a case to be said for the usage of certain words, such as “nigga”?

Perhaps in some cases, it really is a case by case basis. A quote for instance, it might be a very important part of it, or in the writing of a report.

Is there a case to be said for staff to be “more transparent”?

Sometimes it’s best if staff aren’t highly transparent, and sometimes it really is best for them to be. We’ve all seen people in the discord argue endlessly about the rulings on some things, and that can be improved or worsened depending on which way you take it. Generally, I believe more transparency is good

Where do you personally draw the line for 18+ content? Give some examples.:

Visible genitalia, highly graphic images, images made with the primary audience being eighteen and up (I.E softcore pornography)

Any additional information:

This was a rather tough application to make, I found there was a pretty big lack of resources available for this position, and the questions about whitelisted individuals and council members were particularly difficult. I feel I might not be accepted this time around and will need to try again another time. Have a CM day readers!


Burgs is a decent player and person from what I’ve seen personally. I wouldn’t mind them joining the very overworked discord team. +1

This application is accepted. I will be reaching out to you to formalize your training time

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